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Audible Doctor "The Burial Plot" ft Davenport Grimes MV

WHATTUP, AUDIBLE DOC (@audibledoctor)!
Jammin' on this "Burial Plot with Davenport Grimes. I know a few kids with the Davenport surname. Totally unrelated but I guess I'm just feeling chatty and wanted to share.

"The Burial Plot" is off The Audible Doctor's "Can't Keep The People Waiting" EP which is available on iTunes & on CD/Vinyl


Snacky Chan "Dummy For My Daughter (딸바보)" ft 타블로 of 에픽하이 MV [Korea]

YOOOO. I was going through some older CDs the other day and found a CD from this dude from Philly named Snacky Chan and he's dope. I remember getting it from Underground Hip-Hop and it came with an autographed poster. I got a present in my inbox and saw it was the same dude and was stoked to watch this.

The video is ill and bilingual in Korean this this is ill (though I only know like 4 words in Korean....the subtitles help).

But shout out to Chan. Really glad to see him doing his thing.

Dynasty Muzik


Kevin Garrett "Coloring" MV

I found this guy on a spotify playlist and this song hooked me so I saved it to one of my playlists....then I found myself playing it over and over and I didn't want to be selfish anymore. This is so smooth.

You're welcome, friends. Enjoy.


Poetik Force "Boom Bap" MV

Today's feature is Poetik Force from the Asiatic Rhythms collective from Los Angeles. His new video for the Jansport J-produced "Boom Bap" just dropped. This is dope. Just got some good news and I just sat down in my room to go over some emails and this just fit the mood perfectly.

I'm diggin' this and I have a feeling you will, too.


Twitter: @PoetikForce
Instagram: @poetikforce


TM - Flashback EP [UK]

We're back with another banger from across the pond! Shouts out to our UK family, Knowledge is Power and their artist, TM (formerly known as Topman). He released this 7 track EP of unreleased tracks to tide fans over until his next project.

To book, collab with, or submit beats for TM please contact


Brooklyn Shanti "Bedstuyle Remixed"

Brooklyn Shanti put out one of my favorite albums in "Brooklyn circa 2012".

I liked it so much I'd decided I was going to post this without even listening to it...ok. I just pressed play. I'm 45 seconds in and it's still being posted. This is nice.

@brooklynshanti is nice. Press play and vibe out.


Essince Throwback: Shaq Fu

Would you believe me if I said I had a Shaq CD? It was the 2nd CD I ever bought (first was Ice Cube's Amerikkka's Most Wanted when I was 10). Shaq is my favorite pro athlete. I have CDs, a jersey, posters, named my dog Shaq, etc, etc. I was the quintessential fan growing up.

I've always been big. Not 7'1" big but I'm like...closing in on 6'7"? So I was always center playing ball and THE center of all time is Shaq and let's be honest here...anytime a rapping Genie makes it rain hamburgers you pretty much have to like the guy (#Kazaam).

Along with Slick Rick, South Park Mexican, Haystak, the Barrio Boyz, Fetty Wap and Sam Cooke, I currently have a Shaq CD in my car. His fourth album, Respect, to be exact. Why? Because of the video beneath my words. This DJ QUIK produced hit features NY's Peter Gunz and this song SLAPS.

I don't care what you anyone thinks about my liking this, This. Song. Slaps. And his cameo game sh!ts on all your heroes' videos.

TWIsM, b!tches.


Snoop Dogg x Stevie Wonder "California Roll"

Legend status! Snoop and Stevie Wonder have finally teamed up for a super chill track, "California Roll" off Snoop's latest project, "Bush".

Turn your phone on silent and Press play.


Jonah Cruzz - Ordinary Nigga

I found this while browsing livemixtapes and thought, what the H? I'll check it out. First track had me hooked. I actually paused this netflix episode of The Cleveland Show to give it my full attention (#SelfEmployedLife) and @JonahCruzz is ill. With a tape like this he's not an "Ordinary Nigga".

Drake - "If You're Choppin' This It's Too Late"

Back with another Chopped not slopped mixtape. Drake's "Reading/Sorry..." (you know the title. I don't feel like typing it). But Drake's project has been one of my favorite releases this year so let's slow it down.