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Pleasure P "Break Up To Make Up"

Pleasure P vanished for a minute (I assumed due to personal reasons I read about and won't mention) BUT dude makes some bangin' music. Essince loves him some Rhythm and Blues (yes, post-millenials, that's what R&B stands for).


ESSINCE THROWBACK: 2Pace & the Outlawz "Baby Don't Cry"

The word "classic", like many other words nowadays, gets thrown around and is misunderstood. A Great song is obvious when heard...but a CLASSIC remains great. Case & point: 2Pac and the Outlawz "Baby Don't Cry".



CyHi The Prynce ‘Black Hystori Project’

CyHi the Prynce has been one of my favorite MCs the past few years. Just barely making the cut for Black Hystori month (it ends in 3 days...keep your jokes to yourself) he comes with another ill project.

Anyextee "Cease & Desist" MV

Amalgam Digital's own, NEXT [@Anyextee] drops the follow up visual to his debut video, "Executive Decisions" from his forthcoming debut album of the same name.

Telling the tale from behind the desk comes Next. Check out it out, yo.


ONYX "We Don't F'n Care" ft A$AP Ferg & Sean Price

I grew up listening to Onyx in elementary school. "SLAM" is my jam. I toured with Sean Price & Iron Solomon and I think Ferg is next up. Great chemistry here, yo.

Listen up.

Daft Punk vs Warren G & Nate Dogg vs Michael McDonald [RRod]

RRod made the incredible Justin Timberlake/Marvin Gaye mashup I posted the other day and after checking some others I saw this..."BEYOND REGULATION".

So ill...Classic Nate Dogg [R.I.P.] & Warren G over some new Daft Punk with a little Michael McDonald...well done, amigo.


ESSINCE THROWBACK: Pressha "Splackavellie"

Now accepting offers.


- MGMT -

WG Trunk Co: Lookbook [Mongolia]

WG Trunk Co. has some incredible/classy brands. But what stands out to me more is their approach to lookbooks and showing the pieces being worn. I'll let the pictures do the talking in this showcase of Whillas & Gunn {Australia) and Master-Piece (Japan) taken in the Gobi Desert of Mongolia.


Justin Timberlake x Marvin Gaye mashup

Man...I always respected Justin (we're on a first name basis) and Marvin Gaye is THE man making one of if not the best love making songs of all time. It's great that these two songs are so..."IN SYNC".

Aachi & Ssipak [S. Korea]

An Eminem lyric came to mind when I first saw this...."hi kids, do you like violence?"


Probz "London City" [London]

I've always been a fan of English rap and this is a perfect example of why.

The Berlin Boombox [Germany]

Whenever I'm in a public place wanting to play music from my phone without external speakers I end up putting my phone in a cup or glass bowl to enhance the sound but wishing I had some actual speaker...


What's Love Got to Do With It?

I might make this an annual thing...the most BEAUTIFUL love story every told...ever forever ever FOREVA EVA! Told by an adorable foul-mouthed ginger/cupid?



Last Kings: The LK Red Crocodile Strapback

Sorry Peta this is real....


The Peach Kings "Be Around" MV

This video is gorgeous.

*Shot in various locations throughout Los Angeles, Sonoma, Montreal, Brooklyn and Breakneck Ridge New York. by Paul Trillo*

The Peach Kings - "Be Around" from Paul Trillo on Vimeo.


Artist Feature: Terby Wonder [Vancouver]

drawww from terbywonder on Vimeo.

I've stumbled upon Terby Wonder thru instagram and his art is really inspiring. I always loved seeing other people's creative processes so I added this video to show you how he works.

Check more of his work here.


Adubb Da Gawd "Rebel Wit Me"

Detroit's own, Adubb comes from the Finally Famous crew but has been making some major moves on his own. I got a chance to hear some of these before it dropped and I'm excited to see where he can take this. Props @AdubbFFamous


[Kansas City Chiefs] Tamba Hali "Jodeci"

We all know athletes who rap (especially in the NBA and stars like Kevin Durant) and I think a lot of them get a bad rap [pun intended]. But some of them make some really ill music. KC Chiefs Tamba Hali is actually pretty nice. I'm feeling this...


ESSINCE THROWBACK: Cameo "Attack Me With Your Love"

Bushwack me with your love, baby.


Wu Tang "C.R.E.A.M." Beanie

If you're like me then C.R.E.A.M. stands for Coldness Ruins Everything Around Me this time of year...


@DJ Tomoko & Ucca Laugh "Kimono MPC + MIC / 着物で MPC + MIC" [Japan]

Shout out to my girls, @DJ Tomoko & Uccca Laugh going mad traditional in this video Rocking the Kimonos. I love it.


Superbowl rizzaps

Happy Football everyone. Enjoy this EXTRA special music video from William "the Refrigerator" Perry, too haha!