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Futuristic "Day By Day" ft Brielle Marie MV

I got an email from a trusted colleague (Whattup, Laura) about this guy, Futuristic. There are a few PR people I know who don't just work with ANYbody and by now I know the level of talent I expect when I get an email from them. But from all the touring, lectures, contest judging, and more I've done I hate to admit to myself I saw his name "Futuristic" and thought of Future...

No disrespect to Future.

But I thought, what the H, I'm in a good mood...I'll give dude a shot. I listened to his new single and liked it (very Childish Gambinoy...and see I made another sh!tty blogger/"industry dude" move by comparing him but we as humans relate experiences). The song was good enough to get me to watch the video and DAMN!!!

I love this song. I'm now watching it for the 3rd time. I needed some familiar Venice Beach warmth in this cold-ass midwest winter.


Jammin' this. Thank you.

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