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Is Flames OhGod "Psychic"?


I first heard about Flames YEARS ago. My friend Tom was managing him back when I was in college. There was a show in Kansas City, MO he was booked at and seeing it mentioned online is what put him on MY radar. There were a few shows we both were on at places like the famous Peabody's in Cleveland so we'd crossed paths a few times around Akron, Cleveland area.

Flames has a pretty good following and he's an overall good dude. I always liked what he's doing but its' cool seeing him GROW. His style has evolved, his fashion and image have evolved, he's got a team supporting him and I think his own hot sauce? Like a restaurant here has something named after him. That's so dope. I'm kinda weak when it comes to hot food but I'll try it lol

Anyway, his new video for his single "Psychic" is fresh as f&ck. It's directed by another Ohio native, Mack Lawrence who created visuals from J Balvin, Lil Baby, Dixie D'Amelio, and more. This concept was initially crafted for Young Thug but I love that it was utilized for Flames. 

Click Here to stream the single and watch the video below.
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