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Bhutanese Rapper Chogo Debuts "21" EP


I first heard about Chogo (rising superstar rapper from the Asian Kingdom of Bhutan) a couple years ago through a friend from when I studied in Thailand (Hi, Yiwang!). She showed me some of his videos and asked my opinion and I was really intrigued. You can hear some of the MGK/Post Malone inspiration but he has his own twist. He's been getting 100s of thousands of views and his videos are super dope.

After talking to Chogo (& Yiwang) I wanted to put out a plan to help him and signed him to Royal Heir Entertainment. He 2 previous singles did well but I'm really excited about his new EP, "21".

Checkout the lead single "21 Again" but forreal it's all good. And for those of you who've been following me over the years know that I'm not just saying that because we're working together. We're working together BECAUSE it's good. N'ahmean? But I'll let you hear for yourselves.

Stream and download here:


These 2 English Blokes Are My New Favorite Group: Pete & Bas - "Speeding"


I'll be honest, friends. I'm at that stage in life where rap is REALLY boring to me. I find myself listening to older catalog stuff but the whole Migos cadence over trap beats is MEGA played out (no disrespect to Migos). Rap has never been at a point where everything actually sounds the same. I'm not the old guy complaining about the young kids music, am I? I think it's easy to replicate easy to mix into DJ sets, easy to forget who you're listening to. Easy. I get it. But I need variety. 

There are some people coming up I really like and enjoy but the majority of submissions I get for blogs and playlists are pretty bad. So I was scrolling on IG one day and found this video snippet of some dudes named Pete & Bas on a track called "the Old Estate". At first I thought it was some older guys just lip syncing on the track to make a cool video but I was wrong. They're not only actually rapping but these blokes have some BARS.

This is the newest video and man, I'm a proper fan lol I went back and listened to some of their other music and forreal I'm a fan. I'm starting to get back into the English scene (grime, drill, etc) and it's so refreshing to hear something different. Thank you, Pete & Bas. Would love to work with them someday on some marketing over here across the pond.

Anyway, press play and enjoy.


Neon Artery is TOO Funky! OMG


So I'm executive producing a movie (story for another post) and I've been going through playlists. By genre, by mood, anything. I eventually stumbled upon this horrorwave playlist which lead me to synthwave. I had it on while I went on a long walk around the neighborhood the other day to get some fresh air and this song came on and I felt like...damn, this is too funky.


YO, this is INSANE. Like this makes me want to be in a montage then whip through an abandoned city at night in a lamborghini on my way to rescue a woman from a hoard of zombies and an evil villain after everyone thought I was dead. Like bad-ass retro, cheesy line-saying fresh shit.

The change up at 1:20 is wild.

Found out Sung is a Korean dude in Paris. Killed it with this.

Listen below. Support the dude. 


SH3 is into some "Stranger Things"


Canadian singer Sh3 sitting in a pool in the thumbnail image for her new music video Stranger Things

Singer SH3 dropped her new video "Stranger Things" Inspired by the hit Netflix series.

Damn, it's been a minute since I've posted, huh? Well Allow me to ring in the new year with a belated present for you, the new video from Toronto-based singer, songwriter, producer, star SH3! For those of you who've been rocking with me for a while you know I'm a supporter of H3Rs (SH3's been featured here before). But one [of the many things] I like about SH3 is h3r attention to quality. Sh3 doesn't just post whatever or do crappy videos just to do them. There's thought and energy into producing something great. “Stranger Things” is the second single of her project, “H2 Zoom Voicenotes” following the release of “Gelato”. (after you watch this video click that link and go watch that one. You're welcome).
When I heard the beat by ProdByBeatcoins & NdroiDBeats, the main synth reminded me so much of the theme for Stranger Things, I thought to myself how cool it would be to write a song inspired by the show. I’m a super fan, which goes without saying.
SH3 and I debated on which season of Stranger Things is best. I think the 3rd is my favorite but she's keen on the first. So keen that sh3 pays a little homage to it with the light-covered coat SH3's wearing, paying homage to the iconic Christmas lights Winona Ryder's character strings up first season. SH3 hand-made the jacket and also styled all her looks in the video, too. (pretty dope, huh?).

Watch the video below and be sure to follow @SH3official on social media.