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Cleveland Made, Cleveland Paid (2 Disc)

I don't know if these songs will hit YOU the way they hit me, but these songs were THE Jams in Cleveland. I think anyone can appreciate them but especially if you're from here the compilation of all these local hits is needed. We've had a lot of tracks the whole city got behind. Some of these are national hits (shout out to the homie, Ray Cash), regional (Ray Cash's sloppy) and local club hits (most of the others) but check this out.

"Cleveland Made Cleveland Paid is a double disc mixtape. This is the soundtrack of the Cleveland. Disc one highlights post Bone classics, starting with a a string of street singles that sparked new life in the 216 music scene in 2005 (tracks 1 - 28). Disc Two brings us back to 2015, premiering almost an entire disc of exclusive new music (tracks 29 - 55)."

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