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NBA Star Victor Oladipo Debuts Afrobeats Album

I remember watching Victor Oladipo in college at Indiana and he was nice. I made a few posts about NBA Players making music before but most were rappers. Victor is the first, in recent memory, who has released music as a singer.

He collaborated with Grammy-nominated producer Harmony "H-Money" Samuels (Ariana Grande, Chris Brown, and Jennifer Hudson) and recorded the entire project at his LA studio.

"I decided to do an Afrobeats album to give back to my culture, which has made me who I am and given me the strength to get through many storms. I felt like doing an Afro album would show my love and appreciation for my culture and my people. The love and appreciation they show and have shown me, I want them to receive that through this album.”

Tunde is his first album since his debut "V.O.". Check it out below and let me know what you think.

Click Here to stream on your favorite platform.

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