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AI Drops "リスペクト" (Respect All) Official Video


EMI/Universal Japan artist AI releases her new single "Respect All". You all know how much I love hip-hop and particularly Japanese hip-hop, so when I saw my homegirl Tomoko killed a classic Bob James sample for this I had to share it.

Bob James is the f'n man. I've been cruising around to Angela's theme the past couple weeks and his hit "Shamboozie" (used here) has been sampled by many in hip-hop, most notably, perhaps Rakim.

AI earnestly wishes for world peace, which is consistent driver in her music. Protect your loved ones, be yourself, and try your best to understand each other. The message is clear, and in hip-hop's 50th anniversary, that's a great international message. 

Watch the video below or click here to listen on your favorite platform: https://lnk.to/Rptai

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