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Creative Recreation: Solano

I'm really digging these. I got an email from JackThreads today about the sale on these. Made of Forest Brown and Navy leather, the Solano from Creative Recreation is doing it for me.

These kinda boot-looking kicks are just what a mildly warm winter calls for.

See more pics and order below (sale ends soon!)


Ivy League Kickback

CyHi is the man. Anyone who says hiphop is dead not only doesn't listen to CyHi, Short Dawg, and a buncha other people but clearly doesn't understand what pop culture is (fashion, slang, life).

I'm interested to see what he's able to do with his career because he may be the one who can successfully turn a mixtape campaign into something. A lot of "MCs" now just drop mediocre mixtape after crap without consistency or pushing their product but dude drops heat.

Check it.

Soulful Ratchet

Mike Dash E has been doing his thing in the Bay for a minute and recently dropped "The Burgundy Project". Dude raps his heart out and I'm really feeling this kid.

Check out what I'm talking below. (I think it's a playlist of the project).

Download here or checkout the feature on Thizzler here.


Essince Mid-winter Style Guide

It's been a while since I've done a style guide and I figured I'd do a mid-winter outfits with the great selection over at @CraniumFitteds.
Again this is unofficial. I don't get a commission or free gear or anything from them. They've just always been cool people and great to their customers so I wanted to feature them.

Let's start out with the undershirt. I chose this Red Speckle Applique V-Neck from Crooks & Castles

I love the color. It's not too bright red which is more of a spring/summer so the reserved/cool tone of this is perfect for winter...especially the snowless but still cold midwest winters this year. A touch of color brightens up the gloom.

See the rest of the outfit below



I haven't posted something from the homie, Knightstalker in a minute but dude is pretty ill. He's doing his thing from Germany and now comes with an ill project with CA-MC, Apoulo Treed and "combined forces to record a global-minded album that goes along with a militant theme inspired by the ongoing worldwide economical crisis!"

The album has some pretty ill features from across the globe, too (NY, France, and Germany).

So respect to Deustchland. Good music is global.

Knightstalker did an Ill track with Reef the Lost Cauze I posted last year you can jam HERE


Coochie Murderer (snapback)

Still getting over this illness but this cheered me right up. I don't know why this is so funny to me but it is.
(and it would go GrrrrRRREAT with your Coochie Murderer Crewneck...or "jumper" as my girl in London said to me earlier lol).

See below for more pics and order info.


DaeDae J "Obstacles"

aYo, sorry for the delay, y'all. I was out of town handling some business and ended up getting sick on the way back. But you know what else is sick? This debut mixtape from M.I.C. Ent's, Dae Dae J [sweet transition, huh?]

He recently had his mixtape release party at the legendary Long Beach Clothing store in CA to a packed venue of like 400 (I saw the pics. It was nuts).

Kendrick Lamar handed a mic to the crowd at a show and DaeDae was actually the dude who rocked it (and I mean rocked it).

Check the video of DaeDae J & Kendrick below.


The Kickdrums x Dee Goodz

Big up to Till and the KickDrums (Cleveland City Representers) for this new project with Dee Goodz. Very different sound but I'm diggin' it. Check it out!


Cleveland Indians Denim & Brown The Denim Suede Strapback

I'm starting to see more strapbacks being pushed. You know things go in cycles and I think strap backs will be more popular soon. I don't think they'll be popular in songs and whatnot but check out this Denim & Brown Indians cap.

Word to @CraniumFitteds

Cop the hat and see more pics HERE.


Worst Battle EVER!

Wow, as you know I'm a big battle rap fan and used to battle black in the days. Thank God I was never as bad as this lol


If for some reason you want to see the FULL battle watch below...smh
- FYI she's less than mediocre so skip her parts.

Sean Price - Genesis of the Omega MV

"The Genesis of the Omega sounded better than the start of the ending. I was just trying to be slick with the words. The Genesis, you know that's the beginning of The Bible. The Omega, that's the end. On some punk shit, read too many comic books. lol” - Sean P!



Julian Stephen "69 (Creepin')" MV

Shout out to all my fellas who've ever had to hide from a girl's parents/relatives. (it's a better story than it is an experience, let me tell you lol).

But this cat, @JulianStephen is from NY and is doing his thing. I'm diggin' the vibe of this track and video forreal.

Download "#AwkwardMoments" here. Dude's ill.

Word to Uncovered 3rd.


K. Vincent x Mark Price



Hat For Hyperposit​e Statue of Liberty

Kinda diggin' this NY Yankees Hyperposite Statue of Liberty Snapback from @CraniumFitteds.

See below for more pics and to order.


The People vs Action Bronson

Action Bronson is the man. Usually I think people should ignore negative social media comments toward them but most people aren't Action Bronson.


Essince Throwback: Mellow Man Ace

Mellow Man Ace really IS the Godfather of Latin hiphop. Being the first to make spanglish common with his hit, "Mentirosa [liar]" and reaching gold & platinum status, he opened international doors for La Raza.

He dropped Mentirosa off the 1989 album "Escape from Havana" and is still going strong making some ill music and touring. Check the video that started it all then check a more recent project below.

Oh, and he's also Sen Dog's brother. (Yes, THAT Sen Dog).


Redline and Marc Andre: F Excuses

So far, everything that Any Means Necessary has sent me has been ill. This is a collaboration from Redline and Marc Andre from their collaborative project called "Classic Avenue 2" coming this spring.

Check it out.


Rome Duran - "The Fall" MV

I was playing email catch-up today and came across this email about "Alternative vocalist Rome Duran" piqued my interest because I'd posted him before and liked the track/

I'm really feeling this track "The Fall". The production comes in heavy so I wasn't sure what to expect but Rome has a great style and voice. I'll just let him speak for himself so check this out.



Man, I really could've used one of these in college while trying to dunk on fools on NBA Jam TE while talking to my mom. *hell yes I brought my Sega Genesis with me...not being retro I just never upgraded lol*

I know what some of you are thinking, 'why do you need this? Use speaker phone?'

Well maybe I'm in a public place and don't want the world listening in or the background noise shared?

'But, Essince, just use a Blue Tooth, bro...hands free'

True...blueteeth are hands free...they also usually cost more and, pardon my ignorance, but can they transfer easily from mobile, to tablet, to PC? Do they reduce absorbed radiation from cell phones by up to 99%?

Do bluetooths come in different colors like this bad-ass Kentucky Wildcat Blue?? (my title not theirs).

Anyway, I've been rocking this for a minute and though I was skeptical (and also wanted one) it's actually pretty dope.

Check below to see a few more pics of me [taken by Adam Smith] using the POP Phone while rockin' this "Fruits & Veggies" T by Planet of the Grapes [Oakland] and Spilled Milk fitted by NeverSay Cutz [Bangkok].

Cop a POP here.


KRS-One "Disaster Kit"

Just saw this video for "Disaster Kit" earlier. Always respected KRS-One and this is some important information I'd like to share. Not just because of all the 'we're in the end times' talk (not saying I disagree, either) but that in case of an emergency you need to be able to protect yourself.

It reads that the video is produced by Mad-Lion and I have no reason to believe it's not THIS Mad Lion who made one of my favorite songs as a kid, "Take it Easy" (still got the CD). (seen below)


HEX Spring 2013 Lookbook

I've been a HEX fan/supporter for a while [check my recent Fall Style Guide featuring a bag of theirs] and their Spring 13 line is looking disgusting.

I've always loved Hex for their fabric selection and patterns as well as technological compatibility (very laptop/ipad friendly).

Check out their new line:



A friend said something wondering what happened to the group Changing Faces and I remembered I loved their song on the Space Jam I looked it up...which brought me to THIS gem.

Don't act like you didn't bump this and don't act like it's not still the jam...the Space Jam.

yep. I did it.

B-Real, Busta Rhymes, Coolio, LL Cool J & Method Man

You're welcome.

Short Dawg "Thug Lyfe" MV

Don't let the young money imprint fool you or turn you away before you give it a chance. I'll be honest in that I laughed a little at the cover to "The Adventures of Drankenstein" but I listened anyway and became an INSTANT fan.

Dude's got like a Mac Miller if he were raised by Bun B kinda flow and the cholas tagging in THIS video don't hurt anything.

I really hope he gets the push I've always felt he deserved this year. If not come holla at ya boy, Short. I can help you out.  Dude is dope.


All Rolls Everything

Best parody I've seen in a MINUTE!
{pizza pizza pizza]

Word to Trinidad

[chicken chicken chicken]


Wow is this really my first post of the year? lol Enjoy!