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I'm not sure why but there's something about a fresh pair of socks that's just...fresh.

Enter streetwear brand, BBP with some a pair of pairs to keep you warm and cool at the same time.

(All converted prices are current on December 30, 2010 via XE)

BBP KENTE SOCKS - ¥1,260/$15.45


Check out BBP's website and get @ 'em on Twitter.

"Cut Out" Sneakers

Pierre Hardy releases the "Cut Out" sneaker in spring 2011. I'm still on the fence with these. They look pretty fresh but this is like...half sandals/half sneakers.

But if you're interested check out Colette and cop you some.


US brand, Johnny Cupcakes (whom I've been sleeping on) released, and quickly sold out of, it's collaboration with Japanese powerhouse, Hello Kitty.

Check out a few of the gear here and be sure to check out Johnny Cupcakes. They have an incredible story to go behind their growing brand.

Click the titles to go to their individual pages in the shop.

JC/HK Special Delivery Guys

JC/HK Logo Kitty Guys

Kitty Box Sticker


Photoshoot update


Was messing around on photoshop with an old photoshoot I did in PA. This is what I came up with.


Rich Hil Interview

Behind the scenes interview with Rich Hil (yep, Tommy Hilfiger's son) in the Winner's Circle with the homegirl, Lex Effects. I've been looking for some of his stuff for awhile and this interview kinda fell into my lap. Shout out to Lex Effects for this.

Follow Rich on Twitter @RICHHIL
Check out his music and everything else on

Winner's Circle


Slim Thug Interview

I was able to catch up with Slim Thug when he came to Cleveland to promote his new album, Tha Thug Show.


AZ - Jealousy Freestyle


Too Many Urkels

District 81 Clothing drops it's limited edition shirt as an homage to the Kanye line: Too many Urkels on your team, that's why your Winslow off his new release.

Once pressed the letters will be in black with black outline instead of lime green and shirts range from M>4x.

And at $28, it's just in time for Christmas.

Shop and cop here. And tell 'em Essince sent you.



New mixtape by LA MC/battle hero, Dumbfoundead and DJ Zo, Cut & Paste.

Listen here and download it here.

Ameer - "If Life Was Perfect" MV

New video from Tommy Boy recording artist, Ameer, "If Life Was Perfect".



I was SO POSITIVE I posted this in July but I can't find it on here so I had to post it again...mind you it's VERY infectious.

Basically, DJ Pogo [Australia] mashes up and mixes sound/video clips from movies and makes some AMAZING music. PLEASE watch and share this.

Lil Jon on Nick Jr???

Did you catch Lil Jon's appearance on Nick Jr the other day debuting his new song?

What do you think? I think it's brilliant.


GLC Interview

The windy city's Good Music affiliate, GLC came thru Cleveland and I was able to learn some game from the ism.




"Red Splatters added to each shoe that was painted on Painted on. A panda was painted on the inside of one shoe, of each pair. Limited edition Giclee mini print made only for the shoe drop. Signed on archival thick stock art paper."

These are EXTREMELY limited. Short run of 100 pairs. I'm gonna guess they didn't make my giant size 15s so good luck to the rest of you on finding some.

$150 each. If there are any left get 'em from Woebots here.


Curen$y "Flying Iron" ft Fiend

Curren$y ft. Fiend - Flying Iron from Creative Control on Vimeo.

Check out the new video from Curren$y from his album, Pilot Talk 2 which just crossed the 18,000 mark on sales. As an avid anime viewer I can definitely dig the vibe of this video.


Soul Khan - Soul Like Khan

I've been a fan of Soul Khan's for a while, mostly from his battles but he's one of the few battle rappers who can make dope tracks, too. This is a highly anticipated release so check this out and support the kid.

Download "Soul Like Khan" here.

After that check this battle to see what I'm talking about. This is just the tip of the iceberg. He came funny on this but check him on youtube to see him murking some of your favorite street rappers.


Dee-1 - Jay, 50, and Weezy

Hey, what's up, Hip Hop? Where've you been?


Pieces like this really inspire me to get back in to painting (conventional and graffiti). The first painting I ever sold was a mixed media using spray paint and this work is really fresh and I'd love to see a Hush gallery show some time. Check out these pics and hit the link at the bottom for more + info on his showings. - Essince


"Lost In Sofa" [furniture]

Japanese designer, Daisuke Motogi brings the world the "Lost in Sofa" which allows objects to be stored between the cushions and folds of the chair. This is amazing. 

This chair is pretty fresh on its own.

As much as I lose things in the sofa it might be nice to lose something on purpose.

Fellas, you can even be romantic for your lady friend.

Pictures courtesy of


I translated this from French so I hope I got it right. 

"As part of the exhibition "Skate and Destroy", here is the excellent work of Japanese artist Haroshi with this pair of Nike Dunks. It was designed by dozens of skateboards stacked into a 3 dimensional sculpture." -

For more pictures check


Dom Kennedy Interview

Sorry for the super long delay on this...I meant to post this months ago but just like his music, Dom's interviews are timeless lol. Check out my interview and PLEASE check the music if you haven't already. Dude is nice. After the interview click here to see a new video of his and DL his last CD, From the Westside with Love.

Essince: How’re you you doin’, man?

Dom Kennedy: Alright. Alright. I’m good. Chillin’ right now.

Essince: What made you start rhyming? What made you get into hiphop?

Dom Kennedy: Really, being a fan of the music. Just the feelings, the way it made you feel, and the stories, most importantly; the stories and how they connect to your everyday life and how they were relatable. I mean I kinda guess I started like a lot of people do, I guess adding my little twist on popular songs when I was really young. I can just remember changing a person’s city, you know? Wherever they shouted out I added my little city in there, you know? Or my homies. Things like that. Not knowing that would lead to rap or anything like that. Then eventually I started writing in like junior high is when I would really start writing stuff and messing with it but it wasn’t until about 4 years ago when I decided that this is what I wanted to do.

Essince: Where you ever involved in any other aspects of hip hop? Like breakdancing or did you DJ or do graffiti or anything?

Dom Kennedy: Nah, I never did any of those things. My cousin was a DJ. I mean, I always had records and things like that. But, nope! I was never a DJ, didn’t breakdance, I didn’t do anything. I was always the one with, you know, something to say. And I had a way with telling stories.

Essince: That’s one thing I really noticed with [your album] From the Westside with Love. It kinda takes me back to when I would listen to Outkast when I was younger and would feel like I was in Georgia. I felt like I understood everything they were saying even though I’d never been there. Some of your stuff, especially this last one, I really feel like I’m back in LA. What influences you to, I guess, try and make things relatable?

Dom Kennedy: People like Outkast, like you said. You know just the history of rap music and the great artists and groups that have come before and the ones I like the most; the people that gave me the feeling like you just said. You know like when Bone Thugs N Harmony first came out, the whole Cleveland sound. Everybody that was special’s, at least to me, sound was relatable directly to that area and their community. Biggie Smalls, Ice Cube, DJ Quik, Outkast, they were all different. Their music was like you said; you can sit back and listen to it and you can remember streets and things that they talked about. The feeling that you got from me, automatically liking that, is something that, I guess without even question...I probably throw myself into my music. It’s not something that I consciously try to do it’s just what I do. To me [there’s] no other thing to do but to talk about my circumstances in my city and my friends and just being a kid from LA. [It] is all I know.  

Essince: With hip hop, certain areas are popular for awhile. Texas was big for awhile then Atlanta. California seems to have been kinda ignored but sustaining itself for awhile. How do you plan on getting out of that?

Dom Kennedy: I don’t know if it’s something that I necessarily worry about but I figure if I tell my story in its truest form then it’s gonna take care of itself. You know the things I talk about is a story of a kid from LA at the end of the day, but the stories about friends, about girls, about love, about having fun these are things people from all over the world go through. You know? It’s not just specific to just me or just LA. Those are things that everyone can relate to it’s just that LA is where my story takes place. I think the thing that draws people to my music is that they can apply...they can take my stories and just add it to their lives. You know, it’s just that relatability. Mine just happens to take place in LA. Somebody else’s might be in New York, somebody else’s is in Miami or in DC, you know? OC or wherever but the subjects are still the same. We all go through the same things, pretty much.  

E: What are some of your goals with your music?

DK: Some of my goals are just, you know, honesty. To be responsible for my fans for my friends and making us look good at all costs. And anytime my record comes out, or I perform, or a song comes on I wanna be honest and and be able to hold my head up. My music is played no matter who’s there or what type of setting or circumstance. I wanna be able to say this is accurate. I’m proud of this. So I try to give my all, you know? Maintain my integrity with my music. Those are my main goals on a basic level as being an artist and a person. I have to live with this at the end of the day. When I’m 30 I’ll have to look back and say that’s exactly how it was. You know, you can play that and it will say something about what I was doing or how we were living at that time.    

E: Do you have any aspirations to do movies or anything like that?

DK: Maybe to write movies, not to be in any movies. Or maybe create songs for movies and stuff like that. I approach my songs like movies anyway and my songs they are so visual. It’s just an audio recording but I try to make every song like if I had to make a video for it. You should be able to listen to it and see it. You can come up with your own concept for it or whatever. I would love to write a movie some day.

E: You don’t want to be in one?

DK: Nah, probably not.

E: I never wanted to be either. I thought it’d be cool to be in like, the background of a movie. Or being the guy who has like one line in the movie but I don’t want to be the main character. So in the credits it’ll say “Guy with Briefcase: Essince”. [both laugh].

E: Alright, lastly, what can we expect from Dom Kennedy?

DK: Booking shows. Nothing concrete yet but we’re putting a few things together with myself and a few other artists from LA. That’s really what I’m working on, working on my stage presence and just being visual and going out to different cities and performing and getting a chance to feel the energy of the people, getting their thoughts on the project .

Essince: How can someone get a hold of you? How can we find Dom Kennedy on the internet?

Dom Kennedy: Definitely on my website, and on twitter, the same thing and my myspace is but those three are what I’m on the most. Twitter if you wanna follow me closely and hear my thoughts. I talk about my shows. [You can check] my website for updates on my music and all that type of stuff.

Singapore Kane "Tom & Jerry" MV

From the forthcoming sponsored mixtape, Wrath Of Kane, Singapore Kane drops the video for "Tom & Jerry" shot on location in Boston by director Jon Wolf.

Clockwork Music

3sixteen Fall Outerwear Collection

3Sixteen clothing is releasing its 2010 fall outwear line. I'm really excited for the new coats. Fall and winter are my favorite times of the year because of the fashion. I don't even need a new coat but after seeing these, I understand why Santa invented Christmas lists. 

"Given the overwhelming success of our slim-cut Duffel Coat last Fall, we’ve reintroduced the style in three colors: BlackCamel, and a light textured Grey wool." - 3sixteen.

The Stadium Jacket makes its return in new Navy and Spice (pictured above) colorways. The waxed canvas has been sourced from the last remaining manufacturer of this particular type of fabric in the US, and is fully constructed in the USA. - 3sixteen.

Lastly, the Convertible Harrington Jacket is a new style that we’re introducing. The fabric itself is something special: we’ve utilized a water resistant navy wool on the body and given it a black bemberg lining. The traditional Harrington button collar has been replaced with a versatile knit collar that can be worn open, zipped and cuffed down, or fully extended across the lower face. - 3sixteen.

Check out the fall line on 3sixteen here as well as there Twitter and Facebook.



Working to bridge gaps between Cleveland (I was raised in OH) and St. Louis (I lived there for about 5 years including school) I decided to put together this project to showcase some of the talent in each city.

DJ Jack da Rippa
The Ohio Hip Hop Awards blog

DJ T-Gutta

Please check it out. Check out the sponsors. Give it to your friends. Give it to your enemies.

Download CLExSTL Here


Termanology & Statik Selektah "1982" the EP

This EP was originally available with proof of purchase of the new "1982" album but they are releasing the EP free to the fans.

1 The lottery 
2 All night feat. Kali 
3 The Darkest Cloud feat. Chace Infinite 
4 Weird science 
5 Put It Down f. Ghetto & Ea$y Money 
6 Never Gonna (interlude) 
7 Word up 
8 The dream feat. REKS 
9 82 92 feat. Mac Miller (bonus)

Download the mixtape here.

Billy Drease Williams - "Run" MV

The disappearance of music videos from mainstream video outlets is both a blessing and a becomes harder to get mainstream exposure for videos but on the other hand we as artists now have full creative control....

and with that control videos like this are made.

With a hypnotizing hook and great imagery, I had to post this video. I can't say I'm familiar with Billy but I'll def. be on the look out now...his CD might make a great Xmas gift, too.

Buy "Good Morning Amy" now in itunes or on Amazon

Booking, Inquiries, Requests: contact Tony Caferro: or 716.873.2151. Tell him Essince sent you.


Hip Hop In: JAPAN

I was going through one of the hiphop magazines I bought in Japan and decided to check out some of the MCs' websites. I found a video I kinda like. A dude named Young Hastle did the V mix (not the remix, the v-mix) for one of my favorite articles of clothing, the V-Neck.

I'm glad someone finally appreciates this timeless piece of apparel. My grandpa [RIP} was a stylish man and I always remember him rocking some Perry Ellis and Ralph Lauren V necks.

Anyway this track features some other Japanese rappers: Y's, Ohli-Day, Yuki, Jaysman, and some other dude whose name is cut off on the Youtube title. lol. (gomen [sorry]).

Enjoy how rap has spread world wide. 

- Essince

Y's verse (verse 2)
Wow! I'm a YELLOW
この街のブーム作り出す HELLO
anvil,Hanes,PC(PRO CLUBの略),POLO
NICEなPUSS* 勢いブッチ
流行なんてのは結局BULL SHI*
みんなお気にのV-NECK TEE
なら新品じゃなけりゃNO SEXY
何が良い?とかどうでも良い ただ
俺ならやっぱ下げるダイヤ Holla!!!

for consideration for feature in this series contact

See previous episodes:
Ep. 5 - Germany
Ep. 4 - Thailand
Ep. 3 - Norway
Ep. 2 - Hong Kong
Ep. 1 - Cambodia


THIS is how you do a college tour!

New heads, this is how you hustle.
Old heads, this is how you keep your focus and gain new fans.



My last show on my Japan tour was in Osaka at the Summer Sonic after party at club AtlantiQs. A dude by the name of DJ Tsucchi Raida rocked and MURDERED it. He played the original records for some of dopest samples around...

I don't know HOW he found those records but he did and he's murder on 'em. Check this out and vibe out. Dude is NICE.

Check his blog here (It's in Japanese, though). lol.


Maclyn Lucille "Where You At"

I had the pleasure of meeting ms. Maclyn earlier this year and have been working with her DJ, DJ Ruckkus, for years. I'm so excited to see what she'll be doing in the near/extended future.

DJs, get at me for instrumentals.

Maclyn Lucille - Where You At (click to listen or right click+save as to DL)

Maclyn Lucille - Head 2 Toe (click to listen or right click+save as to DL)

For booking/mgmt contact:

Theophilus Longon "Flying Overseas" MV

I've been a big fan of Theo London for a few years. This is one of my favorite tracks off of his I Want You Mixtape. Let me know what you think. I love his old school/new school vibe. Well done, man.


Orange Paperquest

I don't know TOO much of the back story for these toys...mostly because the site I learned about them from is in French and je ne parle pas bien le france. So yea...I'll let the art speak for itself and if you want to learn/see more visit

Be sure to hit Fubiz to see more.


Machine Gun Kelly "Lace Up" mixtape DL

Cleveland's own, Machine Gun Kelly releases his highly anticipated project, LACE UP with the assistance of another OH great, DJ EV.

Download the project here.


Shout out to EST, EV, and everyone affiliated with the movement. Ohio stand up.


Tokyo Tribe 2

In all honesty, Tokyo Tribe 2 is one of my favorite cartoon series ever...not just anime, in which it is also among the top, but I mean animated series...

If you like anime and gangland, you'll love Tokyo Tribe.

Adapted from manga series by Santa Inoue.

Watch the whole series here.

Maintain "Lesson Plan (remix)" ft Way & Big Calo [MV]

New video by Maintain featuring Big Calo & Way of Thaitanium. Directed by the homie, DJ Buddah in beautiful Thailand. Listen to some good music, watch a dope video, and learn yourself a little about Thailand & hip hop all in one sitting.

LACOSTE × STONESTHROW - Chevel (Men's Sneaker)

Stones Throw has teamed with iconic French sportswear brand Lacoste for a limited edition sneaker, a part of the Lacoste Legends series. 
"Materials & Design: Stones Throw's sneaker is full grain leather upper with textile detailing - a tongue crafted from petit piqué cotton, incorporating a woven Lacoste-branded tab finished with a mother-of-pearl button, referencing the intricate detailing found on the L.12.12 Polo. Designed by Peanut Butter Wolf."  - Stones Throw

Click here to see more pics, read more info, & buy more shoes at the Stones Throw Records site.