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DJ Brian B "Summer Mix" [Hot Fire]

So I just got back from my cousin's wedding in Rosemary Beach, FL (Beautiful high class beach and the wedding/reception were great, since I know you wanted to know).

I was chilling at the reception eating oysters and drinking drinks and DJ Brian B was playing. I wasn't paying too much attention because the mood was dope then I noticed some really funky Sam Smith and Tracy Champan remixes (I mean HELLA funky) and had to go talk to him. Dude killed it. He travels all over the country doing weddings and other events. I used to work at a country club and worked dozens and dozens of weddings, I haven't seen m/any DJs work it like that.

He KILLS THIS mix. Anyone who throws in "Ditty" by Paperboy with little hints of Big Pun under Young Money vocals gets props from Essince. Check it out and learn more about him here: djbrianbofficial.com

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