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Singer and Studio Owner Shane Thompson Knows He "Should've Done Better" in New Music Video


I first met pop singer Shane Thompson on instagram. He has a really smooth voice, and I can see both his influence and comparisons to artists like Chris Brown and Justin Beiber.

I watched a few of his videos but his most recent is probably my favorite from the singer/engineer.

Shane Thompson recently debuted his new music video, “I Should’ve Done Better”. The song features singer Wyatt Roberts and is super catchy but really introspective about a situation a lot of us have been in; realizing we 'should've done better' in a relationship to keep it from failing and asking for another chance.

Shane Thompson was born in Memphis before moving to Mississippi where he currently lives. He began recording with a friend when he was in high school. After learning how to record himself, he eventually built his own studio near Jackson, Mississippi, S.A.T. Studios where he currently works.

Click Here to stream Shane Thomson and Wyatt Roberts “I Should’ve Done Better” on all platforms: https://fanlink.to/IShouldveDoneBetter

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