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Hip Hop In: Korea

안녕! Welcome Welcome to this edition of my ongoing International series, "Hip Hop In". This episode is on Korea.

I first heard of Big Bang in '07 when I was studying in Thailand. I found their CD at the mall and picked it up thinking it was Chinese because of the MTV Asia sticker on it (I watched the channel all day for new music and they only played Chinese music)...Then thought it was Thai because the writing on it was in Thai....then I played it and realized it wasn't either and told myself if they weren't so tricky in their labels I wouldn't feel racist (not that I cared that I did...they also sing and rap in Japanese so what the F ever...)

G-Dragon is a member of the group, Big Bang and MAN this video is nuts. I can't even imagine how much was spent to make this. Seriously. It's so beautifully shot.

They seem to be able to combine rapping and singing without compromising either side...imagine Jagged Edge getting rap respect for rhyming. Especially their older stuff.

Cop the album here but until next time, I leave you with "Coup D'etat" by Korea's own, G-Dragon.

* Special thanks to Majestic of the Ohio Hip-Hop Awards for mentioning this video to me. I've been a fan of theirs but haven't watched many new videos.

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