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Essince Throwback: I Love the 90s

I've had this song on my iPod for a long time. I grew up listening to it on the radio and JUST now discovered there was a music video made. While searching for it the suggested videos reminded me of other songs I used to bump on Jammin' 92.3 in Cleveland back in the day before it changed formats.

So I wanted to share 3 of the songs I jammed on the regular and taped off the radio on cassette tape (yep...REAL mixtapes, y'all).

Enjoy and be amazed on how music this good can have videos this bad. lol

Max-A-Million "Sexual Healing"

Madagascar brought this song back but some poorly animated hippos don't do justice to the ORIGINAL song and video. THIS was the jam.

Reel 2 Real "I Like to Move it

And last but DEFINITELY not least, is one of my childhood favorites, "Boom Boom Boom" by Chicago's Outhere Brothers. lol This single sold a million copies in Europe, too I believe.

This song is DIRTY. I can't believe they played this on the radio.

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