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ESSINCE THROWBACK: Lights Camera Action! - Mr Cheeks

I recently became the design sponsor for a 3-day Festival in Miami this coming 4th of July, called the Indie Beach Bash and GUESS who one of the acts performing is??


Zendaya "My Baby" MV

Family Illness + Family Death + Canceled Trip + Salvaged Last Minute Trip + Canceled Return Trip + Last Minute Return + Illness = no posts on this site. lol


ESSINCE THROWBACK: Soul 4 Real "Every Little Thing I Do"

What more can I say? This album was my JAM when I was a kid. I was too young to fully understand this song but man is this still my jam.


ZuP "The Blvd"

Zup is the man. I've met him a few times and love watching him perform. Definitely bringing the Sublime feel [back] to hip-hop. He can rhyme, produce, and has the raspy rock voice perfect for hooks in songs as brutally/inwardly honest as his.


Anyextee "Executive Decisions" MV [DEBUT VIDEO]

You think hanging around rappers that he'd at least be better than mediocre...


DJ Kachina - @EsotericBass>Instafame>Warm Pie" [mix] * REMASTERED*

Things get crazy sometimes...unexpected things happen. But fortunately for those moments we have music. And thankfully for music we have Dj Kachina. No more words. Only listens.

Don't worry...€soteric Bass will have more archived mixes coming up from, too! Stay up yo.


Dope Couture: The Mediterranean snapback

Ahoy, mateys! Welcome aboard with this new snapback by Dope Couture, "The Mediterranean".


The Cool Kids "Chop" ft The HBK Gang

Sorry for the delays, y'all. Been planning this trip to NY next week for AGENDA and then to STL for a lecture I'm teaching but I wanted to give you a little something in the form of this new track "Chop". The Cool Kids are back at it with that good ol' Chuck Inglish knock.


KISS for John Varvatos Spring/Summer 2014

Now THIS would be quite the private party. Marketing-wise this is pretty brilliant, too.


Vader "History Lesson Vol. 1" [UK]

Our family across the Pond, Knowledge is Power Promotions recently dropped this ill project from UK emcee, Vader.


Anyextee "Executive Decisions" [Trailer]

Official Trailer for the "Executive Decisions" project @Anyextee and I discussed in our recent interview.


James Arthur "Recovery" [UK]

The internet aides my growth as much as it hinders it. Sometimes in downtime I allow myself to get lost in the labyrinth that is Youtube. One of my favorite corners is the TV Show Audition section. I don't like seeing people who suck but I love watching people who are GREAT but don't look the part.


Fluid Outrage "Lost Book Two (book Of Secrets)"

Fluid Outrage is the business. We met in Nashville during the Southern Entertainment Awards (of which I was a guest speaker and showcase judge) and from first listen I instantly became a fan. This project is dope and I hope you like it the way I do.


[1000th post] Interview with Amalgam Digital CEO, NEXT

The time has come, my friends. I appreciate your support throughout the years and This is my 1,000th post here so I wanted to do something special for the benchmark post and felt an interview was in order. But not just anyone...someone positive who's going places (literally and figuratively in this case). Anyextee, or Next [get it...any-ex-tee...n-e-x-t...whatever, you get it) has built a career working with some of the best in the game and we discussed his stepping out from behind the desk, films, Egyptian consciousness and Witchcraft in modern hip-hop.


Indianapolis Colts Snowflake Trapper [New Era]

My favorite part about winter is probably the fashion. I always loved breaking out the snowpants as a kid so I could go sledding...I've since traded that in for a peacoat and nice scarf but still...the principle is there. I always loved these hats and definitely had the all black Kyle from South Park joint but New Era does the colts some justice with this Snowflake Trapper.