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Hip-Hop In: Sweden (SHN)

I wasn't sure what to expect because the last couple songs I listened to/gave feedback on were kinda weak...I'm kinda discriminatory when it comes to artist names or corny emails (sorry, kinda) but saw dude was Swedish and wasn't sure how to pronounce SHN (it's Shyne, not shin, btw). As SOON as the keys hit I was sold and SHN didn't disappoint. This is dope. I'm actually going to play it a 2nd time while I finish writing this. He's dope.

SHN (Shyne) born 21 Dec. 1988 in Ängelholm, Sweden. He is an energetic HipHop/Soul artist who delivers a message in both english & swedish.

At an early age he fell in love with music & became comfortable being up on stage, but it wasn't until 2016 when SHN moved to Bergen, Norway he really started to take the music seriously. He has under a short time established his name around the county where he now wants to expand with all of his upcoming music. He has started the year with powerfull releases such as "Park It" & Vibration" and recently he released his latest debut in swedish "SHN - Vem Är Han" (SHN - Who Is He)

His goal is to spread globally regardless of the language he does, since his perspective on music is that its a universal tounge and that goodvibes can be felt every where no matter what language!

Today, SHN works full time as a constructionworker, lives for family, health & diet, loves to travel, where he invests all his spare time to be in the music studio.

No day passes without his dream & the vision of being able to put work aside to go all-in for what he so passionately loves music

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