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Layla Khepri - "Behind the Smile: Tour Story" [Documentary]

As many of you know, I first met Layla Khepri while touring with Reverie. I booked an east coast run for her before coming on full time as her manager. This is the first part of her new docu-series, "Behind the Smile", after her new hit "Smile and Wave".

Check out the clip below and learn more about not only Tour Life, but the sacrifices Layla's made in order to pursue her goals!

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R.I.P. Prodigy

I'm sure by now many of you hip-hop aficionados have heard the sad news that legendary emcee, Prodigy of the iconic duo Mobb Deep has passed today at the age of only 42 to complications of sickle cell, a lifelong condition he struggled with.

He was a favorite rapper of mine both in the duo and as a solo artist so it's of course sad to hear of his passing. I've been a fan for years of not only his music but his character and attempts to educate the people.

This is likely the most famous track of theirs, if not just for one of the illest beats of ALL TIME. But check his bars people. Enjoy, support, reminisce, and rejoice in his legacy.

Rest In Peace, Prodigy.

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Kevin Mola " La Fable" [France]

My internet has been sh!t lately but as I mentioned like a week ago I'd be heading to Europe. I'm writing this from my Paris hotel right now. Last night I was out at an event with some Taiwanese people and since my French SIM card does NOT give me the 3G data I paid for I can't use I had to run across the street to McDonald's because I know they always have free wi-fi.

I guess I stayed too late because they cut off the wifi before I ordered my Uber and the trains were shutting down soon (not that I knew how to get back using them). So after stealing wifi from local bars and getting turned down by a cab driver (that's how desperate I was) I FINALLY called an Uber.

Kevin picks me up and I use my shitty French to start a conversation because he was playing some dope French hip-hop. His English was better than my French but thank the good Lord for Google Translate lol. We were almost home and he realized we can communicate that way and he showed me his video and gave me a CD. We're gonna try and link later but I wanted to share my story and his video.

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Instagram: @Kevin_Mola

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G YAMAZAWA - "North Cack" ft Joshua Gunn & Kane Smego [MV]

My friend just got me hipped to this cat, G Yamazawa who stays near one of our friends in North Cack [Cackalacka = Carolina for those who ain't know] and he's pretty slick. He recently released this new video featuring Joshua Gunn and Kane Smego. Check more on

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I'm OMW to Europe slappin' this Serius Jones

You read correctly, mes amies. I'm writing this in the business center of my Toronto hotel getting all my internetting out of the way while getting ready to fly out this evening! I'm flying into Paris then heading south to Cannes for Midem (world's largest B2B music conference) then back to Paris for a few days then on to London for a few days then getting home on my birthday (June 18th in case you were planning on getting me something).

I've been communicating with my host in France (I rented out an apartment to myself 5 mins from the French Riviera) and she's been communicating only in French. I've been teaching myself the past month so I can understand a decent amount (considering) but need to bulk up my communicating skills once in person to grab the keys so wish me luck lol

I'll be documenting the trip (selfie-stick and all) so I'll have videos up for you soon. It'll be dope.

But while I'm waiting on the homie to scoop me up before the flight I thought I'd share one of my favorites. I've been slapping this Serius Jones EUROS video for years and it felt right.

Enjoy. And if you will be any of those aforementioned places LET ME KNOW. Let's link!

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Dumbfoundead - "형(Hyung)” ft Dok2, Simon Dominic, Tiger JK [Korea]

Really happy to see the growth Dumbfoundead has made the last few years as an emcee. I don't know what's more difficult, being a battle MC who gets respect as an artist or being an artist trying to break into the battle circuit...but he's doing it. I was always a fan of his witty punchlines and one-liners in the battle circuit but the Korea-town Los Angeles emcee has been doing his thing and expanding a lot into the Korean market. in his new single, Hyung, he's enlisted the help of some of Korea's top MCs, DOK2, Simon Dominic, and Tiger JK.

Los Angeles emcee Dumbfoundead partners with Complex to announce his new label BORN CTZN and exclusively premiere its very first music video, “형(Hyung).” Directed by The Cut, the witty and amusing visual questions the traditional Korean notion of respect based on age. Produced by Big Banana and with features by Korean rap superstars Dok2 and Simon Dominic as well as the legendary Tiger JK, the hypnotizing lead single off Dumbfoundead’s forthcoming Foreigner EP will be releasing worldwide May 23rd via his new collective and label BORN CTZN.

Hyung is a Korean term used by males to address another male that’s older or holds a higher position. For this song, I called up my good friends Dok2, Simon Dominic and Tiger JK who are household names in Korean hip-hop. In a country where age dictates how respect is shown, I wanted to make a strong statement but make it light hearted by using images of babies, drag queens and giants to show that being a “hyung” is more of a mentality. Respect should be given only when received, not based on age/gender/race or sex. With this being my first official single in Korea ever, I really wanted to use a lot of cultural references and have fun with it!” - Dumbfoundead

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Fetty Wap - "Aye" + "Flip Phone" MV

I've been a Fetty fan for a minute. I was always a fan of the melodic hip-hop and his self-described "Dirty R&B" (DOPE name, btw) does it for me. Nate Dogg made beautiful melodic music that the streets embraced. I'm NOT making comparisons but I'm saying that there's a void that was left when we lost Nate Dogg for someone to attempt to fill and if it's not Ty $ it's Fetty (not that they both can't do their parts).

He released 2 videos recently that kinda mesh together so I shared them both. First one starts off with a Mad-Maxy vibe and progresses. Check it out.

& shout out to King Ice who has the illest chains


Paigey Cakey - "Hot Tings" MV [UK]

I've been on my UK kick lately. I think it's because one month from Today I'll be boarding a flight to Europe. But I've always been a fan of the scene (Slick Rick's 1 of my favorite rappers) but I've been a fan of Paigey Cakey since I shared a video/mixtape of hers in 2012!

She was ill then but her new song is fire. I watched her new video "Hot Tings" like 5 times in a row then ended up buying the single on Amazon. (Essince $upports the arts)

Check the video, yeah?

Download on Amazon here

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Chiemi - "Wrek ya Style" MV

Essince is international and multi-cultural. Just like hiphop. I love traveling and hearing different styles from different places. Hip-hop was built on that. Sharing OUR stories. You know from my work, if you know me and follow my IG that I work a lot with women. So hearing a Bay area-based Japanese-Hawaiian women express herself through the raps I'm already intrigued. She's toured/performed with my homegirl, Reverie which is a plus. But Chiemi has her own style. This song in particular reminds me of that old "Cool Like That" Digable Planets vibe and she definitely has a spoken word element to her delivery.

Check it out:

Director: Chiemi the D3adly // 知恵美子
Video Production: Sun Chow Media
Flygirl Earrings: MzKats Kreations

"Japanese-Hawaiian femcee, Chiemi the D3adly from San Francisco, California premieres her 90’s funky vibe music video, "Wrek Ya Style", off her debut album, If love is the answer, what was the question? The song is about the struggles of a young woman finding her way through an overly aggressive rap environment, and speaks to all the young women out there seeking to have a voice in a male dominated society".

Follow Chiemi
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@Chiemi on Instagram
Chiemiko on SoundCloud
Chiemiko Facebook

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Lefty - "No Time" MV [London]

I got hip to Lefty following my guy KIP (Knowledge is Power Promotions from the UK) on IG (@KIPPromotions) and he featured this dude, Lefty. In just the short clip there I was hooked. The video is pretty smooth. I've always been a fan of melodic hooks and whatnot. But check it out.

Cheers from Across the Pond.

Follow @WheresLefty on IG

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Flamingosis - "Down for the Fifth Time" MV

Ever hear a new song and immediately go "DAAAAMMnnnn! This is funky..."? I did when I first heard this. It's SO smooth. I'd been playing a new Vanilla song and just let the youtubes ride. This song came on and it's so funky smooth I had to share it.

Summer time smooth. You're welcome.

& shout out to King Ice who has the illest chains


DJ Quik x Problem "European Vacation" ft AMG

I've BEEN a DJ Quik fan since forever and been slapping Problem's music last couple years, too so of course I love hearing them together again.

One year ago today Problem and DJ Quik dropped a collaboration EP on 4.20 that hit #1 on the iTunes Hip Hop charts within hours of release. Today a new Rosecrans track has surfaced, “European Vacation” featuring the one and only AMG..."and issa Compton-Summer vibe."

Slap it:

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Dj Danetic x Brandy - "Who Is She 2 U" [Danetic Flip] (GERMANY)

DJing since the '90s, DJ Danetic (Berlin, Germany) is back with another flip. He's been touring and producing for everyone from Eminem to Chino XL, Masta Ace and beyond. This is an ILL flip. I can't really remember what the original even sounds like and I'm not tempted to even search for it. He killed this. And it's super smooth. It's mad gray our here today so I'm sitting by a big bay window blogging and this is perfect mood music.

He takes Brandy's "Who Is She 2 U" to another level. Check it out.

Peace to @IStillLoveHER

Twitter @danetic
IG @danetic
Facebook Danetic

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Vel the Wonder - "Temporary" ft Bobby Bucher

I've been hip to the stunning Vel the Wonder for a bit through youtube suggested videos (the same way I stumbled upon Gavlyn a few years ago). And we have a few mutual friends, too so I'd hear reference to her and featured MC, Bobby Bucher (fka Severe) on tours and what not the last couple of years. She's been experimenting and doing some cool sh!t with her Melotonics project (look it up) but she's not letting you forget she has some bars to go along with that sultry voice.

The homie Chase Moore (Royce the 5'9", Team Backpack, and a hidden Drake track floating around somewhere) produced the sh-t outta this track. I've had this on repeat since I saw it last night. So if it's monetized then you'll have earned a few Cents from ya boy lol

Anyway, check it out. This track is super smooth. If I smoked I'd sure do it to this.

Directed by Nick Rodriguez (@officialnickrodriguez)

Check out and follow everyone:

IG: @vel_nine@bobbybucher@chasemooremusic
TWITTER: @VelTheWonder - @BobbyBucher667 - @ChaseMooreMusic


DJ-V - "The Raw"

It feels good to hear some good hard, aggressive bars sometimes, yo. I kinda wasted today. Forreal. I did. I've been busting my @$$ all week designing, writing, and doing computer sh-t. I've been kinda out of it and in a funk so I decided to go thru my emails and submissions (I got hella to go through) and found this. This is pretty ill, man. I needed this to kinda re-energize me.

DJ-V is from Orlando by way of Santa Clara, CA, and recently dropped the MadReal & Ricandthadeus-produced "The Raw". "This song was more of a dedication to speaking out and telling the truth while still remaining real to yourself". Check it out.

They don't really love it when ya speaking with the rawness/The rawness, separate the law from the lawless. -

& shout out to King Ice who has the illest chains


KYLE - "iSpy" ft Lil Yachty (Lyric Video)

So I saw a post on Facebook, you know, the place where people go to complain about things, about this song. The woman wasn't too thrilled with the following line, which I can understand: "I spy with my little eye, a girlie I can get 'cause she don't get too many likes...".

She interpreted it as a predatory line going after a girl with low self-esteem. A few other people chimed in supporting her disgust/protest. I was surprised and when she posted the link it low-key backfired because I kinda like the song lol.

But it got me wondering is that REALLY how Kyle meant it?? I mean, I've been hip to him for a while and even featured his song "Blame" a while back. I don't get that vibe from him content-wise. He doesn't talk about that kinda stuff so it was surprising to me, although we can all name some pretty BOGUS lines rappers have said seemingly out of nowhere condoning rape and other atrocious things. However, I felt he meant that the too many likes was that she wasn't popular yet on social media so she wasn't out of his league? (which he confirmed on this lyric explanation video). I've been there. I met a few models while I was out and seen them grow in "fame" online and went, dang, not even gonna try and slide in any DMs (as if that were my M.O.). But I think the song's fun and I perceived it as harmless??

There may be a deeper self-esteem issue somewhere to be discussed but I don't think it's on a conscious level and I hope I'm right. But, enough taking the wind out of your sales. Have fun with this dope video.

Directed by Jayme Lamperle
Produced by Carpool Films
Animated by Jayme Lamperle, Courtney Garvin, Frank Gidlewski, Evan Red Borja & Jake Reed
Backgrounds by Spencer Simmons & Jayme Lamperle
Edited by Tom Carter

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Hip-Hop In: Kuwait (Sons of Yusuf)

It's been a while yo. So I decided to bring back my series of International hip-hop features, "Hip-Hop in:" and this time we're heading to the Middle East! [Kuwait to be exact].

I was in LA during the Grammy's this year and ended up at an event my guy from Delicious Vinyl hipped me to. There were dope artists all across the country and world. Sons of Yusuf got up on stage and tore it down! Their stage presence and the bars [that I understood] were on point. An awesome mix of cultures with their traditional apparel and current American hip-hop vibe and rhyme schemes. I wanted to feature their most recent "Khalifornia" mixtape but will also include a video of theirs, too. People like this are why I say I don't give AF about being the "king of my city". The world is huge. But these guys are dope and working on an interview for the next issue of Royal Heir Magazine (coming soon).

This video's a little older but I think represents what I was talking about earlier as far as culture-meshing. Check it and check the mixtape below.

Follow @SonsOfYusuf on IG and get their links and learn more at

See previous episodes:
Ep. 20 - Scotland
Ep. 19 - Italy
Ep. 18 - England
Ep. 17 - Australia
Ep. 16 - Korea
Ep. 15 - New Zealand
Ep. 14 - France 2
Ep. 13 - Italy
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EP. 9 - France
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Ep. 7 - South Africa
Ep. 6 - Japan
Ep. 5 - Germany
Ep. 4 - Thailand
Ep. 3 - Norway
Ep. 2 - Hong Kong
Ep. 1 - Cambodia

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Sahtyre - Oxytocin (prod. by Chase Moore)

Sahtyre and Chase Moore are back with another slapper in Oxytocin [yes, that's Oxytocin (äksəˈtōs(ə)n/), not oxycontin as I misread every time].

But yeah, the dude's nice. The track's nice. Click play and pre-order "Cassidy Howell" by Sahtyre.

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Reverie - "Critique Like Me" MV

She's back at it. The one and only Reverie released her first single/video off her forthcoming collaborative "Satori" album with her brother, Louden who produced this single, "Critique Like Me".

Putting yourself out there isn't easy. Being a somewhat [ha] sensitive, artsy Gemini, trust me, I know lol. But when in this game, and often for women in general [sadly] people are put on pedestals not necessarily to be praised, but to be scrutinized. Not just being judged on music, but our appearance, and even the minutest details in the backgrounds of snaps, and IG posts are analyzed and discussed on our own pages like we can't see them.

I'd argue it's probably more difficult Now than ever to be truly comfortable being yourself. But when you can brush off the negativity and take it for what it is, a way for miserable people to redirect their own pain and weakness, then you can truly LOVE YOURSELF.

It's an awesome feeling. *does the Reverie dance*


Video Filmed & Edited by Frezh Editing
Executively Produced by Reverie

Visit for Reverie Merchandise & Tour Dates and follow @ReverieLove on social Media.

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Z "Nobody Better" ft Fetty Wap

The older I get/the deeper I get in 'the business' the more I appreciate "pop" music. There's a formula and a science to creating something catchy and commercially appealing. Somehow I soundclouded upon this song and fell in love. Then I was wasting time/procrastinating in my hotel and found the video for this and had to share.

It's not all about "conscious" hip-hop...sometimes we want to just feel good and have fun. This is that time. Enjoy:

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Instagram - Twitter - Facebook

Amazon - iTunes

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Gavlyn - "Calling" MV

Man, sorry, y'all it's been a MINUTO since my last update. It's been crazy. But good crazy. Busy crazy. I was in LA for the Grammy's then went on tour with Reverie and now I'm in TX for SXSW. I'll be managing about 10 acts this week for 5 or 6 different shows we have here (if you're here hit me up! Let's connect).

But anyway, I met Gavlyn a few times but been listening for a few years. She just dropped her new video "Calling" and it's a slapper. We jammed on the trip down here to SXSW a few times and now wanted to share it with YOU.

& shout out to King Ice who has the illest chains


PNB Rock "Notice Me" MV

So I'm on tour with Reverie right now and we have an off day in my old stomping grounds of St. Louis. We were coming back from some bomb BBQ and was tuned in to 104.1 and a song of his came on ("Selfish") and I was immediately hooked...I looked it up and it was the cat, PNB Rock. I'd seen his name before on flyers and never really went out of my way to hear him. I think it's because I assumed he was another mumbler or something or I think the dudes he was on shows with weren't my cup of tea (best of luck to 'em). But I heard this and realized how foolish I'd been.

I work in this industry for a living and am all about new music and wanted to formally apologize to PNB and his fans for being a d-ckhead. He's incredible. I've been hooked on his videos for HOURS. He's incredible. I was planning to post like 3 others but ended up deciding on THIS single instead, "Notice Me".

I love the concept of this song and video is fire.

Download GTTM: Going Thru the Motions

& shout out to King Ice who has the illest chains

Basic - "3 Weeks Sober" MV

I came across this video recently and not only do I like the song but the subject is something that hits close to home.

Michigan-based emcee Basic (@basicmuzik) tells a dark, and beautifully realistic story of a man's struggle with heroin.

I actually went to a funeral for a friend since first grade who'd overdosed on heroin in the past 6 months and heroin hit my city and friends pretty hard since high school. I actually ran into a friend who'd been clean and sober from a Nasty heroin addiction about 3 days ago.

This subject is important and I'm glad to have the platform to share it.

Directed, Filmed, Edited and produced by Cracka Lack who I was blessed to meet this past A3C in Atlanta.

For more info on Drug Abuse hotlines click this link for options.

Follow Basic here:
IG @basicmuzik
Facebook BasicMuzik

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Chris Rivers' Hot97 Freestyle on Pun's Deathiversary

Anyone who knows me knows Big Punisher is my favorite MC. 17 Years ago This Week Big Pun passed away. And on the anniversary one of his friends, the OG Funkmaster Flex invited Pun's son, Chris Rivers to Hot97 to spit a Nasty freestyle over his dad's "Brave in the Heart" beat (which has arguably mt favorite Pun verse).

& shout out to King Ice who has the illest chains


Rimy Low Key "On The Floor" [Toronto]

It's been a while since I blogged here. I've been busy but also, uninspired. Lots of submissions but they didn't fit the steez of the site, n'ahmean?

Enter Toronto-based singer, Rimy Low Key. He just released his new song, "On The Floor" produced by Akeel Henry and Versedl. I recognized the voice from before but this

"It's an eclectic blend of synth pop and funk reminiscent of 80's dance music. The song is about a girl who finds herself too far gone at the party but instead of this leading to her downfall she's overcome by the music and finds love, at least for the night."

It's super catchy. Great to break me out of my blog funk. Cheers, Toronto.

Follow Rimy Lowkey:
instagram @rimylowkey
twitter rimylowkey

& shout out to King Ice who has the illest chains


Mark Morrison - Return of the Mack (Seeb Remix) [Norway]

Almost 21 years ago Mark Morrison made one of my favorite songs of all time, "Return of the Mack". Grammy-nominated Norwegian dance duo Seeb added another ill remix to their archive. ‎

"Seeb had a sensational 2016, their remix of Mike Posner's "I Took A Pill In Ibiza" became a Grammy nominated monster hit‎, and one of the biggest songs of the year. It was the second most streamed song globally on Spotify, only Drake's "One Dance" had more streams.‎"

Mark Morrison's debut album in '96, 'Return of the Mack', was a multi-platinum success, selling 3 million copies worldwide. "The single reached #1 in the UK, and spent a remarkable 41 weeks on the US Billboard singles chart, peaking at #2."

Follow Seeb and Mark Morrison on twitter.

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