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Sahtyre - Oxytocin (prod. by Chase Moore)

Sahtyre and Chase Moore are back with another slapper in Oxytocin [yes, that's Oxytocin (äksəˈtōs(ə)n/), not oxycontin as I misread every time].

But yeah, the dude's nice. The track's nice. Click play and pre-order "Cassidy Howell" by Sahtyre.

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Reverie - "Critique Like Me" MV

She's back at it. The one and only Reverie released her first single/video off her forthcoming collaborative "Satori" album with her brother, Louden who produced this single, "Critique Like Me".

Putting yourself out there isn't easy. Being a somewhat [ha] sensitive, artsy Gemini, trust me, I know lol. But when in this game, and often for women in general [sadly] people are put on pedestals not necessarily to be praised, but to be scrutinized. Not just being judged on music, but our appearance, and even the minutest details in the backgrounds of snaps, and IG posts are analyzed and discussed on our own pages like we can't see them.

I'd argue it's probably more difficult Now than ever to be truly comfortable being yourself. But when you can brush off the negativity and take it for what it is, a way for miserable people to redirect their own pain and weakness, then you can truly LOVE YOURSELF.

It's an awesome feeling. *does the Reverie dance*


Video Filmed & Edited by Frezh Editing
Executively Produced by Reverie

Visit for Reverie Merchandise & Tour Dates and follow @ReverieLove on social Media.

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Z "Nobody Better" ft Fetty Wap

The older I get/the deeper I get in 'the business' the more I appreciate "pop" music. There's a formula and a science to creating something catchy and commercially appealing. Somehow I soundclouded upon this song and fell in love. Then I was wasting time/procrastinating in my hotel and found the video for this and had to share.

It's not all about "conscious" hip-hop...sometimes we want to just feel good and have fun. This is that time. Enjoy:

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Gavlyn - "Calling" MV

Man, sorry, y'all it's been a MINUTO since my last update. It's been crazy. But good crazy. Busy crazy. I was in LA for the Grammy's then went on tour with Reverie and now I'm in TX for SXSW. I'll be managing about 10 acts this week for 5 or 6 different shows we have here (if you're here hit me up! Let's connect).

But anyway, I met Gavlyn a few times but been listening for a few years. She just dropped her new video "Calling" and it's a slapper. We jammed on the trip down here to SXSW a few times and now wanted to share it with YOU.

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PNB Rock "Notice Me" MV

So I'm on tour with Reverie right now and we have an off day in my old stomping grounds of St. Louis. We were coming back from some bomb BBQ and was tuned in to 104.1 and a song of his came on ("Selfish") and I was immediately hooked...I looked it up and it was the cat, PNB Rock. I'd seen his name before on flyers and never really went out of my way to hear him. I think it's because I assumed he was another mumbler or something or I think the dudes he was on shows with weren't my cup of tea (best of luck to 'em). But I heard this and realized how foolish I'd been.

I work in this industry for a living and am all about new music and wanted to formally apologize to PNB and his fans for being a d-ckhead. He's incredible. I've been hooked on his videos for HOURS. He's incredible. I was planning to post like 3 others but ended up deciding on THIS single instead, "Notice Me".

I love the concept of this song and video is fire.

Download GTTM: Going Thru the Motions

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Basic - "3 Weeks Sober" MV

I came across this video recently and not only do I like the song but the subject is something that hits close to home.

Michigan-based emcee Basic (@basicmuzik) tells a dark, and beautifully realistic story of a man's struggle with heroin.

I actually went to a funeral for a friend since first grade who'd overdosed on heroin in the past 6 months and heroin hit my city and friends pretty hard since high school. I actually ran into a friend who'd been clean and sober from a Nasty heroin addiction about 3 days ago.

This subject is important and I'm glad to have the platform to share it.

Directed, Filmed, Edited and produced by Cracka Lack who I was blessed to meet this past A3C in Atlanta.

For more info on Drug Abuse hotlines click this link for options.

Follow Basic here:
IG @basicmuzik
Facebook BasicMuzik

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Chris Rivers' Hot97 Freestyle on Pun's Deathiversary

Anyone who knows me knows Big Punisher is my favorite MC. 17 Years ago This Week Big Pun passed away. And on the anniversary one of his friends, the OG Funkmaster Flex invited Pun's son, Chris Rivers to Hot97 to spit a Nasty freestyle over his dad's "Brave in the Heart" beat (which has arguably mt favorite Pun verse).

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Rimy Low Key "On The Floor" [Toronto]

It's been a while since I blogged here. I've been busy but also, uninspired. Lots of submissions but they didn't fit the steez of the site, n'ahmean?

Enter Toronto-based singer, Rimy Low Key. He just released his new song, "On The Floor" produced by Akeel Henry and Versedl. I recognized the voice from before but this

"It's an eclectic blend of synth pop and funk reminiscent of 80's dance music. The song is about a girl who finds herself too far gone at the party but instead of this leading to her downfall she's overcome by the music and finds love, at least for the night."

It's super catchy. Great to break me out of my blog funk. Cheers, Toronto.

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instagram @rimylowkey
twitter rimylowkey

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Mark Morrison - Return of the Mack (Seeb Remix) [Norway]

Almost 21 years ago Mark Morrison made one of my favorite songs of all time, "Return of the Mack". Grammy-nominated Norwegian dance duo Seeb added another ill remix to their archive. ‎

"Seeb had a sensational 2016, their remix of Mike Posner's "I Took A Pill In Ibiza" became a Grammy nominated monster hit‎, and one of the biggest songs of the year. It was the second most streamed song globally on Spotify, only Drake's "One Dance" had more streams.‎"

Mark Morrison's debut album in '96, 'Return of the Mack', was a multi-platinum success, selling 3 million copies worldwide. "The single reached #1 in the UK, and spent a remarkable 41 weeks on the US Billboard singles chart, peaking at #2."

Follow Seeb and Mark Morrison on twitter.

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Gavlyn - "We On"

CA-emcee, Gavlyn, is back releasing a new video after teaming with Reverie over in Europe for tour dates and dropping her most recent album, Why Wait. Gav, can I call you Gav? released the collaborative "We On" single/video with DJ Hoppa and it's pretty slick.

Click the play button and next time some hater-ass bums try and block your shine tell 'em "we on".

Follow her and cop that new "We On" via iTunes/stream via Apple Music below.
IG: @gavlynnn
Twitter: @HiiGavlyn

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The Combat Jack Show x Fat Joe

One of the first music videos I ever remember seeing as a youngster was Fat Joe. I'd missed the bus and was watching TV until my mom could get dressed in time to take me to school and I turned on MTV (which was finally unblocked) and a Fat Joe video was on. Seeing a dude who looked like Me on it (Latino) was major. I then of course followed the progression into becoming a HUGE Big Pun fan (RIP), Cuban Link, and the whole TS. But Joe has sustained longevity including last year's Grammy-Nominated "All the Way Up". He was a recent guest on the Combat Jack show and here's the interview.

(what's up, Mika?)

On this episode we take it to the South Bronx, Forrest Projects to be exact. This rap star has been around for 24 plus years and still going strong. He's part of the legendary DITC crew, he introduced the likes of Big Pun, Remy Ma, DJ Khaled and Terror Squad to the world. He powered through beefs with 50 Cent, Jay-Z and survived the ugly scenarios of being in these New York City streets. Internets we bring you the Fat Joe Episode of The Combat Jack Show. Yes, we covered everything from "Flow Joe" to his new situation with Roc Nation. The Don Cartagena is stronger than ever. #RaiseTheBarHigher

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Layla Khepri - "Pokerface" MV

I met Viral HipHop Star, Layla Khepri about a year ago when I was touring with Reverie in Atlanta. She's been able to create a few Viral music videos on her facebook page generating millions of plays and tens of thousands or comments and comments. She hosted a People's Choice contest recently to choose her next video out of 4 snippets and this was the Winner!

Check it out below and let @laylakhepri know what you think on twitter, instagram, and facebook

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Yung Pinch - "Rock With Us" MV

So I was coolin' out and bloggin' last night and got in the youtube loop and came across this video from this long-haired cat with a funky smooth flow. I love the beach vibe and laid back style of the west coast. Kid's pretty slick. Give it a listen. It's almost 2017. Expand your tastes, yo.

Yung Pinch - twitter

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