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We dropped the FIRST compilation album for a Pro Sports League!

I was excited when I first heard the American Basketball Association was back. The original lasted from 1967-1976 and the NBA absorbed 4 of their teams (Pacers, Nets, Nuggets, Spurs) but it was re-launched in 2000 by original co-founder of the ABA/Pacers (RIP Dick Tinkham) & Joe Newman (current CEO). I started a pro team (Akron Aviators) and we just finished our 2nd season. I'd had a league position, too but a NEW division was created just for me, ABA Fusion so I can 'fuse' music and sports. Pretty fitting since that's what I'm doing with Royal Heir Entertainment.

I told Joe I wanted to release a compilation album and he said he'd been wanting to do that for Years. Well, let's do it. So I did it. lol I enlisted the help of my homie, of course but hit my network for some of the best independent/undiscovered/worldwide talent I could, and of course had to offer a spot to the owner of the Atlanta Rappers ABA team (Kigity K).

Check it out below or Stream/Download on your Favorite outlet HERE: https://fanlink.to/ABAC2C

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