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Across the Pond (UK edition)

I partnered with ill UK site Knowledge is Power Promotions to produce 2 EPs featuring the best MCs from the US and the UK and we will be promoting them on each other's sites.

That being said, check out what's going on in the UK right now. Love & support from Across the Pond!. And shout out to our UK partners, P-King Promotions!

Be sure to follow KIP on twitter @KIPPromotions.

Across The Pond Uk Edition by Knowledge Is Power Promo

Pusha-T "Don't F w/Me" (freestyle)

Next up to spit a "freestyle" over Drake's instrumental is the one and only, Pusha T of the illustrious Clipse. Whatchall thank?



Ogon Wallets

Ogon has some pretty ill aluminum wallets ranging from bill-size (11.7 x 9.3 cm) to card-size (10.9 x 7.2 cm). Jack Threads has the best prices. They hold up to 7 cards or 15 paper cards (tickets, punch cards, etc).

Jack Threads has some pretty ill gear. You have to sign up (for free) but they have some crazy deals on some really fresh gear and accessories. I signed up awhile ago and I never looked back.

ChrisCo "How Does it Feel" EP

ChrisCo is living many MC's dreams right now by promoting his new EP which was entirely produced by The Alchemist. I'm not familiar with him but after checking the first single I DL'd the EP right away. His voice kinda reminds me of E.C Illa from Chicago (for you midwest rap fans) but he definitely has his own style. The production is ill, too [of course]. I can't wait to hear more from this dude.

Check the first single "A Different High" featuring Obie Trice & Killa Kyleon here.

ChrisCo feat. Obie Trice & Killa Kyleon "A Different High" [Prod By The Alchemist] by clockworkmusic

Download the EP which also features Crooked I, Jon Connor, Marvwon, and Young Knox here or here


Hip Hop In: SPAIN!

Follow me back to Europe in this episode of the international series "Hip Hop In" as I travel to Spain to feature "Beroots Bangers with the video for "Underground".

I was actually put on to this track by a friend from Spain who I think is friends with Beroots Bangers (I met him when we went to school in Thailand together...and he lived in Spain, France, and Germany and speaks 5 languages. lol. Perfect person to to find acts for this series, right? Que onda, Patrick?)

Check the video whether you speak Spanish or not. If 200k views on the video isn't enough to convince you this is dope then I don't know what will.

Buen trabajo, amigos.

Check Beroots Bangers feat Lirico - "Underground".

for consideration for feature in this series contact

See previous episodes:
Ep. 10 - Finland
EP. 9 - France
Ep. 8 - London
Ep. 7 - South Africa
Ep. 6 - Japan
Ep. 5 - Germany
Ep. 4 - Thailand
Ep. 3 - Norway
Ep. 2 - Hong Kong
Ep. 1 - Cambodia

Azad Right "I'll Be Around" MV

With good, well-delivered lyrics and a well flipped sample in the beat, how could dude not be jammin'?

Big up to @AzadRight. His voice kinda reminds me of Sabac Red of Non Phixion but whatever. The hiphop heads will know what I'm talking about. lol.

Download Mixtape Free | Mixtape Player


Rocksmith Crewnecks

It's fall now so it's time to get ready for my favorite fashion season (I love layering up).

And if you didn't know, grey is the new black. I've always been a fan of grey and really diggin these Rocksmith crewnecks at Cranium Fitteds.

80% Cotton / 20% Polyester. And guess what my fellow big people, it comes goes up to 3X if you get it at Cranium Fitteds

Same info as the other crew neck. 80/20 and up to 3X at Cranium Fitteds.


Trifeckta Presents

I used to live in STL and found out that this dude, Trifeckta, produced some of my favorite tracks from my favorite MCs there (ex. Gov't Name by Rockwell Knuckles is that Jam. Seriously).

Anyway, I saw him on my timeline on twitter and, with some link clicking, stumbled upon this release. Not sure how old or new it is but it's jammin'. Enjoy. S/O to the Force & Dj Trackstar. Dude's beats are nasty.

*Edit, he said he released it around March/SxSW*

Trifeckta Presents... (mixed by Trackstar the DJ) by Trifeckta


Wing Chun Martial Arts (Documentary)

Wing Chun sa Pilipinas - Golden Harvest in the Philippines - by Chibi Moku from Chibi Moku on Vimeo.

A friend posted this online the other day and it's pretty ill. Honestly, one of the main reasons I like it is the way it's shot. The steady cam work and the lighting are pretty impressive.

This was shot over a 2 week period in Manila & Laguna in the Philippines.

"Wing Chun is a Chinese form of martial arts that has quite "unique" techniques and foundations. While wing chun can be found all over the world, including the Philippines, it's a "creative rarity of forms" when passed through it's different lineages." - Chibi Moku

Santastic: Big Bat Saru button-up

Japanese fashion company, Santastic releases an ill new button-up, the Big Bat Saru

Buy Here (¥11,550) around $150 US [source]


Interview with a vamp...pornstar [Tia Ling]

I'll be honest with won't believe me but I'll say it anyway....I don't look at porn...[anymore lol...well, I may have done some research on Tia before our interview]. BUT, much like my fascination with organized crime and black market enterprises, I'm very intrigued with this whole sub-culture that is adult entertainment. I was curious how it works, what do they like doing? Do the actors do things they don't like doing? Do their families know?

What luck that in Cleveland, Ohio we have the lovely [and intelligent], Tia Ling. I was able to talk with her about all of the aforementioned topics along with some other things about what makes Tia tick.


Essince: First of all, thanks for your time, ms. Tia Ling. I'll just come right out and say it, how [the heck] did you get involved in the adult entertainment industry? What made you want to?

Tia Ling: My boy friend at the time had a good friend that shot adult in the downtown Cleveland area.  Got my start there and next thing I knew [I] started shooting in Miami and ended up at the AVNs meeting an agent :) I love sex, I love money .... just seemed like a good combination, lol

Essince: [who doesn't. lol] Do you ever get recognized in the streets? Does your family know yet?

Tia Ling: Yes I do, not constantly, but I do. For some reason I seem to get recognized at airports and grocery stores a lot, lol, but no, my family actually does not know. At least if they do they've never said anything.

Essince: I follow you on twitter and I see some of the things people [men] say and as unsurprising as it's still surprising. lol. Does it bother you having to interact as Tia Ling the pornstar 24 hours a day and not just off-camera you?

Tia Ling: Nah, doesn't bother me .... I really enjoy interacting with the fans.  Some of them can be a bit crude, lol. But most of the time it's all in good fun.  If someone gets out of line, I let them know about it.

Essince: [Pardon my ignorance] Are there managers and agents in the adult entertainment industry? Or do you kind of have to learn and do industry things on your own?

Tia Ling: Yes there are agents.  My first couple years in the business I needed one. After that I learned to book myself mostly. I seemed to be booking a lot of my own stuff through agents and paying them for my work, just didn't seem to make sense.

Ess: Do you do your work from here in OH? I see more advertising about working here but thought of it more as a California business.

TL: I do a lot of stuff for my website here in Ohio at a local studio in Cleveland called Voodoo Media Group. However, most of the larger dvd stuff is shot in LA / Miami.

Ess: Are the films you're marketed in your sexual turn ons in real life? What do you like doing?

TL: Most of the stuff I shoot I do truly enjoy, even some of the extreme fetish stuff. However, there have been a couple scenes that I just wished I had never done lol. (With the exception of getting paid) I just didn't enjoy them. I've been very lucky though in that I've been able to really enjoy 95 % of my scenes. There's not a lot I don't like sexually, though :)

Ess: What's your best work experience?

TL: I'm assuming you mean best scene for adult, I'd say it's a toss up between quite a few, but Invasian 3 and Asian Fucking Nation 3 always stood out in my mind.

Ess: I remember hearing your first kiss wasn't until did you jump from being a late bloomer into this? lol. Kinda making up for lost time?

TL: Haha , well I was definetely a late bloomer. [I] lost my virginity my freshman year of college. Porn came pretty late for me though, around 28. So I didn't shoot porn anywhere near college really.

Ess: If you could do a scene with ANYONE, porn or not, who would be it?

TL: Oh god, hard to say .... lol ... I guess I'll go with a real common answer, Brad Pitt, lol :)

Ess: Do you ever meet your fans offline? You said something about a fan shoot or something?

TL: I only meet fans at shows or for fanshoots, which is a little thing I started doing for my website where the member shoots with me for a scene for my site. I 'm very interactive with my members for my websites, and, as well as with email and twitter.

Ess: Do you have an exit strategy? Do pornstars transition to work behind the scenes? Do you plan to?

TL: I'm currently in school for Interior design, 1 year left , so that's my plan when I'm done with porn.

Essince: Any final shout outs? Links?

Tia Ling: Just a thank you to all my fans. Without you guys watching me I never would have been able to enjoy all of the crazy scenes I've gotten to do!  You can check me out on twitter, @TiaLing76, as well as facebook at the same. Check out my websites at and, hope to see some of you inside!

Realm Reality "Prayer for War"

Ill new track form Realm Reality. This cat can spit and has quickly become one of my favorite MCs. I did a song with him and K. Vincent from Chicago and if K ever sends me the mix I'll let y'all hear it! lol [hint hint].

Check out "Prayer for War" and let me know what you think.

Listen/DL his most recent release "The Invisible Man" here.

Shout out to the homie, DJ G-Spot.


I think I met Nu Mark a few years ago in St. Louis. But hearing him speak about his love for the artform is inspiring...especially after seeing what he does with that string he tied to his table! Creativity in hiphop is alive.

S/o to my homie, Blake Symphony at KarmaLoop TV.



Terror Squad ft Big Pun - Whatcha Gonna Do

Someone posted the question online about top 5 rap groups ever and I didn't name TS but the first terror squad album (the selt-titled one with Pun [r.i.p.]) is, was, will be fire.

The chemistry between those guys on the mic is incredible and TS had some of the most talented lyricists I know.

It's no secret that the late great Big Moon Dog aka Big Punisher is my favorite and with lines like in this first video, Whatcha Gon' Do" it's no wonder why...

It's hard to explain how my squad can harbor the strain
of being the largest name in rap since the almighty Kane
Acknowledge the fame, my college terrain was the rugged streets Harlem to Queens
Back to the Bronx who fathered the dream
Started this thing called rap, where I reign supreme, my team
Regardless of that, I've seen things as far as the crack
that'll make the hardest largest artist heart just collapse
I'm part of all that that's why it's so hard to go back and start from scratch
I'm locked and I'm trapped, in a giant cage
Tryin to savor these few dyin days
I have left, to the form of flesh; should I lie in my grave?
I'm tryin to persuade, my motto is try to be brave
and not give death the satisfaction of seein me dyin afraid
That why I rise from the grave singin church songs like
I was Je-sus Christ pa-rum-pum-pum-pum

WOW! Where is that in hiphop now? Combine those lyrics with sexy girls and funny 2-on-2 game of Fat Joe and Cuban Link vs Stephon Marbury and Kenny Anderson and you have an interesting combination for a video. lol

And for no reason at all other than I like it, here's "Bet Ya Man Can't" by Terror Squad off Fat Joe's Don Cartegna album.

Bet Ya Man Can't (triz)

R.I.P. Big Pun!

BEHIND THE SCENES Raekwon x Kurupt x Kojoe "Samurydas" MV

I made the assumption that Samurydas was a combination of Samurai+Rydas, but you know the old saying about assuming things so I never mentioned it til now. Thanks to the homie Kojoe for verifying that for me (3:03). lol

This comes from the Kurupt executive-produced album, "The Academy" and trust the project is ILL. I was able to check it out a while ago but this is something I'm definitely going to cop. For my review of the CD and to listen to and download Samurydas click here.

See the Finished video here.


Simone Pash "I'm Gonna Lose It"

I really like the creative editing for the video. This song is pretty fresh, too...and catchy as HECK!

Check out my girl, Simone Pash. I'm looking forward to hearing more from her soon.


Mo Pacino "Smoke Up" MV

I met MoPacino a few years ago at a show I did with MGK in Cleveland to promote the Ohio Hip Hop Awards. MGK and I were chilling in the parking lot and Mo Pacino rolled up to catch our sets. (He was real late and missed it but it's the thought that counts, right?).

Anyway, he and I got to talking and he's a name you hear around the Cleveland hiphop scene, worked with DJ KaySlay, and is also making big strides in the Arabic community. Respect, brotha.

Check his new video "Smoke Up".

(Machine Gun Kelly, Mo Pacino, me. Earth Night Club, Cleveland, OH, 2009).

LIVE! CyHi x violinist in ATL

I've been a big fan of CyHi's for a minute (scroll down. You'll see my latest post on his mixtape). I saw this video of a live performance of his featuring "The Mad Violinist" for his song Sideways.

His panda bear fitted's kinda fresh, too.

Chip tha Ripper "Realer"

I always believed in the mantra of "leave 'em wanting more" and at just under 2 minutes, that's what Cleveland's own, Chip tha Ripper does on his new track, "Realer".

I always liked the laid-back style Chip has and being from Cleveland he has that signature midwest-melodic sound. Check it out.

Download here.


Pharrell x Palladium: Tokyo Rising (full series)

Palladium Boots presents Grammy winning producer/MC/designer, Pharrell Williams' journey back to Tokyo to gain a better understanding of its culture and ability to move forward after the terrible tsunami in 3/11/11. (If my memory serves me correctly, I think they did a series with Johnny Knoxville in Detroit, too?)

His frequent involvement with the arts and fashion communities of Tokyo made him a natural choice to lead our exploration. From his two-year collaboration with Tokyo-born artist Takashi Murakami to create the artwork entitled Simple Things that kicked off the official opening of Art Basel Switzerland in 2009 to Nigo of A Bathing Ape fame designing the cover of Pharrell’s solo debut In My Mind, the creative forces of Tokyo have been a constant source of inspiration for Pharrell throughout his many projects. He has been a great supporter of relief efforts for the Japanese citizens affected by the incidents of 3/11. He jumped at the chance to visit the metropolis that has had such an impact upon him as an artist and as an individual.

I'm preparing for my return to Tokyo in...about 3 weeks so I was excited to watch the footage of Pharrell's urban exploration of the Land of the Rising Sun. I compiled all 5 parts here for you but please be sure to check Palladium Boots' site here.

CyHi the Prynce "Jack of All Trades"

I remember when his project "Royal Flush" was all over livemixtapes and I was like Who the hell is this? How the hell do you say his name? (it's pretty much phonetic, sigh-high). Curiosity got the best of me and I downloaded the project. It's SUPER fresh. Ended up getting the sequel, too...which brings us to THIS release, Jack of All Trades.

Think Jackin' For Beats + Cy's card suit theme (get it?)

Now get this...

Download Mixtape Free | Mixtape Player

Jay Sean "The Mistress"

Cash Money's resident international R&B star, Jay Sean releases his new project in the form of a mixtape entitled "The Mistress". I'll be honest, really diggin' the sound on this. Very laid back. Something I can definitely play in the ride or when chillin' with a lady friend. Whatchu thank?

Download Mixtape Free | Mixtape Player


Jay Rock x Kendrick Lamar "Code Red" MV

I've been on a west coast bender. I've always been a big west coast fan. Honestly plan on living there some day but I always vibed off the scene. All over. I did some work on the Ghostride the Whip documentary that came out a few years ago, too (name's in the credits, too...twice by accident, actually. lol). Enjoy.

Los Rakas "Ta Lista" MV

This sh!t is HOT! Cop their new EP, "Chancletas Camisetas Bordada" here.