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Young Jeezy x Freddie Gibbs "Do It For You" MV

Obviously I know who Jeezy is but it wasn't until the homie, K. Vincent really made me sit down and listen to his first album that I really respected him as an artist. I'm excited to see what he does with Freddie Gibbs who put out some of the best music I've heard in a long time. Check this video out and let me know what you think.


Don't Rush Your Product (blog)

I haven't really fully expressed my thoughts in a post on here in a long time and after having a lot of intelligent discussions about the music business (most recently a debate over charging for music with CultureVI which can be found here), I decided to say something here.

There's no need to rush putting music out. There's such an oversaturation anyway. It worked for Wayne...and no one else.

I understand the fear of missing your chance or feeling you'll be forgotten. But would it be better for people to say "yo, what happened to Essince? His last album was amazing and I never heard from him since?" or for people to say "Yo, Essince fell off. He put out 4 mixtapes in half a year and it sounds like he got lazy and mixed it with earbuds"?

There's a reason Dre only releases albums after a long time...he takes his time and makes classics!
There's a reason Chris Tucker didn't do any movies between Rush Hour 2 and 3. That was so he didn't soil his brand by making something crappy and could negotiate a higher rate for the sequel because his last project was a hit.

Take your time and put your money and effort into something you can be proud of.
Spell check your CD covers. Check the sound quality. 

This should all be common sense, right?

That's all. Enjoy your days. lol. Just needed to get that out.


Romeo "I Am No Limit" (mixtape)

You read correctly. Romeo. And yes, Romeo fka Lil Romeo aka Master P's son aka the kid on Cribs with a car he couldn't legally drive that costs more than your house.

He's back.

With features from Gucci, Master P [duh], Silk the Shocker, and more Romeo brings back that No Limit sound and surprisingly does it well!

There are a lot of haters and always will be getting angry he's rapping like an adult. His dad is from the p's and Romeo ISN'T 12 ANYMORE! The f**k you expect him to rhyme about???! Let him be him. 

I've been wondering if No Limit would make another run for it. I'm looking forward to this style returning. 

The Weekend - "Thursday" (mixtape)

This dude has an awesome voice. I expect to hear him on everyone's hooks. He can hit the high notes like Robin Thicke and has the melodies and songwriting of The Dream...but with his own style (sorry, idk how else to describe him). Listen & DL below.

Download Mixtape Free | Mixtape Player


Art: Food One [Jim Mahfood]

Jim Mahfood aka Food One is one of my favorite artists. I met his brother, DJ Mahf when I lived in St. Louis (that's a talented family) and have since seen his artwork everywhere (including one of my new favorite graphic novels, Marijuana Man).

I wanted to showcase some of his newest art. I love the work he does with ink and figures.

Chels "Hiii Power"

Really been on this song lately from the girl, Chels from Nawlins' [New Orleans if you can't read phonetic writing)].

I'm really diggin' the vibe of this track. Laid back beat, melodic hook, good lyrics, sexy N.O. accent. What's not to like?

Oh, and she's only 19.

Get @SoulChels on twitter and tell her Essince sent you.

"The Academy" (exec-prod. by Kurupt) [Review + DL]

I love it when someone can just put out a solid hip-hop album. This is certainly one of those albums. With appearances by Kurupt, Raekwon, Method Man, Redman, Royce 5’9, Crooked I, Styles P, Jadakiss, Sean Price, Pete Rock, M.O.P., Keith Murray, & and more how could this not be ill?

When I was a kid I used to order mixtapes thru companies advertising in the back of the Source because mixtapes weren't really big nationwide yet. They were mostly a NY thing but the COMPILATION was the jam. I loved to hear movie soundtracks so I could hear all of my favorite MCs on one cd (ie. Rush Hour, Friday/Next Friday, the Corruptor, Black Mash, etc).

This album is not something you'd put on at a club in Atlanta but it's a solid album of good hip hop. I wanted to let you hear a little sample so I'm posting track 3, "Samaryda" f/ Raekwon, Kojoe, & Kurupt (produced by Marlon Price & JP Beats of Terminal 3). I featured some of Japanese MC, Kojoe's work on BeatsnMiso in Japan. Dude is nice.

"2011 marks the return of the Compilation like you have never experienced it before, with the birth of The Academy, a bi-coastal merging of the minds that provides an undeniable unity long since forgotten amidst the landscape of popularized feuds, beefs, and unfounded media hypes."

To be released on 9-13-2011.

Reason "The Social Network"

I've been getting bored with hiphop lately. Everywhere I go (even in some other countries) I hear the same American hiphop....the same boring, uncreative rap. Thank God for uNCovered 3rd PR. lol. The emails from the homie, Kevin rarely (if ever) disappoint me.

Check this new project by MC, Reason. I love hearing a new style of production. (Apparently you CAN make a hiphop beat without 808s. huh).

15 tracks of dope music & lyrics. Check it out below and get @thebestreason on twitter. Tell him Essince sent you.

The King of Cool is considered to be Dean Martin by many people’s standards he represented what it meant to be to handle being the center of attention. This is the kind of person that Orlando, FL rapper, Reason admires. Growing up in Orlando, Old Hollywood seemed like the farthest thing from Reason. Reason grew up in a location that was more known for Mickey Mouse than rapping. This was never an obstacle for Reason he even had a chance to rap for Diddy on Making the Band 2. Also he was featured on a number of video game soundtracks and has performed around the world. Reason finally decided to emulate is idol even further by venturing off to Los Angeles, CA. At the age of 26, Reason has grown into being a great entertainer with Rat Pack like energy and charisma. His most recent EP entitled “The Cool Graduate” gained Reason even more attention. With “The Social Network” the up-and-coming entertainer plans on achieving his dream of changing what is expected from rappers. Just like his idol, Dean Martin he plans on doing everything with a certain amount of class, charisma and sophistication.


SUPRA x Deion Sanders

pic. via HypeBeast

Supra teams up to honor Hall of Fame inductee, Deion Sanders in their new design showing off Dallas Cowboys & San Francisco 49s colors.

People online have been hating on them. I personally don't think they're that bad (might not have the #). What do you think?


Realm Reality "What I Want" MV

In my opinion, one of the most slept on MCs is the homie, Realm Reality. Great actor. Great emcee. Check his new video and let me know what you think.

Also, be on the lookout for my new track with him and the homie, K. Vincent from Chicago.

DL his latest release "The Invisible Man" here.


ESSINCE THROWBACK: Barrio Boyzz (90s R&B)

I was in Beachwood mall a few years ago and found a best of the Barrio Boyz CD and thought, what the H. I'll get it...worth every penny.

This song became my jam (as well as the ladies for whom it became background/mood music).

Enjoy "How We Roll" by the Barrio Boyzz, who are still one of my favorite groups. Us Latins got soul, too. No se olvide! lol