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T-Pain's New Artist Chayo Nash


T-Pain signed his first artist to Nappy Boy Ent. Chayo Dash is pretty dope. He's lived all over, from Chicago to Jacksonville, FL to Brazil after his parents divorced. Coming from a buy who's lived all over you I can attest that it's easy to pick up influences from everywhere. He checks all the boxes for the making of a rock star (the look, the talent, the professional video/art). I can see this dude going places.

Check him out below and let me know what you think! Is Chayo Dash the next to bring Nappy Boy notoriety??

Chayo Nash is the first artist to sign to T-Pain’s new label - Nappy Boy Entertainment. The Grammy Award-winning recording artist states Chayo is currently his biggest priority. Earlier this month, Chayo Nash released his first single, titled “The Beach”, which T-Pain labeled as one of his favorite songs from him. Check out the eye-catching video HERE. The first single release has an impressive 300,000 + streams combined in just a few short weeks

Chayo Nash Socials:
Instagram: @chayonash
Twitter: @chayo904

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