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RIP Pat Stay (Great Diss Video to the Game)

If you've been following me for the past 13 years then you know how much I love Battle Rap. I don't post a lot of gossip and drama but I love battle rap.

I became a Pat Stay fan years ago after seeing him battle his friend Hallohan in world-renowned Canadian battle league, King of the Dot (K.O.T.D., "the Dot" referring to Toronto's nickname, "T-Dot" for those who ain't know). His confident style, wordplay, and ability to say some horrendously fucked up shit cleverly made him a fan-favorite and champion. He battled so many of the sport's elite earning respect from hip-hop superstars like Eminem, Drake, Method Man, and more.

Recently he released a diss to LA rapper the game who called out Eminem for some reason (*cough* to promote album *cough*). 

Game x Eminem Recap; Leading to Pat Stay's Diss Record
Recently the game made what I think is a pretty weak diss to Eminem. Em is one of my favorite MCs of all time. But I was a big Game fan, too. He does some pretty weird stuff for attention and of course. when it's time to release another album, seemingly to generate press he goes at Em.

Diss records are a part of rap and Eminem can obviously handle his own but, pulling the race card of Eminem being white is such low hanging fruit. Like, disappointingly easy target 1999 level old. I didn't make it through that 10-minute long diss. I thought it was kinda corny and social media has killed my attention span so, listening to 10-minute songs of dudes just rapping without hooks isn't doing it for me anymore. But I'll try and go back and listen, giving it a fair shake. But what I heard in the few minutes I did try didn't impress me, especially knowing the game's talent level.

Eminem has been ignoring the game, which I think he should do. But Pat Stay stepped up to the plate and delivered one of my favorite diss records in years, a clever remake of Eminem's monster hit, "Stan". And that beat is funky as hell and the featured hook by Kaleb Simmonds is smooth as hell, too. The record isn't coming to Eminem's defense, as he states, but is stepping up as a White Rapper and calling out Game's character and receipts for scamming artists, which I may break down someday soon.

Tragically, the story broke on social media that Pat was stabbed recently and ended up dying in the hospital. A huge blow to the rap community. 

Pat Stay was a battle rapper, father, actor, and writer. He will be missed.

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