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Nas x DJ Jack da Rippa

The big homie, @DjJackdaRippa just released this ill Nas mixtape called "Lyrics of Fury". Not sure why it made me think of that movie, "Balls of Fury" but it did.

Nonetheless Jack is an ILL DJ and we all know what Nas is capable of. So check it out. My man Zack Steele just moved out west from ATL and recorded a session with Nas 2 nights ago which prompted me to post this.

Download here

1. Rippa/Nas Intro
2. Dreamer (Rippa Remix) prod by Tre Track Nas feat Biggie, Masta Ace, Ed OG
3. Daughter Nas
4. Accident Murderers Nas feat Rick Ross
5. Something Nas feat Nelly Furtado
6. More than I can say Nas feat Kiesha Cole
7. Tha Don Nas
8. It aint hard to tell Nas
9. The World is Yours(Rippa Unbelievable remix) Nas
10. Nasty Nas
11. Ghetto Dreams Nas
12. Courtroom Nas
13. Last real Nigga alive 2 Nas
14. Life's a Bitch (Rippa Remix) Nas
15. Cherry Wine Nas feat Amy Winehouse
16. Reach Out Nas feat mary J Blige

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