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King Ice: 18K Gold "Studded" Miami Cuban Curb Chain

Hip-Hop jewelry company, King Ice has been at the forefront of urban jewelry design for the past few years. Designing collections with artists like Snoop and featuring some of the industry's elite, King Ice has been making major moves.

This 18mm Cuban Curb Chain uses the highest quality 18K gold plating to provide an eye-catching shine that matches nicely along its 18mm thick chain links. Meanwhile, each new stealth clasp provides a subtle, secure release mechanism that comes finished with a Greek Key design and stamped with the King Ice name.

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Aaron Cohen - "Off The Ground" EP

"Off The Ground" is NY by way of Seattle MC,Aaron Cohen's first project of 2016. Produced entirely by Kemal, "Off The Ground provides an expansive musical landscape filled with dark instrumentals, melodic hooks and raw lyricism. Off The Ground sees Cohen at his most vulnerable, speaking openly about his life and aspirations."

"A Cosmic Sense of Humor" is pretty slick, story-wise but the melody in "Say It Like You Mean It' made it become my favorite on the project, first listen.

Follow @AaronCohenRap on twitter and @aaroncohenmusic on IG. Buy the EP on iTunes.


Royal Heir Magazine issue 002

FINALLY. If you guys only knew what goes on to make things go on lol despite several crazy unnecessary setbacks, I was able to officially release issue 2 of Royal Heir Magazine! This issue features some of the best in the west as well as other southern rising stars. I'm excited for this magazine. Having and creating one were always dreams of mine.

Enjoy, niños. Maybe I'll share the Craziness that was its creation some day.
(Embedded below or click here)


Beats N Miso (Japan) - Birthday Post

For those who don't know, I host a radio show in Osaka, Japan. Every first and third Saturday morning (Friday evening in the US) I broadcast on Blackan Radio in Osaka, Japan.

Last night we debuted the next episode of Beats N Miso to celebrate my birthday. I thought I'd share it with you. Enjoy some of the best hip-hop presented internationally.

To submit music for future episodes get @Essince on twitter or email me


Essince Throwback: Happy Birthday, 2Pac!

This is not only my favorite 2Pac song but arguably my favorite song. I'm a HUGE animation fan, as some of you know. Art, animation, etc. So combining 2pac with an animated video = my favorite.

I was always more influenced by the west coast and their sound. I've grown to love New York. I'm midwest-raised so I love it here. And the south is DOPE. But I'm west coaster at heart (I lived in NoHo for a minute, too). ANYWAY, it's time to celebrate one of the game's most prolific artists and personalities. I think sometimes people can get SO big that it turns people off? Like over-saturation. People who complain about John Cena or Hulk Hogan or Michael, Kobe, LeBron, BIG, Bob Marley....some of these people are SO big and have influenced SO many people that we get tired of always hearing about them and people tend to forget how talented they are.

I want to take this time to celebrate a fellow Gemini (My birthday is in 2 days (18th) and Garfield the Cat is one date later (19th)). Rest in hope you're well rested in Cuba but now that the embargo is done are you still chilling there? It's probably not safe in the US, though Pac so enjoy life wherever you are. Enjoy my favorite video.


King Lil G - "DOPE" ft Nipsey Hussle

Inglewood's King Lil G has been making some moves. A lot of my LA people have been telling me about him and posting pics from his show. He has the story to back up his lyrics, too. "...a troubled youth where he joined a gang, dropped out of school, fathered a child while he was still a minor, and became incarcerated. But beyond his rough exterior, King Lil G is a true artist with an honest message of Hope."

""I wanted to rap about the struggle - real street stuff that I was going through," says King Lil G. He created the Sucios Movement, which he explains as "a positive movement that has to do with freedom and not being afraid to accomplish and do things... its empowerment for those that don't think they can make it and come from nothing.""

This dude is ill and he's going on a nationwide tour soon. Check out his new track, "Dope" featuring fellow-CA native, Nipsey Hussle.

IG @KingLilG
Facebook King Lil G


Essince Interview with Denel [New Zealand]

I was looking for music for my Japanese radio show, Beats N Miso (broadcasting every 1st and 3rd Saturday on Blackan Radio in Osaka [shameless plug]) when I found "Imperfectly Perfect" by New Zealand singer/songwriter, Denel. I wasn't sure what to expect from the cover and the first few seconds of the Midi sax but when he came in I was hooked. He has a really smooth voice. I was always interested in music from other countries and I wanted to learn more about Denel, what he's working on, and what's going on in New Zealand?! Americans need to know it's more than Hobit holes. Check out interview and listen to/buy his single below.

How did you get in to music?
Music has always been a part of my upbringing. Dad used to love his jazz records and I'd sit for hours listening to his jams. It was right around high school that I really wanted to pursue music as a career and i started writing and producing my own songs.

Growing up who did you listen to?
A lot of George Benson and old school R&B icons like Marvin Gaye etc. Then through my time at school, Chris Brown, Ne-Yo, Trey Songz etc. Those were the dudes who were on the come up when I was about 12.

I've spent some time in Asia and was always interested in how American pop culture translates to other countries, was American music popular in NZ?
Yeah definitely, American pop music dominates the New Zealand Top 40 and iTunes charts and pretty much all music on mainstream radio in NZ is mainstream US Pop and R&B.

What is the music scene like there?
Its really small compared to the US industry and the whole landscape is different. In terms of trying to break into New Zealand market, its a little bit difficult as the various avenues dont really nurture or support upcoming talent.

What can we expect from you the rest of 2016?
You can expect a new single in the next few months called 'The Lights'. Just got back from Argentina which is where we filmed the video for it so I'm pretty excited about it. Also check soon for an EP.

Where can we find you online? Any final shout outs?

You can find me on all the usual social media outlets. Links will be below. Id like to shout out to my family for all the support they have been giving me and the American team behind whats going down! Stay tuned :)



"Across The Pond" 2016 [UK Edition]

Cheers, bruv. I teamed up with Knowledge is Power promo over in the UK again to bring you the 2016 edition of "Across the Pond" where we each feature a compilation of the other country's best hip-hop.

The US version will be released over there soon but for now, enjoy some of the illest hip-hop from Across the Pond (get it, you wankers). Shout out to my man, Jack, Founder and Owner of Knowledge Is Power Promotions. Check out their blog here, press play and blast somefin', yeah?

Download Here


Singer, Fabian Secon "Fallin" [London]

British singer-songwriter, Fabian Secon delivers his new track, "Fallin", produced by one of the UK's hottest production teams,Splurgeboys (Skepta/Fekky/Bonkaz).

Download here and follow @FabianSecon