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DJ Muggs x Dizzee Rascal (BTS video)

I was blessed to be on set for the shooting of the new DJ Muggs, Dizzee Rascal, Bambu video for their song, "Snap Ya Neck Back"

Want proof? Here's a sh!tty picture from my camera phone.

And one with me and Diz

I have some other video of the filming process but haven't edited it yet. Maybe I'll post or maybe I won't. Who knows. The song sounds pretty dope, though. I can't wait to see the finished video.

Iron Solomon x Talib Kweli

Um...this is hot. Like...really hot. Iron Solomon has really impressed me with his MC skills beyond the battle circuit and with his latest release, Redrum Radio he gives a taste of what's to come with his forthcoming album, Monster (featuring Talib, Paul Wall, and more).

Iron also produced this track along with Isaiah and these drums are nasty.

After you relisten a few times download the song here.


A$AP Rocky x Jeremy Scott

Umm...Complex's description is pretty sweet so I'll just use theirs. I was kinda iffy on if I liked A$AP Rocky or not. I thought he was cool just didn't know what to feel about him. This video for some reason makes me respect him a little more. Big up to Jeremy Scott and Complex for this, though.

"Style defines culture. Our people define style." What better way to sum up Complex's February/March 2012 issue, starring style kings A$AP Rocky and Jeremy Scott? Hip-hop's hottest rookie has been rocking Jeremy's outrageous designs for years, before LIVE.LOVE.A$AP and that infamous $3 million deal brought his Harlem Mob to the forefront of NYC rap. And while Jeremy is no stranger to hip-hop's flashiest stars, it's good to see the veteran fashion icon is still embracing the new generation with open arms.


Stalley x DJ Khaled – City of 30,000 Wolves

I like that not only is MMG not attempting to change Stalley to fit their mold (like Wale seems to be happy to do) but they didn't just sign him and sit him on the bench. He teams up with DJ Khaled (who does a lot more than people think he does...he doesn't just yell on songs. lol) on the DJ Toomp produced track, "City of 30k Wolves".

Respect to America's heartland [Ohio].

Krayzie Bone x Ray Cash "Go Dumb" MV

Title is pretty self-explanatory. 2 of Cleveland's finest team up and "go dumb" in a pretty nice video (the skyline shots are dope) done by my family at ThaDoubleO.

Chels "The Lesson"

The N.O,'s 20-year-old, Chels drops her single, "The Lesson" featuring Ace Boogie from her forthcoming, True School For The Moon Children (TSFTMC) CD, set to be released HERE on Jan 31, 2012.

I posted her Hiii Power remix here a while back.


Steve Stoute x Lady Gaga

Music/media mogul, Steve Stoute conducts a pretty nice interview with Lady Gaga on The Tanning Effect on everything from the connection of people to the meaning behind Ye & Jay's "Otis" video. I featured a dope video with Steve on "What Is Cool" awhile back, too.


LA Clique x Lil Debbie

My CA fam, LA Clique finally dropped their collab with Lil Debbie in the form of a pretty ill pullover. 
They have this to say of the release on their website:

"The highly anticipated collab has finally dropped, and believe us when we say it has been a dope experience for all of us, check out the first of many collabs between our girl Lil Debbie & ourselves at L.A Clique Clothing Co...We are fully stocked on women sizes small - large".

I usually don't feature women's fashion (mostly because I'm a guy and I don't care) but this is pretty fresh. And I know some of y'all have a lady friend who you'd like to keep looking good, right?

Big up to LA Clique and respect to Lil Debbie. This is fresh.


Iggy Azalea "Ignorant Art"

I think because I'm not the "traditional MC" (race/location/background), I like to check other people who don't fit the proverbial mold. Lately, I've been on this 'white girl rapper' phase and never really posted anything from Australia-born, CA-raised femcee, Iggy Azalea (who's rumored to be talking with Def Jam).

Definitely got that Slauson sound.

Download her mixtape HERE

NIGO x Converse Addict

picture via Nigo's Blog

Japanese designer, Nigo (BAPE) has partnered with Converse to design for their Japanese Addict line. He added a zipper on the side which, to me, is pretty nifty. I had some old high top Pumas I could lace losely enough I never had to tie them and I don't feel like retying my shoes all the time. This zipper would be nice. lol "He has also utilized a Vibram sole to further enhance the intriguing look (and feel) of the sneaker". - Complex

Available March 10th in white or brown in select stores.

For more information (and if you read Japanese or know how to use Google Translate...or both like me. lol) go to Nigo's blog

picture via Nigo's blog

Tyler Cymone "Shook"

My girl, Tyler Cymone definitely does her thing on this "Shook Ones" remix.

I did an interview with her when I was out in LA but while I'm finishing that up check this feature/go behind the scenes with her on 365Voice.

Get @Tyler_Cymone and tell her @Essince says what's up.


Nipsey Hussle "Forever on Some Fly Sh!t" MV

Nipsey Hussle drops his new video for "Forever on Some Fly Sh!t" from his latest release, The Marathon Continues

MAN, I miss Japan! I'm gonna start looking at plane tickets now, actually. I haven't been there in a few months. Maybe the exchange rate is better now. lol


PRVLGD LIFE (spring 2012)

I met up with the owners behind NY men's lifestyle brand, Privileged Life at Agenda in Long Beach a few weeks ago and I wanted to feature some pieces from their spring look book.

See how their designs went from THIS....

To these...

The have some pretty ill pieces for that classy but still trendy streetwear look.

Here's to the Privileged Life


Gnarlon Brando's Midnight Noir (inst. album)

Producer, Lee Bannon presents a pretty nice instrumental album in Gnarlon Brando's Midnight Noir.

Gnarlon Bando's Midnight Noir by lee bannon

Masspike Miles "N!66as in Paris" freestyle

MMG's resident R&B star, Masspike Miles preps to release his upcoming project "Say Hello To Forever" [January 24th] he releases his take on Jay-Z and kanye's "Niggas in Paris".

Whatchall think?

Masspike Miles "Niggas In Paris" (freestyle) by clockworkmusic


Burner (Germany's KarmaLoop)

I've done a lot of features of international hiphop (my ongoing "Hip Hop In" series, most recently was Spain)
So I decided to do a feature on a clothing store (fashion is a part of hiphop, right?)

Burner is one of the oldest online hiphop shops in Germany; selling the latest streetwear, sneakers, and hip hop gear for over 10 years.

Their fast shipping & friendly customer service combined with their selection are what have kept them in business for so long. (They have a pretty dope selection of Nike Shox but I'm kinda diggin' this FORVERT hoodie.

They have US sizes, too so no worries but I'm hoping to travel to Germany soon so I'm definitely gonna keep them on my radar.

Knightstalker “Countdown (7Inch Remix)” MV

Knightstalker releases a dope video to help generate buzz for his forthcoming Knighttime album.

You can pre-order the "Countdown (7" rmx") here.

Check some of his previous releases at his Bandcamp (his social media links are there, too).


Essince Throwback: MC Breed

What can I say about this song besides it's SO dope.

And dope songs inspire dope "remixes" so after you enjoy how ill the late MC Breed (R.I.P.) was in this track check out "No Future" by the Dayton Family's own, Bootlegg from Flint, MI ft MC Breed.

*sorry I couldn't find a decent post of the video.

Ain't No Future In Yo' Frontin'!

"LeBron 9" Miami Heat fitted

In celebration of the LeBron 9s New Era releases this new Miami fitted.

I know as a NE Ohio native I'm "not supposed to support dude" but not only is this hat ill I always support anyone from OH (I used to play ball with LeBron in Joy Park in E. Akron when I was a kid).

For more pics and to buy click here to check @CraniumFitteds

Brenton Brown "Lemme Know" MV

Umm....this is hot.

Brenton Brown (NY/MIA) drops his new video for Lemme Know ft GhostWridah (produced by The R.E.G.I.M.E.) off the forthcoming, The Brenton Brown Affair.

Maybe because the internet has ruined my attention span but I usually don't sit through videos anymore...especially from acts I've never heard of before but this sh!t had my full attention.

Download "Lemme Know" here


Social Villains "Lawless Game" T

When I was at Agenda in LBC this past week I met up with a brand from San Jose called Social Villains. They have some dope designs and their fitteds are on point! (future post). Plus having pretty women at the booth didn't hurt at all. (Hola, Kristine y Evelyn)

But check out this design for their "Lawless Game" T.

Check out @SocialVillains'  recap from Agenda here and stay tuned for my Agenda video coming soon.

Hex spring/summer 2012

This is the official lookbook video for Hex's spring/summer line of accessories for this year. I love not only the simplicity in their designs but also the functionality (pockets in the right places, etc). Great watches and bags which are designed perfectly for not only the modern man [technologically] but also the person on the go.

For more go to

Twitter @ShopHex


Skyzoo "Could've Struck the Lotto" MV

The new Skyzoo video was shot on a roof top during the last year's A3C Festival in Atlanta.

Download 'The Great Debater" by @Skyzoo here.


Masspike Miles "Infatuated" MV


Masspike Miles' "Say Hello to Forever" will available January 10th exclusively on iTunes and


Levi Maestro x Vans Vault | UNDFTD LA Launch

Since I'm in LA right now you know I had to hit up the Undefeated store for the release. Check the trailers for the release of Levi Maestro's first show (it was wishful thinking these come in 15s lol).


This came out super blurry but that's Maestro on the left


Stance "Sock Monkey" socks

I was at Agenda in Long Beach this week and beside all the dope streetwear brands I met I found Stance who specializes in the forgotten footwear, socks (I'm trademarking that, btw).

They had a cool promotion going where if you donate your socks (which I really liked, btw) they'll give you a pair of theirs. They wash all the socks and donate them to the homeless which is pretty cool.

I chose the 'Sock Monkey' style...mostly because they make them big enough to fit people like me (I got the 13.5-16s).

+ combed cotton
+ elastic arch support
+ Seamless toe closure
+ Y gore seam
+ Deep heel pocket
+ Self adjusting welt cuff
+ signature logo

I got a free foot massage out of it from a beautiful woman, too (win-win).

*UPDATE: Turns out she was a Maxim Magazine 'hometown hottie'. Cool, right?

SUPPORT  @StanceSocks by clicking here.


Brother Ali "Writer's Block" MV

Produced by the one and only Jake One, my favorite MC, Brother Ali drops an ill video and track with "Writer's Block" off the forthcoming "Mourning In America and Dreaming In Color" album. He's one of...maybe 2 people whose entire music catalogs I own (Big Pun being the only other I can think of). I've seen him live/met him a few times in St. Louis. Dude is dope.

Listen/DL below or click here.
Brother Ali - Writer's Block (prod. Jake One) by rhymesayers

Akomplice Toggle Hooded Varsity Jacket

"The Toggle Varsity [$130] is a new spin on the classic Hooded Varsity Jacket. The jacket features wooden toggles with hidden button snaps to give the wearer multiple options. The jacket has a wool body with cotton sleeves and satin lining." - Akomplice

AK also teamed up with Heiroglyphics recenty to release a themed varsity hoody which comes with buttons instead of the wooden toggles seen above.


Ray Cash "Don King"

Cleveland's own, Ray Cash drops his new mixtape which pays homage to fellow OH native, famed boxing promoter/gangster, Don King. I caught up with Ray about a month ago and he was definitely excited about this project. Check it out below to see why.

Download Mixtape Free | Mixtape Player