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Rappin' Wrestlers

In honor of tonight's WWE "Money in the Bank" PPV, I searched for my favorite music videos by rapping wrestlers. John Cena is by far the most talented (I honestly like his CD and don't care what anyone has to say about it).

So let's start off with Cena before digging deep in the past (after the jump)

John Cena "Bad Bad Man" ft Bumpy Knuckles & Trademarc

Macho Man Randy Savage [R.I.P.] "Be a Man" (Hulk Hogan Diss)

Here's the album trailer

If you don't remember Konan (KDawg) from WCW you suck. Check out this video. The short rapper is NOT Rey Mysterio, it's a dude named Mad One.

But I did meet Rey about 4 years ago in Hollywood when I interned at the Latin Rap Conference.

Yes, he's short and Yes, I'm tall. lol
He also made one called "Psyko" I jammed back in my cholo rap days.

I'll end this with the most recent, R-Truth "What's Up" (fan video, real song)

If I can find more I'll update it. One of my friends has a cassette of Hulk Hogan and the Wrestling Boot Band so I'll check that soon, too.

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