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"White Girls in Hip-Hop" [Documentary]

When I was out in LA this summer at my family, LA Clique's fashion show I met the beautiful, Hazzle [@HazzleJOY] of Lipstick, Lace, and Lattes and she later told me about this documentary she's working on. It's still in production so check out the teaser and info below!

"White Girls in Hip-Hop" will delve deep into the current status of race in Hip-Hop and examine whether certain evolutions in the genre are the result of a generational shift or a change in the race dichotomy. Not only will it examine specific controversies that have arisen as a result of White females entering an arena primarily dominated by Black males, but it will also examine what their emergence means for the future of Hip-Hop.

"White Girls in Hip-Hop" is currently still in the production stage and is actively seeking partners and/ or investors, as well as outlets for airing/ distribution.

SO SUPPORT! http://www.indiegogo.com/whitegirlshh

For more information, please contact WhiteGirlsHHDoc@gmail.com or Hazzle (Publicist) - Hazzle.Andrada@gmail.com

Twitter: @WhiteGirlsHH

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