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Skream x Sam Frank "Anticipate" MV

Skream - Anticipate (feat. Sam Frank) from Aliasizm on Vimeo.

I first heard this song when a friend in Japan at iFlyer emailed me about a new radio program called kozm on and I ended up playing it like...4 times in a row once the show was over. I went looking and found the video online. This is a little different than in the radio show but still dope.


Lil Nasty "Like This" MV [UK]

I was first introduced to Grime through Dizzee Rascal in the early 2000s [and kinda had a thing for Lady Sovereign]. If you're not familiar with grime think of it as London's mix of garage, hiphop and like...dancehall. Or like a UK version of the Bay Area's hyphy music.

Check this video by @LilNastyUK and let me know what you think.

For more UK hiphop check out the Across the Pond EP from my UK partner, Knowledge is Power Promotions.


The Black-Out Concept Chronographe

Fresh from my inbox to your wrists comes the swiss-made, Black-Out Concept Chronographe.

This limited edition is only offering 3 pieces before 2012

- 43.5mm case -
- Diamond-like Carbon-Coated Steel
- Signature B.O.C. movement
- Transparent Sapphire Caseback
- Made in Geneve, Switzerland

This watch is absolutely gorgeous. I definitely need this. Watches are no longer a want for me...timepieces like this are necessary.

To Order The B.O.C.C.Call 857.204.0837 [USA]or Email


Big Hoot "Fxck Em' MV

Louisiana's own, Big Hoot drops his new video for his single, F#ck Em.

Not sure how I got on their email list but I've been getting emails from them for awhile. The name 'Big Hoot' stood out to me so I wanted to check it out. This particular track is jammin', though! Best of luck, Hooter. Do your thing.

Download the song here.




This dude speaks the TRUTH. From the 1997 release, Power Moves, Chi-town's own, E.C illa and the Legendary Traxsta spit knowledge on this track. I actually had this cassette tape. I was a huge EC fan and also of Wicked Entertainment (Los Marijuanos, Psychodrama, etc) and still am. I decided to see if dude had any videos and found this.

You know what, I'll give him some shine. Check this track "Respect the Mob" off of his more recent "White Folks" album.


DJ Tati presents "Digworthy 2"

My homegirl, DJ Tati just dropped her newest mixtape, Digworthy #2; featuring some of the best up-n-coming artists. Check it out. Let us know what you think.

Lockout Raps [NBA music videos]

With the 2011-2012 season looking like a no-go, NBA players are looking to other areas of entertaining the masses. Check these videos by Stephen Jackson & Lou Williams. Jackson's is cool but I'm kinda jammin' on Lou Will's "freestyle".

Stephen Jackson [Milwaukee Bucks] "The Season"

Louis Williams [Philadelphia 76ers] "I'mma Boss"

Brandon Bass [Orlando Magic] "Billion Dollar Dreams"


And just because, I'm throwing in my favorite NBA video, my hero, Shaq & Peter Gunz "That's The Way It's Going Down". Pretty sure DJ Quik produced this, too.


Essince "My Crown" MV

It's been a long time coming, y'all. But the time has come that I release a music video.

Without further adieu, here is "My Crown"...

Check the song below and listen/DL here.

Essince - My Crown by Essince


MGK x Maddens

The hometown hero, Machine Gun Kelly teams up with the Madden brothers [Good Charlotte] to do a track over one of my favorite techno songs.

Rappers, don't you hate it when you hear a song that'd sound dope if you rapped over it and you wait and then someone else does it and it's awesome? Normally, I do but this is hot. lol.


Fully in the Tux

The CD art kinda speaks for itself, huh? Shout out to the homie, Juan the Blogger.


iPod Nano Watches

InCase Flex wristband ($50)

In the latest version of the iPod Nano, Apple added a feature which shows a clockface so it's pretty obvious that someone would have some watchbands to attach so you can rock a pretty fly timepiece. Check a few of my favorites below and see the link below to check a few more.

Disney Kermit Wristband ($30)

iWatchz Q Series Watchband ($25)

Check a few more here on Complex.


New Crewnecks (Cranium Fitteds)

As I've been saying, it's crew neck weather. And again, Cranium Fitteds has what you need from the fitteds (it's in the name, d'uh) to clothing and accessories you need.

Check out these new designs from Benny Gold and Crooks & Castles and look cool while you stay warm.

Shout out @CraniumFitteds


Asher Roth "Common Knowledge"

The homie, Asher drops his new track off "Pabst & Jazz," "Common Knowledge".

Whatchall thank?

Yelawolf x Gangsta Boo x Eminem

This song is jammin'. From Yela's forthcoming studio project, Radioactive, comes the single "Throw it Up" featuring Gangsta Boo & Eminem. As Fader describes it, "Neck-break-speed Alabama backwood fast raps, Memphis pioneer Gangsta Boo’s inimitable taunts of Yeah, hoe!, and a cherry-topping “ugly boy swag” verse by the boss man himself."

Yelawolf f. Gangsta Boo & Eminem, "Throw It Up" by The FADER

Nike QS VT "Haystack Pack"

via Complex

Nike contines with their Vac Tech collection with the wheat-colored QS "Haystack Pack"  [Forces, Hi-top Dunks, and Air Max 90s with cord laces]. This is scheduled to be released Saturday, November 12th at all NSW locations. 

I'm kinda feeling those Forces. I hope they come in 15s so I can rock some. [sarcastic laugh].


One Room "I Want You"

I got this in my email a few weeks ago but the link was down and I just got it in my email again today with the working video link.

The artist bio was so crazy that it made me actually search online for this guy after the video didn't work. worked so well I almost thought it was a marketing ploy to send the press release before it was ready. lol But this is the bio...

One Room was born in the Lower East Side. Everyone knows him but no one ever sees him. People say he grew up listening to static on his radio and eating mix tapes. When he was 10 he taught himself to play piano. They say he speaks every language and never sleeps. They say the music was inspired by cold winters and hot summers. They say it took him 20 years to make this music. They say it doesn't sound like anything else. They say it was made in One Room.

Makes you wanna watch, right?'s your chance.

I see you, @0neroom. I see you.

Rhyme In Peace, Heavy D

TMZ reported today that hiphop icon, Heavy D passed at age 44 (click here to read the story). I grew up listening to him and he gave me hope that if I ever got big I could still get ladies.

Rhyme in Peace, Heavy D. You will be missed.

Now please enjoy some of my favorite Heavy D tracks.

Nuttin But Love [Featuring a cameo from Chris Tucker]

We Got Our Own Thang

He also did a track with my favorite MC, Big Pun {R.I.P.] and 8Ball, "On Point"

And of course, what's a tribute without the hit record, Now That We Found Love


Nipsey Hussle "TMC"

The westcoast MC does it again with "The Marathon Continues", his sequel to the wildly successul/internet smash, "The Marathon".

This dude could be this generation's snoop...and not just because they kinda look alike and they're both crips. Between Nipsey, Dom Kennedy, and Kendrick Lamar the west coast MCs are kinda sh!tting on everyone right now, though I've always been a west coast fan so pardon my possibly bias opinion.

Listen and DL TMC below.

(favorites track 5, 6, 7, which also features Dom but they're all pretty hot).

Download Mixtape Free | Mixtape Player


Short Dawg "The Adventures Of Drankenstein"

I don't know much about Short Dawg except when I heard people say his name I thought they meant Too $hort for awhile. lol. His style reminds me of like...if Bun B had a baby and he let Mac Miller babysit him, that's how he'd (Idk how else to describe'll see what I mean).

Decided to check his new mixtape and this dude is jammin'! I don't know what his priority level is at Young Money (my guess is low seeing as who runs it, who's on it, and who's bringing in $ right now) but this dude is pretty nice. He has some pretty heavy features on his album, too (lil Keke, Z-Ro, etc...dope).

I hope he gets the push I think he deserves or he gets away from YM and does something.

Download Mixtape Free | Mixtape Player


Lecrae x Statik Selektah "Live & Let Live" MV

Lecrae has been one of my favorite MCs for a few years; and I don't just mean in "His genre" (get it?) I mean in hiphop period. So of course I was excited to see he was spitting in this year's BET Cypher but especially when I saw he was featured on Statik's new project, Population Control.

Check the video and DL the song here.


This video is NUTS! I saw it on Donald Glover's site. Don't let the still up there make you think it's some hentai or anything...its innocence turns to crazy awesome pretty soon.

"Tigersushi and Excuse My French are pleased to present the new video for DyE's new single, Fantasy. Directed by animation wunderkind Jérémie Périn, the video tells the story of a group of highschool kids ready for teenage mischief. They break into the local swimming pool intending a session of innocent nightswimming, in an awkward climate of romance and apprehension. What happens next is for you to discover here."

Get the song here.

Bape 'M65 Jacket'

picture via hypebeast

Japanese company, Bape [A Bathing Ape] releases it's fall '11 M65 Jacket complete with signature camo print & "four-pocket front and storm flap design".

Supposedly it's available online here but when I went to it it took me to the bape site but just had a bunch of flash animation/designs. This happen to anyone else? Their site is kinda bonk to me. But whatever, jacket is pretty nice.


Tef Poe "Power Over Everything"

Tef Poe is probably my favorite MC in STL and has been for a few years. I first heard him on a mixtape by DJ Trackstar when browsing the local section at Vintage Vinyl (a staple in STL music scene). I've known dude for a few years and also featured him on the CLExSTL project we did a few years ago (check here).

He teams up with Trackstar again to bring you his newest release, "Power Over Everything" which I think is his best release since "The Redeemer" a few years ago. This feels more like him; less forced.

Check the single, "coming outta missouri".

Download Poe's P.O.E. here.


LA Clique "88 Till Infinity" jacket

What does someone from LA know about making a fall jacket for a cold weather inhabiting midwesterner like myself? Judging by this "From 88 Till Infinity" jacket from LA Clique, I'd say a lot and tell you you're a dick for asking.

LA Clique just released their Fall '11 line and trust me, it's pretty fresh.

"From 88 Till Infinity proclaims our determination to never stop in our pursuit of something greater, a pursuit that started twenty three years ago. Those of our creed share our journey and we created this jacket for them."  - LA Clique

Check the jacket here and remember to enter code "essince" to save 10% on your entire purchase.

Get @laclique_ on twitter and tell them what you think.