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Chingo Bling "Back to the Border"

Chingo Bling, Culero! When I walk up in the club Chingo Bling, Culero!

One of my favorite MCs, the illustrious Chingo Bling, drops his latest mextape, "Back to the Border". Ju need to download dis chit, putoface (in my Chingo voice).

Props for makin' some dope ass musica, representing us Latinos, and keepin' hip hop fun.


Hip Hop In: Finland

This episode of Hip Hop In takes us to the country of Finland. With a population of just 5,259,250, (as of July 5, 2011 via the CIA world factbook) they are making some great music.

I was first contacted by production duo, The Boomjacks about the 3rd installment of their beat CD series but I also wanted to let you hear some Finnish rappers, too so I'm posting a video by Fintelligens.

Check out the Boomjacks and enjoy this dope video for Mikä Boogie by Fintelligens.

for consideration for feature in this series contact

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I don't know what it is but lately I've been all about this girl. There's something about her whole crew that's really sexy to me and I honestly can't tell you why.

Even SNOOP says she's "the missing link between the white girls who all love rap music, and all the dudes who rap." Good enough for me.

(p.s. I know this post is kinda late but I don't really care. She's jammin').

Get her new single here.


Amy Winehouse (R.I.P.)

It's always sad when someone dies before her time and it's definitely true when she's as talented as Amy Winehouse was.

For more information (as available now. She was reported dead less than 2 hours ago as I'm posting this), click here.

In her memory I'll be posting some of my favorite videos of hers.


Ea$y Money (mixtape + MV)

ST da SQUAD MC, Ea$y Money drops a new video and mixtape. Check 'em both. Kid's pretty nice. Essince approves.

I would embed the player but even the "don't play automatically" code plays automatically....and I can't stand going to sites where it things play automatically.

You're welcome.


Pusha T x Tyler, the Creator "Trouble on My Mind"

Pusha T and Tyler, The Creator team up for what quickly became my favorite new release with this dope-ass video for a dope-ass song, Trouble on My Mind. Enjoy it.


If Fred Flintsone Wore Shoes...

ADIDAS collaborates with designer Jeremy Scott to create this new addition to their 2011 Fall/Winter line. The Flintstones inspired "JS Bones" 

Props on the...well...props. The plastic bones and cheetah theme go well and I kind like the turquoise but honestly, I can't think of anywhere I could actually wear these and with what outfit. Design-wise these are pretty fresh but as for functionality and wearability I'm not so sure... But be sure to look out for them to drop this fall.


Jim Mahfood [aka food one] "Pop Life" T

Artist, Jim Mahfood, aka Food One, releases his new shirt, "Pop Life". If you aren't familiar with his work I'm sure you've seen it around the comic world and in his newest comic "Marijuana Man" with Ziggy Marley" (I bought's awesome).

He's quickly becoming one of my favorite artists.

Get your POP LIFE shirt here.

and check and

Asher Roth x Quan "Summertime" MV

Need I say more? Watch and enjoy.


Hip Hop In: France

This episode of "Hip Hop In" features French hip hop crew, Fonky Family. I've been listening to them since high school and have at least 1 of their CDs. I love the French interpretation of hiphop. Their breakdancing, DJing, and rhyming is so fluid and smooth. Check the video for "Sans Rémission" and let me know what you think.

for consideration for feature in this series contact

See previous episodes:
Ep. 8 - London
Ep. 7 - South Africa
Ep. 6 - Japan
Ep. 5 - Germany
Ep. 4 - Thailand
Ep. 3 - Norway
Ep. 2 - Hong Kong
Ep. 1 - Cambodia


Interview: Micho (female MC, Japan)

There's a really nice hiphop movement in Japan and one of the new artists to watch is a female MC from Tokyo named Micho.

She just dropped her new mixtape, "Urami Bushi" and co-starred in the video/song "Tokyo Headz" with Big Zam, Jiro, and Dabo.

Big shout out to the homie, DJ Joe Iron for the translation. To read the original Japanese interview we did on Beats n Miso click here.

Essince: Thanks for your time, Micho-san. How are you?
Micho: I`m doing very well. Thank you!

Essince: How long have you been making music?
Micho: I first started out making R&B songs in 2003. My first aspiration was to be an R&B singer. As far as rapping, I first started to rap about 3 years ago.

Essince: Tell me a little about your newest release "Urami Bushi". How are the fans responding?
Micho: "Urami Bushi" is my debut mixtape which was recorded over a period of 1 year. The response has been great. I get so many messages on twitter from people I have never met. It is very humbling.

Essince: What is the hiphop scene like now in Tokyo?
Micho: Lately, the Tokyo Hip-Hop scene has been growing bigger and bigger. The young rappers that are coming out these days are very talented and hungry. I am really looking forward to seeing the scene grow even bigger in the next few years.

Essince: It's difficult for a woman to be in the hiphop business in the United States. What is it like in Japan?
Micho: Well, of course It is difficult to be a female in the Hip-Hop business. At first, it was hard to get taken seriously because I am a girl. But, being in the position that I am in now, being a female is helping me get noticed faster. I`m sure it is the same in America.

Essince: Who is someone you'd like to work with? (Japan and in another country).
Micho: In Japan, I really would like to someday work with the singer AI. I have always been a fan of hers and she has such a powerful voice. It would really be an honor to work with her.

As far as international artist, I would probably have to say Nicki Minaj. I listened to first and second mixtapes so many times, and I really like her flow.

Essince: Where can we find you online?

Twitter @MICHOmic

Essince: Any final shout outs?
Micho: I would like to thank my "Urami Bushi" production team: producer Joe Iron, DJ Agetetsu, DJ Ziko and MC Jiro. I would also really like to thank all my fans around the world for their support!

Download Micho's "Urami Bushi" mixtape HERE.

Check Micho alongside Big Zam, Dabo, and Jiro in the DJ Joe Iron produced "Tokyo Headz"


Skateboarding in India

This is pretty bad-ass and beautifully shot.


Masspike Miles "Making Love" MV

Maybach's own, Masspike Miles releases his first video of this 2 part series for "Making Love" off his latest release.

Make sure you download his "Road Less Traveled EP" here.

Dumbfoundead "Are We There Yet" MV

MC, Dumbfoundead continues to disprove the whole "battle rappers can't make music" thing with his new video for "Are We There Yet".

This song is SO ill and the relate-able honesty definitely hits close to home differently but equally on all 3 verses.

Keep up with dude on twitter @dumbfoundead and as much as I like and respect his music...I hope he's still gonna battle because dude is a BEAST.


Artist: John Baizley

I've been really getting back into art lately (painting and drawing) and I've been looking for inspiration from other artists. Enter John Baizley. I'm definitely gonna be looking for more from him.

John Baizley is an illustrator and musician based in Savannah, Georgia. He is notable for his album cover and t-shirt art for bands including Kylesa, Pig Destroyer,Daughters, Skeletonwitch, Torche, Cursed, Black Tusk, and Baroness for which he is the singer and rhythm guitarist. - Juxtapoz


UK: Ikes "Come On" MV

UK MC, Ikes releases his new video for "Come On". This dude's pretty fresh. I DL'd his latest project, "The Intermission" and have been keeping it in pretty steady rotation around the house and car.

To DL "The Intermission" click HERE.

get @ikesonthereal on Twitter


Millyz "White Boy Like Me 2"

This dude put out one of my favorite projects in "white boy like me" and he definitely doesn't disappoint in Volume 2. Trust me. This kid is NICE.