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Accidents Happen

So I try not to get into controversial topics here, I use this site to post things that are dope and that's it...BUT recently, thanks to a dude named Mario Dones, I listened to this LL Cool J and country star Brad Paisley song, "Accidental Racist"...I get the concept...southern white guy and black guy proving they can get along despite current cultural differences. Right on.

This discussion NEEDS to happen because I know a lot of white guys with confederate flags on their trucks who claim it has nothing to do with racism ["anymore"] and also that they weren't alive during the civil war and slavery so they're innocent.

These are topics for other forums but this is just what's being said. RIGHT, you weren't born yet but to many people that flag represents something. THIS is the topic of the LL x Brad song.

Check the original below and Mario's response below. his version just has an additional verse at the beginning and plays the full song but I think it's important to listen to the original FIRST (with an open mind) before listening to someone's take on it but listen nonetheless....

I respect LL immensely for doing this and I know he'll receive flack for it being the first person....honestly I think it came off cheesy and like he's saying ok forget the past. You're right you don't need to try and see from our POV but at least maybe SOMETHING will happen (hopefully bloodless this time).

Love is the answer. Ess out.

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