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Ro Ransom "Talk Too Much"

Ok sorry for lack of updates. I said I'd be posting updates from the road but things got so hectic on this tour I haven;t had proper time. But last night, while in NY, we were invited out to this show at SOB's. We chopped it up, got our VIP passes and went out. This dude Ro Ransom was on stage in front of a packed house and KILLED it. His energy, stage presence and music were dope. I ran into him as we dipped out during headliner, Jazz Cartier's set and briefly chopped it up. I went online and found his music and I'm watching a video, too.

Definitely a fan.


Eazy E / Stevie Williams Skateboard T Collab

Legendary skateboarder Stevie Williams announced his AYC apparel company’s new Skateboard Fresh collection featuring a limited edition Eazy E and Mike Miller collaboration. The new t-shirts feature an iconic image of NWA’s star Eazy E holding his infamous Natas skateboard in the parking lot of Ruthless Records, captured by photographer Mike Miller, a legend in his own right who captured some of the images that would come to define L.A. Hip-Hop. The new collection is now available online and in retailers.

Originally designed for professional skateboarder turned actor, Jason Lee, the Natas skateboard seen in the image is notorious for its symbols of violence, horror, and sex. “With the gun and that Natas board, this photo is some evil gangsta shit,” notes Stevie Williams (@steviewilliams). Lil Eazy E, the legend’s son, says seeing this iconic image reminds him how much he really misses his father. He says this photo being brought to life through AYC apparel makes him think of “his father’s legacy on a different viewing and how his impact goes far and beyond just Hip-Hop.”

“Back then skating and Hip-Hop did not mix,” recalls Mike Miller (@mikemillerphoto). The new collection is symbolic of the unprecedented impact Eazy E and NWA had on the skateboarding world. “The world doesn’t know, but us inner city Compton kids in the early age of life, enjoyed the sport on the skateboard my father gave me. I learned how to skate from him!” says Lil Eazy E. The huge, raw beats, underground punk rock ideology, and shared contempt for authority was what every skater never knew they were always waiting for. The echoes of that explosion still resonate in every corner of skateboard culture in their apparel, soundtracks and their outlook on the world.

Williams is proud to announce the new Skateboard Fresh collection, described as a line that evokes pure, uncut nostalgia, and that pays homage to the artists, styles and musicians that have influenced skateboarders and helped to define the soul of skateboarding itself.


SUS Tour (I'm Coming to Your City) + NEW Sahtyre/Danny Brown

What's good, amigos and amigettes?

I'm hitting the road with Reverie, Sahtyre, & Chase Moore again and we're coming to a city near you!

I'll be doing my best to make updates from each city of what we're doing and give you that Behind the Scenes look into tour life. Reverie just got back from her first tour of Brazil and will be heading back for her 7th Tour of Europe after this run with me and Sahtyre just dropped his new single with Danny Brown.

Check it and get ready. Tickets and Tour info here:
(also if you'd like me to book YOUR next tour you can hit me up through that site, too.)


Essince Interview with DJ Brandi Garcia

When I was in LA a couple weeks ago I was able to sit down for a great Coffee Shop Conversation with the beautiful and talented DJ Brandi Garcia. I used to listen to her all day on one of my favorite stations, KDAY when I lived in North Hollywood a few years ago. We had a great convo about everything from developing photos as gifted students in elementary school to Disney Land, Voice Over acting and more. Aside from some great stories of how she built her career from Radio Djing to DJing with Jay-Z, Brandi gave some great advice and wisdom. This is a great interview for all but definitely a Must listen for all aspiring DJs.

The first minute has some crazy background noise but it's when I'M talking so who cares anyway.

Check out Brandi at and be sure to follow us both on IG below and twitter @djbrandigarcia


P. Goods "What If" MV

The homie, P. Goods (Boston MC/Radio personality) releases his new video for his single "What If". He's campaigning for this to be featured on the soundtrack of the new "Birth of a Nation" movie directed by Nate Parker. Check out the video and keep up with P. Goods below.

Twitter @iampgoods
Facebook IamPGoods
Soundcloud iampgoods
Instagram @iampgoods

If you're feeling the message he's asking you tweet the following message:
#RT #WhatIf should be on the #Birthofanation #soundtrack - #BlackLivesMatter @nateparker @iampgoods

Otis Mensah "Sanctuary" MV [UK]

UK artist, Otis Mensah drops his new J Dilla-produced single "Sanctuary" off his debut mixtape,'Days Over Damson". I'm not familiar with him but this dude is nice. I'm gonna check the mixtape for sure.

Download "Days over Damson"
Stream "Days over Damson"


Dajon Michaels "24" MV

Long Beach Lyricist Dajon Michaels is back with another banger. This kid is Too Dope. Watch and learn, y'all.