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Cap for Lebron 9 Big Bangs

New Era drops the newest Miami fitted to match the Lebron 9s with the Orange and Tango Orange for the Big Bangs.

100% Polyester.

See more pictures and cop from the good people @CraniumFitteds HERE


Short Dawg: March Madness

With the more has-beens that YM/Cash Money's been signing I feel like Short Dawg falls down further on their priority list, which is a shame.

His last project, Adventures of Drankenstein is sick and not only is he slept on just in general as an MC but I feel he's not getting his deserved attention from the label. This is just my observations as a fan from the outside looking in but I'm hoping projects like this and A.o.D. will let YMCMB know they have soemthing on their hands with Short Dawg.

Ike da Kid

Nigerian-born, Ike da Kid knows his hiphop. I thought the hat he has on in the first scene was his hair. lol

Dude's pretty fresh, though.

Check his album below.


Def Tek "Tha Cali Anthem" MV

I've been listening to this dude for YEARS. He's only 22 now but his dad (illustrious beatboxer/MC, Click tha Supah Latin) was a mentor to me when I was a kid first starting to rhyme and he always let his family do their thing on his albums.

But he's grown now and teamed up with his primo, Def Erb to form Mad Def.

This track is from their mixtape, Timeless (below).

Shout out to MadDef (@TekThaSupahLATN x @maddeferb)


Iron Solomon "MONSTER"

Speaks for itself.


Hip Hop In: CANADA

After an unnecessarily long break, I'm back with episode 12 of my international "Hip Hop In" series where I focus on hiphop throughout the world. This feature is on our neighbors to the north, Canada. Toronto to be exact and artist, Peps C to be even more exact.

In about...I mean aboot a week I'll be in Vancouver and Whistler, BC as Iron Solomon's tour manager so I figured I'll get as hip to the Canadian scene as possible.

Shout out to @Peps_C for doing his thing and reppin' the culture and the country well.

Check some of his mixtapes here

S/O to Markus Lucaria for the heads up.

See previous episodes:
Ep. 11 - Spain
Ep. 10 - Finland
EP. 9 - France
Ep. 8 - London
Ep. 7 - South Africa
Ep. 6 - Japan
Ep. 5 - Germany
Ep. 4 - Thailand
Ep. 3 - Norway
Ep. 2 - Hong Kong
Ep. 1 - Cambodia


Iakopo "Remedy" [reggae riddims]

CA born, Samoa-raised, Iakopo has been doing his thing and to be honest...I'm diggin' this song, "Remedy" featuring Jamaica’s top female artiste Fiona [Shaggy, Beenie Man].

I could go on about cool things he's done but it'd be easier for you to read his bio.


4TheLadies: LA|Clique Spring 2012 Collection

Being that I'm a man, I don't know much about women's fashion. But I DO know people who know about women's fashion.

(Remember that collab with Lil Debbie?)

Anyway, ladies, check this out. Men, this won't be too hard on your eyes, either.

Just Be Cool: "Victory" Tee

I met the good people at JBC in January when I was out in Long Beach for Agenda and am definitely a supporter of the movement.

Check the "Victory" tee (black and grey)

Be Cool!

(and check out their ill collab with Samsa)


Essince Throwback: Faith Evans "I Love You"

I just touched down in CA last night and as I was driving from the OC up to my hotel in LA I caught the last 9 seconds of this song and MAN this took me back.

Faith was looking good in this, too...


Tef Wesley "Corner Store Loosies" EP

The DMV's own, Tef Wesley (Inner Loop Records) drops the "Corner Store Loosies" EP. I'm not TOO familiar with Tef but I'm really diggin' his style.

Check out the EP below and let @TefWesley know what you think.


Honey Cocaine "Feel Shit" MV

Apparently I've been slackin' because I JUST found this girl. She's hot (in every sense of the word).

I'm all about female's rhyming and even more for Asian females rapping (s/o to my girls, @DJTomoko & Ucca Laugh in Tokyo. Number 1 on iTunes hiphop charts!).

Oh, and did I mention she's Canadian?




HEX: Recon Sonic Backpack

I've been in the market for a new backpack for some time now...I think I know what I want.

From their iPod nano watch bands to their bags, their whole Spring/Summer 2012 line, HEX is arguably my favorite accessory company right now.

Water resistant, fits up to a 17" laptop, exterior iPad pocket, and it's just plain cool (and it's grey, which, as I've been saying all year, is the in color).

Check out the Hex: Recon Sonic bag here. When you get one, tell them @Essince sent you.


DJ Muggs x Dizzee Rascal x Bambu


Have you ever seen a work in progress and wondered what the finished product would be?
I was blessed to be on set for the DJ Muggs, Dizzee Rascal, Bambu video shoot for their song "Snap Ya Neck Back" in CA a few months ago.

Check the video below and for proof/behind the scenes footage click here

If anyone wants more I have some video on my phone I can upload.

ESSINCE presents: BluPrint

I started working with UK promotion company, Knowledge is Power Promotions last year on a project and we decided to come together for another EP series featuring a few MCs from both the UK and the US. First up on the UK side is Oxford's, BluPrint (@AndItsBluprint).

This tape is hosted by Cleveland, OH's own, @DJFlaco.

Download here. This kid is NICE.

Shout out to my family Across the Pond, @KIPpromotions


Dirty Stanz Presents: The Synthetic Genius LP

SW London's own, producer, Dirty Stanz releases the Synthetic Genius LP; a dope project featuring 6 instrumentals and 8 vocal tracks.

"The LP features both established and up and coming UK artist's including; Split Prophets, Deeflux, Tenchoo, TPS Fam, JollyJay, Divine Rights and more. The release also includes a 2012 mash up of Big Pun's classic, Twinz."

Get @DirtyStanz on twitter and tell him what you think.

Everyone Loves a Hot Karl

I was a big fan of the rapper Hot Karl years ago. He was signed to Interscope and I believe he's a hidden character in a video game and was rated next up by Playboy...then he was dropped.

He had a [stream-only] mixtape of his best Interscope songs called "I Like to Read" which I used my audio engineering degree to snatch offline (though the internet was slow and it buffered a few times [*angry]).

After that he put out a CD independently, which I bought, retired from rapping [professionally], has a dope podcast and owns a few art galleries in CA (I went to it a few months ago. It's dope).

I'll let someone else tell the story better than I could.

Shout out to Hot Karl [@JensenClan88] for rocking a Cleveland Indian's hat.

I tweeted him asking him to sign my Hot Karl CD while I was in LA...he didn't respond. If you see this Jensen, it wasn't a joke. I'm a fan. I want an autograph. I'll be back in LA end of the month til Easter. What's up?

Erick Sermon "Breath of Fresh Air"

The green-eyed bandit is back! That's right, y'all, 1/2 of the illustrious Erick and Parish Makin' Dollars [EPMD] dropped a mixtape.

I actually saw him when I was out in Harlem. We were in the same studio and he and Redman walked in when we were watching the Knicks game. Respect for having both KRS & Rick Ross on the project, brotha.


Dolo the Bandit "Roach Clips" MV

I heard about Dolo awhile back and I'm kinda diggin' this track. Haven't really smoked since I was a sophomore in high school [minus maybe living in Thailand a few years ago and once or twice in Hollywood but whatever] BUT that doesn't stop me from diggin' on this song.

Download the song here.


Sky's the Limit

March 9, 1997 the world lost a great MC. The craziest thing to me is that Biggie was so young.

You, too can go from "ashy to classy". Sky's the limit.


Chuuwee "Lottery Ticket"

Amalgam Digital's newest signee, Sacremento's own, Chuuwee, releases his song “Lottery Ticket” off his forthcoming "Crown Me King" mixtape (coming 4/24/12).

"Crown Me King" is a prelude to his Amalgam Digital debut, Wild Style (5/29/12).

download here.

Check out his "Watching the Throne" mixtape here.


Young Knox x ChrisCo "Skywalkers"

Skywalkers features Evidence, Crooked I, The Alchemist, Dusty McFly, and more. Production from Jake One, Alchemist, Focus, J Dilla, Black Milk, Ideal Beats, and The Academy. Presented by DJ Benzi.

Track Listing:
We Get Doe [Prod by Black Milk
No Love feat Young Life & Kaydence [Prod by The Academy]
Keep It Movin [Prod by The Academy]
The Best There Is [Prod by The Insurgency]
I'm Ready feat Dusty McFly [Prod by The Insurgency]
Drop That feat Crooked I [Prod by Alchemist]
Noise [Prod by Focus]
Smoke 2 Joints [Prod by The Academy]
Hardcore feat Rari [Prod by Ideal Beats]
Skywalkers x Step Brothers feat Evidence & The Alchemist [Prod by Jake One]
Freedom feat Tay Nati [Prod by Ideal Beats]
Burnin feat Kaydence [Prod by Ideal Beats]
Skywalkin On a DILLA Beat [Prod by J Dilla]

DL Skywalkers here

DL Chrisco's "How Does It Feel" EP here.

Orisue Spring 2012

When I was at Agenda in LBC I was able to talk with the good people at Orisue and get a sneak preview of their spring line. Now it's your turn. Only...I guess it's not a sneak peak since it's available.

As I've been saying all year grey is the new black. These are a few of my favorites (sweaters, Ts, jeans, and v-necks).

Carver - Charcoal Heather

Paint (charcoal heather)


Cosby Tailored (grey)

Walt (grey)

See more of the Spring Line here.

Onitsuka Tiger: Monte Pokhara SD

The Monte-Pokhara, deriving its name from a small town in Nepal, is Onitsuka Tiger's urban "moc-trail hybrid" coming in brown and black. I've really been looking for something to wear during fall/winter months and this is perfect. One can only hope that their size 14 fits like a size 15.


SK4MC "Highlights" MV

Umm....this is nuts. [Busta Rhymes throwback homage, anyone?]

SK4MC's "Highlights Volume 2" Hosted by DJ Terry Urban and Rich Kids Clothing Coming Soon.

Lazerwood x Beats by Dre

Lazerwood designed some pretty dope wooden mods [skins] for the illustrious Beats by Dre headphones. These will only set you back about $35. Not a bad price to pay for standing out, eh?

They come in Walnut and Cherry.


These are removable but it will most likely destroy the wood once you take them off but the headphones will be unharmed.


The Beats are certainly the most famous of the celebrity-endorsed headphones but the Quincy Jones x AKG headphones are pretty nice, too.


LeBron is taking his talent elsewhere? Again?


Judge da Boss "Keep Movin'" MV

PHX's own, Judge da Boss drops the video for "Keep Movin'".

Discovered by Amar'e Stoudemire a few years back. I'm interested to see what he does. This dude is pretty dope and Arizona hiphop is on the rise.