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Can't Stop The Feeling

SO I was at an event last Saturday to support my girls', K&S Promotions [see picture below], first event together under the new name. As people were trickling in the DJ had some pretty crunchy jams on and I noticed a few guys, assuming they weren't being watched, REALLY let loose and allow themselves to have fun. I tweeted this:

And I meant every word of it. To WITNESS someone just forget all about who's watching, or what's cool, or what moves are "in" or any of that superficial Bull Shit and Just LET GO and Live in the Moment and feel the vibration (marky mark style) is so beautiful.

I watched the First Listen video with the vocal cast of "Trolls" dancing to this song (see here) and fell in love with the song (for obvious reasons) but also seeing people just let loose and be silly felt good and reminded me of the other night. I just listened to it and saw he'd released the official video so I'm sharing it with you now.

Press play. Feel good. Make someone else feel good. Repeat.

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