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TOUR LIFE! Reverie + Essince (ReverEssince?)

MAN! I've been so stupid busy preparing for this tour. I've posted about Reverie a few times here and long story short I ended up booking and promoting her Midwest Tour that's going on right now. I'm writing this from Detroit, actually.

I've been sharing pictures on my Instagram (@itsessince - below) and will post pics here later on but check the calendar above and come meet us!

Group Photo from the photo shoot before Detroit. 


No sleep + travel = no smiles and bloodshot eye

Gangsters don't smile, Louden 


TRUE Gs (Kenny G & Warren G) "Regulate"

This is what dreams are made of.

Most hip-hoppers (or men for that matter) admit they like Kenny G. I played Saxophone since I was 11 so I have mad respect for him and you KNOW I grew up on that G-Funk. And I watched the Man Show with Jimmy Kimmel religiously as a kid so the fact one presents the other with the other is pretty slick.

For you, my friends:



As many of you know I've been a fan of Japanese Rap since high school when I first heard Kickin the Can Crew on soundclick. From my multiple tours of Asia to my contacts there now, I've really grown my ears for what the country has to offer. DJ PMX is the sh!t. His production is so funky on that laid-back west coast g-funk tip.

Check out this hip-hop/r&b cut with some funky-ass beats and lowriders. Yep...lowriders.


Cyhi The Prynce BHP 2: N.A.A.C.P

CyHI The Prynce is dope. I've been a fan of his for a long time. I really don't know what else to say. I let him speak for himself.


Lenisha Nelson "Good Vibes Only"

Today is for lovers. It doesn't have to be romantic love...on a broader note it's for good vibes. Good vibes only some might say.

Some like Lenisha Nelson. She's been doing her thing for a while and was featured on 50 Cent's show "Power" on Starz. Enjoy.



GZA x Tom Morello = "The Mexican"

WuTang x Rage Against the Machine equals awesome.

As Gza prepares to release his first album in a few years he teams with guitarist extraordinaire, Tom Morello to bring us this non-album single, "THE MEXICAN".

Check it out, yo. Forreal.

Celso "Hold Me Down"

WOW it's been a minute. I apologize. I've been busy booking this midwest tour for Reverie With absences like this it would make sense to have other people write on this site....but that would take away from what it is. It's not is someone Other than Essince is posting. N'ahmean?

With that being said, allow me to present to you Hip Hop artist, Celso.! He teamed up with Miami producer Mydus for “Hold You Down” off the forthcoming, "Gemini". This track is pretty nice. Beat is smooth. Vocals are on point. Essince approves.

Twitter: @CelsoMusic2014 - @Mydus

(Hi Sara)


Gorilla USA Chukka Boot

All about these boots. I haven't had a good pair of boots since...I was in 8th grade. I wore a size 13 back then and they honestly didn't sell much bigger in stores at the time. These aren't available in my size (15...maybe 16 but 15 is about right) HOWEVER, I'm going to live vicariously through you all with these Chukka Boots by Gorilla USA.

"Gorilla's "brutally strong" boots can tough it out on any terrain with a leather studded cap toe and heel and a rubber sole for traction. Each pair is made in America and hand-finished, so the color may vary slightly from pair to pair. Wear them everywhere with jeans and chinos."

There are more pictures and angles on the site.

Look sweet in the sleet in the streets with these on your feet!

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