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Hong Yi aka RED [Artist Profile]

I came across this video feature of Architect-artist Hong Yi (aka "RED"). She's most well known for her artistic approaches to portraiture. [a portrait of Mark Zuckerberg made out of books and a Yao Ming painted with a basketball].

I love seeing people reach outside the proverbial box to create. Forget them trolls, girl. "It's Your Thing. Do what you wanna do".

Textbeak & Kachina: No Conclusion #72

Sorry for the lack of posts the past few days. You'd think I'd post some corny holiday video or something for the Essince Throwbacks but FORREAL Forreal I haven't really been inspired lately. I get hella music in my inbox as well as other things really spoke to'm sure it's out there but I wasn't seeing anything and was focused on booking a few tours for 2014 (details coming soon).

BUUUTTTT I recently reconnected with Dj Kachina after her pilgrimmage to the Madre-land [Puerto Rico] and she sent me this mix she just did with Textbeak (met him once...nice dude). Anyway, mix is dope. I needed something different and Kachina was always able to expand my taste.

(It gets hip-hoppy around an hour in if you're afraid of change but I recommend listening to the whole thing).


[New Era] Oakland Raiders Tasslehawk Beanie

Don't think I've ever seen someone rocking one of these...but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be doing it!

New Era comes with the ill Oakland Raiders Tasslehawk beanie. Cop yours here.


Rocksmith Native Ninja Work Varsity in Black

Just in time for freezing cold weather, Rocksmith returns with this ill Native Ninja Varsity jacket.


Eminem "Rap God" (teaser)

It felt good to hear Em rap like this again...especially that last verse. The video for Rap God off his recently released "Marshall Mathers LP 2" is coming soon and I can't wait to see it. I can't imagine what it's like to try and live up to hype like that especially with his NEW style which seems to be a blend of pop/crossover records and the original Slim Shady wordplay we've all grown to love but he's doing well and staying relevant.

Respect. Now hurry up with that video already!


Pytch Wyte "Where I'm Going" [showcase winner]

I was part of a midwest tour (or a stop on it at least) and though the stop in my city never happened the other dates went down and Pytch Wyte from Springfield Did his thing. I wasn't sure what to expect when checking this out because I've been a judge for enough showcases and contests that I don't guarantee posts on THIS site (for obvious reasons) but I liked the idea and said I'd help with it. I'm glad I wasn't disappointed.


More like Jean-Claude van DAAAAAAAMN

I left my TV on EPIX last night and when I turned it on today Expendables 2 was playing. Expendables 2 which features the legendary Jean-Claude Van Damme. Yes, there were safety precautions taken....but H0LY S#!t.

Seriously...this is nuts. Well done, Volvo. Why didn't you wait until the Super Bowl for this?

Neff: The Daily Woven Watch

Neff has always had some pretty ill gear and I've been looking for a new casual watch (I'm BIG on watches. I have a pretty nice casual watch collection growing including a few luxury ones).

But what's more casual than "The Daily" right?


Da Mafia 6ix "6ix Commandments"

Well, it's like DJ Paul told me when we spoke the other day...The Mafia Sh!t is back! Don't trip because Juicy isn't present, 8ball & MJG, Yelawolf, Lil Wyte, SpaceGhostPurrp, Bizzy Bone, Krayzie Bone, The Outlawz, La Chat, and Skinny Pimp are here! Man, my ears needed this. Thank you, DJ Paul.


Crimxon "The City or Champagne" [album]

I've been a fan of Crimxon's for a minute. Dude is pretty nice. Initially I felt the Toronto-native was kinda Drakey from his first single emailed to me, "Champagne Room" but dammit if that song didn't grow on me! This kid is nice. Who cares if he can rhyme and has a melodic voice? Good music is good music is good music.


"TRILLER" Short Film/Music video Ft. SK4MC

SK4MC is dope. Forreal he always has the most creative videos. I know he was at A3C officially rocking with TY Dolla Sign. But this video is dope. It's still thriller season. And what's triller for thriller than Triller?


Toro Y Moi "Rose Quartz" MV

I love animated videos. Especially videos like this with fluid paintings. They just added new layers on top of the others. I can't imagine how long this would take...and how much paint is used lol but enjoy nonetheless.


ESSINCE THROWBACK: Pee Wee All Stars "Sumthin Terrible" MV

Now THIS is a throwback. I mentioned before that Kris Kross is who got me interested in hip hop but I never mention it was the Biv 10 [via Michael Bivins from BBD] who gave me the final push. I think it's because they were kids a little younger than me that made me go YO! Kids can do it. I'm gonna do it!

These kids can probably outrap the radio today. And when I say probably I mean they can.

Step your bars up, you bums.


Bloc'd Sofa

Ever had a really comfortable chair you wish you could change the shape of? Maybe to share it...maybe to lie down...whatever. Then I may have found the sofa for you, friends.



Hudson "Lady Madonna" Tee

The all-over print has been replaced by the all over print. I don't know if I'd wear this but I'd hang it on my wall..absolutely.

Pair this with a red hat and black pants (other colors would work, blue or even grey if paired with dark shoes).

Cop from Jimmy Jazz here.


B REAL x XZIBIT x DEMRICK are the Serial Killers

I recently interviewed B-Real about his new project with Xzibit and Demrick, Serial Killers.'s out.

Check the project here and our interview and let me know what you think!


"Dear Mr. Watterson" Calivin & Hobbes Documentary

If you're anything like me and from my generation (or the one before me) your childhood was ineffably affected by Calvin and Hobbes. Shoot...even if you own a shitty pick-up truck chances are you've at least CONTEMPLATED buying a decal of Calvin peeing all over a competitor's logo.

EXCLUSIVE: Essince Interview with DJ Paul (3-6 Mafia) + New Mixtapes

I was able to catch up with Oscar-winning, platinum-selling artist/producer/mogul, DJ Paul of the legendary 3-6 Mafia recently. We talked about his new projects (Da Mafia 6ix, collaboration albums with Drumma Boy and Yelawolf], keys to marketing, his line of BBQ Sauces, and the key to longevity in the entertainment industry.