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C-Styles "When You Need Some Lovin'"

Man it's been a crazy weekend...well...WEEK for that matter. This past weekend I was in NY for a weekend of events [*see flier*] which started off with a showcase in Akron, OH to GIVE someone a chance to join me on this trip at my expense. So from promoting, booking, hosting, etc THAT event leading up to THIS I haven't had much time to do anything besides sleep and eat (sometimes), hence the lack of updates. [my bad]




That not only goes out to the multi-platinum, Snoop-introduced Eastsidaz [Whattup, Goldie?] but also to myself. I'm planning for my big trip to NYC next weekend for a whole bunch of events and was volunteering at a children's camp (for my 13th consecutive year after 9 years as a camper myself) and hosting an event to SEND someone to NY with me next my energy was tapped out. Sorry, y'alls. We'll be gravy from here on out. Promises!

BUT! This video is ill...


Gillie Da Kid "King Of Philly 3"

Always thought Gillie was ill. Check him out on the third installment of his "King of Philly" series. Judging by the logo for Remulae Records I guess it's safe to assume he's on their label now, which was started by NFL Star, Tamba Hali.


Clint Dempsey (aka "Deuce") Don't Tread" [USA Men's Soccer Team]

I watched Clint Dempsey debut this video live in 2002 when the US had really high hopes for the World Cup.

With the US leading Ghana 1-0, thanks to the aforementioned Clint Depmsey (*It's halftime as I'm posting this), I had to re-share this.

Featuring XO and the late great, Big Hawk [RIP], "Don't Tread On This!".


James Arthur "Get Down" [UK]

James Arthur won the UK version of X-Factor in 2012. He's on his own now and just released a new album (get it here).

Not sure these British cats are getting all this soul from but damn it if I don't love it.


Masspike Miles - "Skky Miles 3 Pt 2: Blocks & Bedrooms"

MAN! Sorry it's been a crazy few weeks so I haven't updated this site much in the past few days because I'm working on a big trip to New York City June 26-29 and have to fix up some thangs. I'll jump right back into it with this new Masspike Miles. Jam it.

Jam it up and down.


Zendaya ft TY$, Bobby Brackins, & Iamsu! "My Baby" Remix

This @Zendaya song instantly became one of my favorites this year...I had no idea Bobby Brackins produced it, either. Well...I probably did and forgot about it. But it slaps.

Throw in TY $ and Iamsu! and you have a west-coast hit.


Leaks That Collected Dust (The Audio Biography Of DJ Premier)

Back with some throwbacks late in the game for Throwback Thursday.