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Ho Ho ho (Christmas Mixtape)

It's that time of year so I feel the need to share my favorite holiday music. The holidays don't feel the same as they used to so it's nice to have traditions and nostalgic memories to help me get back in the proverbial 'spirit of Christmas'. Enter music.

Some of my favorite songs are Christmas songs so when some artists started doing hip-hop takes on famous songs I had to add some to my cue.

Not gonna lie to you but I love me some Kenny G Christmas. I played sax for Years (still got it in my closet) so I can really appreciate that, but Mariah changed the game. 

That being said, I'm going to leave my favorite of the newest holiday songs below and make sure you click here to listen to the Christmas Mixtape I curated with DJ Flaco Flash. (forreal, click that. It's DOPE).

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