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Jarren Benton "Freebasing with Kevin Bacon"

I posted a video featuring Jarren Benton about a year or so ago and hadn't heard much from him since until I stumbled upon his "Freebasing with Kevin Bacon" project. I would have downloaded it regardless but this video with Rittz & Jon Connor kinda sealed the deal.

Enjoy, friends.

Big J "Street Dreamin'"

As OH's own, Big J prepares to drop his newest project, MIDWEST MUSCLE Vol. 2 July 31st, he releases this promo track "Street Dream'" over the MMG track.



Native Union POP Phones

I used a "swag phone" from a cigar company I helped do promo for and since then I've always wanted one of these. So big shout out to the Native Union "POP Phones".

 "The retro-styled handsets easily plug into a 3.5mm audio jack on smartphones, laptops and tablets, and protect users from cell phone radiation by 99 percent."


Support GOOD Local Music T

I first met producer/designer extraordinaire, @TechSupreme when I lived in STL a few years ago. He's been the man behind some of the illest production and graphics coming out of the city for a long time and I wanted to feature some of his work. And his description is pretty cool:

"In my city (St. Louis) there are a gazillion "rappers". They all want one thing, support. As a producer I get approached damn near daily. My response is to only support good music. I mean, why would you support something you don't believe in. When I wear this tee, I'm not talking about anyone in particular, but if you think I'm talking about your music...I am."

Support those who Support Good Local Music here

And they also have this in WOMEN's sizes.

And shout out to Tech for helping me understand who the purple guy is at the end of Avengers lol (it's Thanos)


Akomplice Summer '12 Tanks

Tanks are definitely in this summer as well as breast pockets. Patterns are definitely all the rage, too so you'll notice a lot of stripes and Native American patterns. Check out 2 of my favorite tanks from Akomplice's summer 2012 line.

Sneak peak of their summer line here


QuESt "Gambler" MV

Ill concept video by @YesIAmQuest for his "Gambler" video. This cat was first inspired to rhyme by the Roots x Erykah Badu's "You Got Me" so he's pretty cool in my book. (which can be downloaded here, by the book that is).

Anyway, check it out and let me know what you think.

Download his "Fear Not Failure" mixtape here.

Criss Lyric "Indian Summer"

Shout out to the kid, Criss Lyric. Check out his video for "Rebirth of King Size Slim" and the "Indian Summer" project below.

Dom Kennedy "The Yellow Album"

I've been a big fan Dom's for a minute and one of very few MCs (or musicians for that matter) whose whole catalog I own so I of course had to cop the latest, Yellow Album. Check it out below and big up to the new West.

(with the homie, Dom at the Rock the Bells press release in Hollywood)


Hip Hop In: ITALY

It's time for another update in my ongoing "Hip Hop In" series which focuses on our culture internationally. This time I wanted to feature Italian MC, Ramos with his video for "La Primavera" featuring Sklero and Sewit Villa. I actually heard about this guy from a friend from France who knew him somehow...or maybe he randomly added her on Facebook? Whatever, who cares. The important thing is the music.

The song has a really cool summer vibe to it (even though 'primavera' means Spring in Italian). Cool features, pretty women, graffiti, trains, nice beat, what more do you need?...Check it out.

See previous episodes:
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Steph Castro x Ike Da Kid "Over & Over"

Sorry for the lack of updates. I flew back to Ohio from LA to volunteer at a children's camp I used to go to and have been attending since its first year and I honestly haven't had time but as I'm watching this NBA finals game I wanted to jump back in.

WITH THAT BEING SAID, I've posted a few things of Steph Castro and Ike da Kid and they've been making some dope music and I wanted to share it with you.


Rome Duran "The Moon's Ocean" MV

Just got this video from the homie, Rome Duran for "The Moon's Ocean". It's pretty cool. Got that electronic, eclectic, introspective, industrial vibe to it. If that doesn't make sense hit play and it soon will.

His "Straight to the Moon" EP is available for DL here.


Ray Cash "Unemployed"

Ray Cash is unemployed but he's got work. Ya dig!

RAtheMC "The Grace Jones Experiment"

I've been a fan of Ra's for a few years but honestly haven't heard anything from her in a good 3 years? But From what I've heard it was worth the wait with her new project 'The Grace Jones Experiment".

Listen and Download here.


Locksmith "Labyrinth" + MV

I've been a fan of Locksmith for years since I saw him battle on MTV back in the day and dude is cold. Not only can he battle but he is in a very small group of battle rappers who also makes ill music.

Check this ill freestyle he did with Sway on Shade45 and a battle after the jump. I'm looking forward to working with this cat on a project (details coming soon).


HEX fall line

I've been a huge fan of HEX for a while (check for HEX in the search function. You'll see). And they just dropped this dope video featuring their fall line. It's too fresh. Not only is it easy on the eyes, it was designed to carry your things by people who understand what needs to be carried (iPads, books, computers, phones, you name it).

I uploaded their fall catalog after the jump. I highly suggest you ShopHex.


Wooden Shades by Proof

Right now I'm lightweight jammin' on these Ontario Cherry Wood Polarized Lens shades by PROOF.

Check more after the jump.


Living Mural

I'll let this speak for itself.


Shade Sheist "CPT LBC ING"

Yes, Yes, Y'all. The one and only Shade Sheist is back with his new track "CPT LBC ING". Respect, brotha. Thanks for sending this my way.

Download Here

And you KNOW I had to post this video, man. This was my JAM. [R.I.P. Nate Dogg].


iLthy Spring 2012

iLTHY Spring 2012 from iLTHY on Vimeo.

One of my favorite lines is the 216's own, iLTHY and I'm definitely diggin' their Spring Collection 2012 Lookbook Video.

Check it out and give them your money.


Jay Beretta "Get All This Paper" MV

This is @JayBaretta's first single/video off of his upcoming project, "Target Practice".

S/O Juan the Blogger for the heads up.


G. Scott King MV+mixtape

G. Scott has been doing his thing for a minute.

He drops this ill video for "Karma" off his "Weekend in Los Vegas" project.

Get @GScottKing and let him know what you think.