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RAEN Deus: Lenox Sunglasses

I've been a fan of sunglasses ever since I switched to contacts from glasses a few years back (making up for lost time 'eye' suppose). And Raen's sunglasses caught my eye (no pun intended....or achieved). After getting a recent press release from them I went back to their site and saw these.

"RAEN and Deus Ex Machina have paired up for a limited edition co-branded eyewear collaboration featuring three RAEN eyewear styles – the Lenox, Squire, and Underwood – that each convey a rugged yet refined demeanor. Each handmade piece of eyewear features an exclusive woodgrain matte acetate finish, Optics by Carl Zeiss Vision sun lens and custom etched Deus logo details. The limited edition exterior packaging features a motorcycle print designed by Deus Creative Director Carby Tuckwell, as well as a custom eyewear sock and optics case for additional carrying protection."

• Handcrafted Zyl Acetate Frame
• Optics by Carl Zeiss CR-39 Lens offering 100% UVA/UVB protection
• Shipped with custom DEUS case and sock

Sweet, right? If they haven't yet these are limited and will sell out soon so check here

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