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Kikkerland: Wooden Cube Alarm Clock

I've lately been trying to get into more furniture/home decor designs and I'm digging this wooden alarm clock by Kikkerland. Best part? Well...



Recently I caught up with D-Edge D-Edge [@d_edge34] from Freddie Gibbs' ESGN and he's really been doing his thing behind the scenes (running a label, producing, you name it). This is one of the better interviews I've done because D-Edge represents what I consider the modern music business man, the one who understands the need to wear multiple hats. How do you balance running a label AND being an artist? How does radio experience help with understanding fans? Did Freddie Gibbs split from Young Jeezy affect your or his movement?

Check out the interview here and his video below that.

Instagram: Xsquisit_Edge
Bandcamp: D-Edge

Pusha T x Kanye x Don Cannon 'NNNNNMBERS on the BOARDS' (Book & Bronze Bloodsport Remix) MV

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This is one of the illest videos I've seen in a long time. Check out this [unofficial] aural AND video remix of Pusha T's "Numbers" with Don Cannon & Kanye. This remix was done without the a capellas, too.



The Underachievers "The Lords Of Flatbush"

It's funny how we stumble across things. I was listening to SiriusXM to an interview with Master P and Cymhonique in which she shouted out her Livemixtapes release. I was on the site, saw this cover and clicked on it we are.

I'm assuming they're from Brooklyn with an EP title like that but this is pretty dope. Diggin' that gritty NY rap that's making its way back [word to Joey Bada$$].

DJ Jazzy Jeff x Michael Jackson "He's The King I'm The DJ"

When people reach a certain level of fame where they reach EVERYBODY sometimes the over-saturation keeps us from truly appreciating their talent. We get tired of everyone talking about them. Michael Jackson did things for the pop world that can never be topped, just as Michael Jordan and Hulk Hogan did...people will break their records and make more money but the IMPACT they created can never be undone until someone reaches fame on another planet.

DJ Jazzy Jeff put together the incredible birthday tribute to Michael Jackson in the form of "He's The King I'm The DJ". No more words needed. Enjoy.


Ewing: Guard "Prince Blue"

Ewing Athletics (started by Patrick Ewing, of course) is one of very few independent brands started by an athlete that remains strong and with designs like this it's not surprising. They're bringing back the "Guard" shoe this fall in classic Knicks colors.


E-40 "Off The Block" MV

I've been a fan of E-40 since "The Source Presents: Hip-Hop Hits volume 2" and been down til his recent collaborative double album with fellow bay legend, Too $hort.

I love when songs tell stories and this video does that musically and visually in "Off The Block" featuring Stressmatic & singer, J.Banks on the hook.

Check it out.


Adee Kaye Elegante Collection Watch

I'm a watch fiend. And I love gold [*insert outdated Austin Powers reference here*].

Louisiana Cash "Lean"

The homie, Louisiana Cash is coming straight's pretty obvious where he's from since you know his name, but this bayou-MC is coming with a vengeance. I remember meeting him briefly at an event in Cleveland maybe...3 years ago? I met him and Chalie Boy, too...and that might have been when Dorrough was up here, too....but whatever. Back to Cash.



Japanese automotive company, Nissan is preparing for the release on the collaborative "Juke" with Star Wars. You can see hints of the design as it drives by Storm Troopers.

Stay tuned for the official release on Monday, August 26th.


DUBB "Perfect Picture" MV

DUBB is coming from South Central Los Angeles. Having features in XXL Magazine, Source Magazine, Yo! Raps Magazine, and Hip Hop Canada but he's been doing his thing.

Check it out.


Dizzy Wright "The Golden Age"

I've been hearing about Dizzy Wright for a while but honestly never checked for him. I got an email about his new project, The Golden Age yesterday and decided to check it out. MAN, I'm diggin' this. The vibe of the music and everything is incredible. Check it out, y'alls.


Hip-Hop In: New Zealand: David Dallas ft Freddie Gibbs "My Mentality"

Welcome back, amigos to another installment of my international series, Hip Hop In" and I wanted to focus on our brother from down under, David Dallas from New Zealand.


Bobby Brackins "Jungle Fever" MV

I'm not sure what it is but I've always liked @BobbyBrackins. I actually have "Maxwell park" in my car right now. Plus I was recently diagnosed with a chronic case of Jungle Fever, too so I understand your condition, Bobby. (lightweight in love with Naomi & Cameron [the Funkadactyls] in WWE...true story).

+ Madzilla's fine self is in this video, too.

But check out the new music video for "Jungle Fever" by Bobby Brackins.


Fluid Outrage ft The Outlawz "Thuggin All My Life" MV

I met Fluid Outrage (@FLUIDOUTRAGE) in Nashville a few months back at the Southern Entertainment Awards and the "Back for the First Time" cd he gave me hasn't left my cd player since...


Essince App

I've long been interested in the potential of mobile apps, but never knew much about them. So the best way to learn is to do something, right?

I created this app myself (designed graphics, layout, etc etc). I actually had it up and running and did tests on it in the winter but never officially released it. I'm putting out the beta version now after some new additions and changes and curious to see what you guys think.

It's funny that I actually studied different apps and mobile sites that have totally different goals/markets. If you take a look at the modern online bingo games arena, you’ll find that the traditional form of bingo has paved the way for immersive gaming mixed with role playing and adventure to make it appeal to the younger generation. An article on shows that half of the bingo players are actually aged below 45. Something that disproves the common perception that bingo is mainly played by older (if not geriatric) people. Themes are also prevalent as the overall look and feel of the game eventually translates to sales and replay value. This is a concept that Dragonfish Total Gaming Services, the developers of Bubble Bonus Bingo, have perfected, as they have created thousands of different themed slot games that seamlessly integrate across platforms. The ease of accessibility and the creativity of design are paramount to the success of any mobile app, and I’ve taken this into consideration with the Essince app.

Everything will be synced eventually and more interactive (exclusive video content: videos, interviews, episodes of the new show, etc).

Click here on a mobile device to see the test page of what the app is like (don't have to download anything) and let me know what you think! I had a few issues syncing IG.


[Women] "The Jealous Lover Jacket" by OBEY

Judging by this midwest weather it seems that planning for fall fashion might be good to start doing. Being a fan of the layered look, this jacket stood out to me.


Shaheen by KEEP

If you're like me you're preparing for fall with some new gear (at least window shopping and planning). It starts at the bottom (right Drake?) and KEEP has a pretty ill design in the ochre colored Shaheen.


Akir ft Immortal Technique "Future"

Akir is planning to release his new project through Immortal Technique's Viper records so who better to feature on the first single than the man himself? Immortal is dope and kills his verse (as usual).

Luigi Sardo "The Cicero" White Perforated Leather Footwear [900th Post!]

For my 900th post I decided to feature some shoes I've been looking at for sometime (which happen to be on sale now, actually), the White Perforated Leather model of Toronto label, Luigi Sardo's "The Cicero".


Crimxon "Champagne Room" MV

I've posted a few of this dude's songs before but he finally dropped an official video for "Champagne Room" which was the first of his songs that I featured.

Check it out. If he keeps making tracks like this I think Toronto could have something on its hands....again


Moka Only "Doctor Do Much"

I've posted a few things from my brother to the north, Moka Only [His freestyle with HipHopVancouver and My Cameo in his video "Set Up A Mic") but this is his new project. Written, produced, performed by the man himself. If for some reason the ill music wasn't enough, he has the gold and platinum plaques in his house if you need any verification of the talent.


The Vans Pro Skate Chukka Pro (Alien Workshop) Lake

I'd never lie and claim to be a skater of any kind but growing up I always appreciated the culture. I had a few friends who either went pro or were sponsored at some point so I've been watching skate videos since the late early 2000s. I never wore the fashion for fear of being called a poser (ahh...the high school years) but nowadays with SBs and other shoes, companies are branching out making shoes sneakerheads and non-skaters alike can appreciate and rock. Like these Chukka Pros from the Vans x Alien Workshop collaboration. 


Style Hunt: Dalston London

Style Hunt is pretty ill because it showcases what the cool, young people are wearing in different areas. First cat DEFINITELY has his Dennis Rodman on lol. But Shirley and Thais have a dope style I do see creeping into women's style here in the States, too.

What do you think? Would you rock Dalston style?


Essince Throwback: Dj Premier x Rakim x Nas x Krs One "Classic" MV

I wish this were the version with Kanye on it, too but whatever. People seem to hate on Kanye but I always appreciated the melody of his delivery (and his production is nice) BUT, this track from '07 is still standing the test of time (not that it's that old).

Rakim...Nas...KRS-ONE on a Premier beat???


Patrick Ewing talks Ewing Athletics

When I was in STL last weekend I stopped by a boutique called DNA [video feature coming soon] and they had a few pairs of the new Ewings. I remember seeing them on Instagram [@ItsEssince] a few months back and it was ill.

Ewing did what many others have tried and can't do and that's to leave a major company and be successful as the name of his Own brand (not to the extent of Jordan but still...that's impressive). Complex sat down with the man and I wanted to share it with you.


Master P "Famous Again"

I've Been a Master P fan since I've been a Master P fan. Honestly, as much as I like the classics, i'm almost more of a fan of his business practices. I've watched/read any interview I can get my hands on with him. He put out a few mixtapes recently and this is a new solo project and man it's nice. That same old Master P sound WITHOUT sounding like it's dated 90s material.

No Limit.


September 6th "3.5 Grams"

Sorry for the delay the past 2 days. If I can find a way to safely blog while driving [*Not Possible, don't try*] I'll do it [Just kidding. I won't]. I got back from a productive trip back to STL for a lot of meetings and events and finally had time to go through my emails and was greeted with this project by September 6th.

Sponsored by D'amett Luxury Goods, Sept6 drops some pretty ill/soulful tracks.

Check it out.


9five Fronts Sunglasses

Still time for fun in the sun. Check these 9Five Fronts out for your front. Your face will thank you.


Raekwon | The Process

After posting that ODB mixtape the other day I was in a Wu-Tangy mood. I came across this video with Peter Rosenberg going over Raekwon the Chef's lyrical profess.

Big Calo "Bangkok City" MV [Thailand]

I've known Calo for a few years. We met out in Bangkok but I'd known of him through Thai supergroup, Thaitanium. He's really been doing his thing building an international fan base as well as ROCKING parties all across the world MCing with Dj Buddah and some other DJs from the Bangkok Invaders crew [Whattup Ono!].

I saw he just released this video and I had to share it. I just saw my homegirl post some pictures of food she was eating in BKK and it made me want to go back. I might have to put that passport to good use again. But until then...let calo take you to Bangkok City...



ODB "Osirus" The Official Mixtape

During my eternal quest for knowledge, I stumbled upon a lecture titled "The Legend of Old Dirty Bastard and The Realm of The 8 Immortal Gods" by a man named Brother Panic. This lecture led me to the Ol' Dirty Bastard "Osirus" project (big up to the Suggested Videos).

I've always been a ODB/Wu-Tang fan but the more I study Eastern Philosophy and what not the more interesting the crew becomes. Plus, Dirt was just a cool dude.