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iLTHY Fall 2012 Lookbook

I've been a fan of Ilthy for a minute. I worked with designers Glen and Wan in various ways in the past (interviews/features on Glen's designs and Wan designed my company's new logo). Check out Ilthy's fall 2012 video lookbook below.

iLTHY Fall 2012 Lookbook Trailer from iLTHY on Vimeo.

"This season's release showcases iLTHY's unique taste in streetwear today. With no limitations on art, whether it's print media, design, clothing or film, iLTHY will always push the boundaries to have people expect the unexpected. Our midwest brand is always eager to show that talent and hard work can be found anywhere. Brand new fleece, and t-shirt designs, and headwear are set to release on October 20th, 2012." - Ilthy


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