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Layla Khepri - "Pokerface" MV

I met Viral HipHop Star, Layla Khepri about a year ago when I was touring with Reverie in Atlanta. She's been able to create a few Viral music videos on her facebook page generating millions of plays and tens of thousands or comments and comments. She hosted a People's Choice contest recently to choose her next video out of 4 snippets and this was the Winner!

Check it out below and let @laylakhepri know what you think on twitter, instagram, and facebook

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Yung Pinch - "Rock With Us" MV

So I was coolin' out and bloggin' last night and got in the youtube loop and came across this video from this long-haired cat with a funky smooth flow. I love the beach vibe and laid back style of the west coast. Kid's pretty slick. Give it a listen. It's almost 2017. Expand your tastes, yo.

Yung Pinch - twitter

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Zaniyah - "Champagne Papi"

Florida-raised Canadian artist, Zaniyah has been singing since she was a child. Featured in Caribbean Magazine as Star of The Month, and nominated for the 32nd IRAWMA (INTERNATIONAL REGGAE & WORLD MUSIC AWARDS) for South Florida Emerging Star Under 21, Zaniyah is definitely a name to watch out for. I'm really feeling her voice. Check out her new record, "Champagne Papi".

instagram @officialzaniyah
twitter @officialzaniyah

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Essince presents "Feliz Navidad" w/Dj Flaco Flash

Hoe Hoe Hoe. It's about that time, amigos and amigettes. With Christmas only days away it's time for my annual gift to your ears, my super dope Christmixtape with DJ Flaco Flash showcasing some of the best Holiday Hip-hop from your favorites like Snoop, Eazy E, Mr. Lif and more! Listen while you're drinking grown up egg nog and wRapping gifts, hide your wireless earbuds under your hat and slap while you're pretending to listen to stories from your family. The possibilities are endless, just like the dopeness of this project.

Peace and love to you all.

XOXO - Essince

(song titles appear as they play)

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Reverie - "Scheming" MV

For any of my longtime readers/supporters you know about my work with Reverie. It all started with my first interview with her back in 2013. I just got back from Chicago with her where we had her for a 2 show event before heading to NY (where she is now, I'm currently sitting next to the fireplace while watching the new WWE PPV).

She just dropped her new video, "Scheming" produced by the homie, Chase Moore. She's steadily been releasing videos for her forthcoming "Das Klein" EP and this is the 3rd release, shot in Amsterdam during her 8th European tour. Mira:

Reverie - Scheming (Produced by Chase Moore)
Directed & Edited by Reverie Foto & Enkrypt Los Angeles
Visit for Reverie Merchandise & Tour Dates!

Follow @ReverieLove on: facebook - twitter - instagram - youtube

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Jaden Smith "Fallen" MV

I heard some friends talking about this new Jaden Smith video so decided to check it out. It's pretty fresh. Kid's definitely creative. The older he gets the more I hear resemblance to Will's voice. Obviously different but especially when he raps toward the end I hear a little bit of it and I like it.

Respect to all who've been love 'sick'.

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G.G. Garcon - "In The Morning"

Got this in my email today. I've been hella behind on my submissions but something made me click play on this. I think it was the quaity/style of the picture above. Usually when someone sends a selfie with the phone still in frame I dismiss it. Maybe it's supposed to be like that...maybe it's the fact I'm sitting in a recliner by the fireplace after making a fat-ass burger and eating some of momma's homemade quiche...but I thought, why not?

This guy's pretty dope. IDK where he's from because I wasn't given any pertinent information besides the link but he can spit. Delivery is on point. Woman on the hook has a nice voice and gives this a nice summertime feel. Warms me up, as I can see SNOW out my window.

But check it out. Takes me back.



Thanks, Cheetos (Tell It To My Heart)

So I've been watching this commercial for a while now with a corny dad driving his kids around when his partner in crime, the new Chester Cheetah cranks up this Jam while cornball dad karaokes into a cheetoh while some tenderonies drive by in a drop top.

The track is kinda slick. I have a thing for late 80s/early 90s pop. So for your listening/and let's be real, VIEWING pleasure, I give you, Taylor Dayne:

Or support the classics here:

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Reverie "West Side" MV

Fresh from her, what, 10th European tour?? International recording artist, Reverie just dropped her Nutty P-produced video, “West Side”.

Directed & Edited by Reverie Foto & Enkrypt Los Angeles, the video was shot during her most recent tour of Europe featuring Gavlyn. I booked/tour managed her last 3 national tours and bringing her back to the Windy City for another 2 show event Friday December 16th. I don't REALLY cosign many people, especially in this business but I really support what she does. So any of my chi-town people, I'm in need of some new Mexican restaurants for next week. I'm somewhat of a torta connoisseur.

But I digress, watch her new video “West Side” below!

Be sure to Follow Reverie on social media @ReverieLove and see her LIVE at her 2 show event in Chicago Friday December 16th(click here for tickets and info).

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Jonny Avalon - "From the Top of My Soapbox" EP

I met Jonny a few years ago when some guys I was going into business with came down to meet with me. We discussed signing them to a distribution deal. I set up a show for them that night so I could check out the live show. The promoter goofed and Jonny, who was supposed to go on EARLY ended up not going on til LAST. So last that he and his dude were the only people in the room because the bouncer decided to shut the club down early and kicked all of us out. He was cussing us out and SCREAMING and shoving people out while these guys were on stage. So while I was talking this guy down I was listening to this amazing voice come from the other room. I stayed out in the snow talking to this guy because I felt he had "it".

We stayed in touch and a few years is "From the Top of My Soapbox". This is such a powerful EP from singer/songerwriter, Jonny Avalon. It's a positive album. The common theme could be believe in yourself, don't give up...but also to Have Fun! I'm proud of this album and where he can go with it. I hope you enjoy the album, too and PLEASE Support him.

Stream below and if you like it buy it on iTunes - Amazon - GooglePlay or wherever music is consumed. If you can't spend $6 then just stream from the youtube link below or Spotify.

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Feliz dia de Dar Gracias

Happy Thanksgiving, friends. As with many holidays I ask you not forget the "reason for the season". Hell yeah I love food and like every meal is my last (might be?) but I stand by my Native brothers and sisters as well especially with everything else that's going on.

I'm thankful for Each and Every One Of YOU who comes to my occasionally updated blog to see what I've curated and cosigned. I appreciate you and the feedback. Peace and love. Gratitude goes a long way.

Enjoy this episode of GGN from the illustrious Snoop Dogg.


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Brooklyn Shanti - "Guadeloupe" ft Aris

It's been a while since I posted. I've been traveling all over but also I need to be inspired. I don't just post JUST because, n'ahmean? I only post things I cosign and think are dope. Brooklyn Shanti is dope. I've been bumping his music for a few years.

"Brooklyn Shanti is on a mission to unite hip-hop, dance music, and a patchwork of styles from across the globe. So far he's doing a bang up job..." - Entertainment Weekly.

Guadeloupe is the first instrumental single from Brooklyn Shanti's forthcoming "Ghosts" EP. Check it out yo. This is hella smooth.

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Dumbfoundead - "We Might Die" (mixtape)

K-town LA native, Dumbfoundead partnered with Complex to drop his new projcet, "We Might Die".

We Might Die was a tape reflecting the mood I was in, looking at the world through my phone. The youth and older generation both feeling immortal while the world is crumbling down around us. I wanted to talk about living wild, death and legacy on these tracks as I approach the end of my 20s. Sorry to be a downer, but enjoy!” - Dumbfoundead


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