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OREO FEST ON PI DAY! (Chicago - 3/14)

I just left the Windy City while touring with Reverie a week.5 ago but I just got word Chance & Vic Mensa's DJ Oreo will be producing a dope-@$$ event, appropriately called Oreo Fest! I can't imagine an instance when something called "Oreo Fest" wouldn't be dope.
(Man I hope they have cookies there! Does Reggies sell fried Oreos? They'd make stupid money if they did).

Here's the official write up:

"On March 14, 2015 Reggie's Rock Club in Chicago will host of the most highly anticipated events of the year, DJ Oreo's OreoFest. The lineup displayed is already enough to please any patron but what people should pay attention to is the special guest. Oreo has been everywhere in the past 2 years and have rubbed shoulders with the A-list of the entertainment world. To purchase tickets before they sell out visit djoreo.com"

But forreal. Get tickets yo. I'll be in Cleveland handling some bidness but all my Chicago people should check it out. Tell them ESSINCE sent you! Tag me in the pics you share on twitter or Instagram!

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