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Double B x Laces "Head in the Clouds"

I went to school with Double B and we did quite a few shows/open mics together and one thing about this kid I always admired was his stage presence. He puts on a great show with energy and crowd interaction (and he can turn a phrase or two, too). I remember him telling me he opened for/met Lady Sovereign a while back and I had a thing for Lady Sov (still kinda do) so I'll always lightweight hate Double B for that but whatever. Enjoy the video.

Download the track below by naming your price.



Prince Pac

Pistols in Paradise does it again with this ill 'Prince Pac' shirt. (Remember them from this hella clean Biggie Shakespear shirt & the equally dope Caribbean Capone shirt?)

Pistols in Paradise has a lot of ill looks and they drop some street knowledge on twitter under , too so follow up.

Order the Pistols in Paradise "Prince Pac" shirt here.


Essince Throwback: "In My Bed"

I don't know what it is about singers rocking classic rap beats (or in this case a flip/sample of a nasty Nas beat), but Amy Winehouse (R.I.P.) rocked this.

I definitely had a thing for her. Her voice is ill but something about those dark eyes high cheekbones does it for me. Rest in Peace, Amy.

Check "In My Bed" by Amy Winehouse.


Mishka "Stoney Baloney" crewneck

Released on 4/20 [hopefully you jammed this song], Mishka presents the "Stoney Baloney" crewneck. Enjoy.

Order yours here [this links to green]


Lil Dicky "Ex-Boyfriend" MV

haha! Shout out to mi hermano Miguel for sending this to me. haha!

Download Lil Dicky's debut mixtape "So Hard" here.

* Essince Update* I checked out some other videos of his and yo, he's ill..seriously. All jokes aside he can spit and has some crazy word play. Check this dude out...


Essince Throwback: Apache " Gangsta B!tch"

YOOOOO!!! This might be my favorite edition of the Essince Throwback series on social media's #ThrowbackThursdays. If you don't know the late, Apache "you ain't sh!t" (not really...but whatevers).

Apache's life and career were tragically cut short but he is immortalized in song for the love we both have for Gangsta Bitches (I have a thing for cholas). Can anyone tell if that's a cameo by Treach at 1:11?

"This goes out to all the gangsta bitches..."

R.I.P. Apache!


"Rise of the Ghostface Killah" MV

Ghost is back with his video for "Rise of the Ghostface Killah" from "Twelve Reasons To Die" by Ghostface & Adrian Younge. In Stores Now!

The ESSINCE of Hip-Hop (teaser)

As SOME of you may know, I will be hosting my own music video show on a new network. I'll be debuting the pilot episode next week but in the MEAN time, I wanted to share the intro teaser I made.

Check it out!


Chingo Bling keeps it Juan Hunna

You know what to do.

Download here.



There were rumors and fake leaks of this track but check this official release by Daft Punk and Pharell, "Get Lucky".

This is the jam...forreal. I'm definitely looking forward to their new album, Random Acess Memories.

Download the song on iTunes here.

P.S. Around 2:20 something cool happens

The Gold Snake Tank Top

Finally Famous comes with this ill snake skin print tank. 
100% cotton and made in the same country as me, Honduras. I can attest to the beauty and durability of all their exports so consider this an investment. lol

Order here from the good people @CraniumFitted.


April 20 means it's "Harvest Season" (trailer)

Next [@Anyextee, CEO of Amalgam Digital and the man behind the controversial "Egypt Through the Glass Shop") brings his latest work, "Harvest Season" and just in time for 4/20. [imagine that!]

The film will debut today (4/20) at you guessed it...4:20pm guessed in, the Cannibus Cup in good ol' Denver.
For updates on @HarvestSeason follow that and @Anyextee.

You can read a little more here.

P.S. Here's some background music to celebrate today to.

Let's Celebrate with Devin, Snoop & 3stacks

I may not partake like I did back in the day but what could be better than Devin the Dude, Snoop Dogg, and Andre3000?

Nothing...the answer is nothing.

(even the dimension of this video is 420 x 315 lol)


Sikai "Make You Feel Alrite" MV

Life's been great as of late so I wanted to continue with my feel good music. With that being said allow me to introduce you to CT's own, Sikai [@SikaiMusic, newly featured in XXL's "The Break"] with his new video for "Make You Feel Alrite" featuring Moufy (appropriate name lol).

Enjoy the video and your life.



Essince Throwback: Soul For Real "Candy Rain"

What better way to celebrate a beautiful mid-70s day than to be inside blogging a video about rain...wait...I'm going outside. Watch this, though. Soul For Real was the business.

Like Sunday Morning

I've been in a weird/pensive mood as of late. I've got a lot on my plate and mind. I've always been a HUGE animation buff (American, Japanese, Tex Avery...whatever. At one point I wanted to be a hand animator for Disney) so this video for "EASY" by Mat Zo & Porter Robinson caught my eye and the song is mad catchy, too.

Easy - Mat Zo & Porter Robinson (Official Video) from The Line on Vimeo.

I've been wanting to escape to Tokyo again and this video is only pushing me further toward that decision. But enough about my 1/4 life crisis. Zone out in this.


"Cry Like A Ghost" MV

Passion Pit - "Cry Like A Ghost from DANIELS on Vimeo.

Yo, this is one of the most creatively directed videos I've seen in awhile. A friend went to see Passion Pit recently (remember their song "Little Secrets" from that cell phone commercial?) and they have a very infectious sound. Check this video, though. Then Cry Like a Ghost.


RAEN Deus: Lenox Sunglasses

I've been a fan of sunglasses ever since I switched to contacts from glasses a few years back (making up for lost time 'eye' suppose). And Raen's sunglasses caught my eye (no pun intended....or achieved). After getting a recent press release from them I went back to their site and saw these.

"RAEN and Deus Ex Machina have paired up for a limited edition co-branded eyewear collaboration featuring three RAEN eyewear styles – the Lenox, Squire, and Underwood – that each convey a rugged yet refined demeanor. Each handmade piece of eyewear features an exclusive woodgrain matte acetate finish, Optics by Carl Zeiss Vision sun lens and custom etched Deus logo details. The limited edition exterior packaging features a motorcycle print designed by Deus Creative Director Carby Tuckwell, as well as a custom eyewear sock and optics case for additional carrying protection."

• Handcrafted Zyl Acetate Frame
• Optics by Carl Zeiss CR-39 Lens offering 100% UVA/UVB protection
• Shipped with custom DEUS case and sock

Sweet, right? If they haven't yet these are limited and will sell out soon so check here


Accidents Happen

So I try not to get into controversial topics here, I use this site to post things that are dope and that's it...BUT recently, thanks to a dude named Mario Dones, I listened to this LL Cool J and country star Brad Paisley song, "Accidental Racist"...I get the concept...southern white guy and black guy proving they can get along despite current cultural differences. Right on.

This discussion NEEDS to happen because I know a lot of white guys with confederate flags on their trucks who claim it has nothing to do with racism ["anymore"] and also that they weren't alive during the civil war and slavery so they're innocent.

These are topics for other forums but this is just what's being said. RIGHT, you weren't born yet but to many people that flag represents something. THIS is the topic of the LL x Brad song.

Check the original below and Mario's response below. his version just has an additional verse at the beginning and plays the full song but I think it's important to listen to the original FIRST (with an open mind) before listening to someone's take on it but listen nonetheless....

I respect LL immensely for doing this and I know he'll receive flack for it being the first person....honestly I think it came off cheesy and like he's saying ok forget the past. You're right you don't need to try and see from our POV but at least maybe SOMETHING will happen (hopefully bloodless this time).

Love is the answer. Ess out.


Bishop Lamont is Back!

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce to some and re-introduce to others....Bishop Lamont!

The west coast flamespitter has been doing his thing for a minute and is back with a new video, "Ya Losin'", enlisting the help of Ryu [Styles of Beyond] & Gravity chr*st.

Be sure to listen to Bishop's latest release, "the Layover" below.


Essince Throwback: Big Bear "Doin Thangs"

I remember first seeing this cover on some list (made by people who have NO understanding of hip-hop I might add) of the "worst rap album covers" or some sh!t like that.

I personally thought this cover was sweet. lol I forgot about it until a friend photoshopped himself into it and I had to check it out...and yo...dude SNAPS on this! lol I never thought I'd like it as much as I do but this cat bear is the business.

Check "No Lies" from the 1998 album "Doin' Thangs" by CA's own, Big Bear.


Essince Ticket Giveaway! [Missouri Edition]

Round 2 of the Joey Bada$$ x Flatbush Zombies x Dj Statik Selektah contest. 

Again, simple rules just share this post using the widgets below for a chance to win. I have a number in my head and if you're that person you win 2 FREE TICKETS to the Columbia, Missouri stop of the tour Sunday April, 10th at the Blue Note.

Join me in celebrating the new video by Joey Bada$$, "Unorthodox" thru Green Label Sound [@Dew_GLS]

The Contest ends soon so SHARE! SHARE! SHARE! 
*If you use the facebook button be sure to tag Essince in your post so I can see it*

Joey Bada$$ - "Unorthodox" (Produced by DJ Premier) from GreenLabelSound on Vimeo.

Fluid Outrage "The Lost Book"

I met Fluid Outrage in Nashville a few weeks ago and posted his last project on my site (check it I see he just released something new with @DjSirSwift and so I checked it out and wanted to share it with you.

Check out @FluidOutrage on


24 HOUR CONTEST!! See Joey BadA$$ & Flatbush Zombies LIVE!

Join me in celebrating the new video by Joey Bada$$, "Unorthodox" thru Green Label Sound [@Dew_GLS]

The tour is coming through Ohio Wednesday April, 10th at Brick Street in Oxford, OH and I'm giving you a chance to win 2 FREE TICKETS to see Joey Bada$$, Flatbush Zombies, and more! All I need you to do is 
follow these SIMPLE RULES
Follow @Essince on twitter and mention me when you share this link.
I have a random number picked out in my head and that person wins the tickets.

The Contest ends tomorrow! TWEET! TWEET! TWEET!

Joey Bada$$ - "Unorthodox" (Produced by DJ Premier) from GreenLabelSound on Vimeo.

Check the tour schedule below and STAY TUNED...I MAY be sending someone to another date or somewhere else soon, too...

Beast Coastal Dates
Thu-Mar-21 - Portland - Peter's Room
Fri-Mar-22 - Whistler - Garfinkle's
Sat-Mar-23 - Vancouver - Vogue Theatre
Sun-Mar-24 - Seattle - Neumos
Tue-Mar-26 - Reno - The Alley
Wed-Mar-27 - San Francisco - Slim's
Thu-Mar-28 - San Diego - Porter's Pub
Fri-Mar-29 - Santa Barbara - Velvet Jones
Sat-Mar-30 - San Bernardino - Paid Dues Festival / Nos Center
Tue-Apr-02 - New Haven - Toad's Place
Wed-Apr-03 - Boston - Middle East
Thu-Apr-04 - Providence - PVD Social Club
Fri-Apr-05 - Montreal - Underworld
Sat-Apr-06 - Ottawa - Ritual Nightclub
Sun-Apr-07 - Hamilton - Club Absinthe
Tue-Apr-09 - Pontiac - Crofoot
Wed-Apr-10 - Oxford, OH - Brick Street ***
Thu-Apr-11 - Chicago - Reggie's
Fri-Apr-12 - Madison - University of Wisconsin-Madison
Sat-Apr-13 - Bloomington - The Castle Theatre
Sun-Apr-14 - Columbia - The Blue Note
Tue-Apr-16 - Pittsburgh - Altar Bar
Wed-Apr-17 - Baltimore - Soundstage
Sat-April-20 - New York - Gramercy Theatre


9Five Eyewear is back with the LIMITED EDITION Watson 2 (wrapped with Red Crocodile leather, Gold metal trim, adn black leather wrapped fronts).

These go live on this THURSDAY at 11am PST

"This is a 9FIVE exclusive and will not be sold anywhere else. Comes with black polarized or clear lens. Only 60 pieces made worldwide."


7 Minutes in Heaven with Insane Clown Posse

lol This is old and has nothing to do with anything but your pure uncomfortable entertainment.

You're welcome.

The Fine Art of Coffee Portraiture

STORYBOARD: The Fine Art of Coffee Portraiture from Tumblr on Vimeo.

I don't drink coffee...but this makes me want to start. This is dope.

I wonder if I can do this with hot chocolate...


Sean Price is a "Bar Barian"

Sean P is the don. Dude is mad cool. I met him while on tour as Iron Solomon's tour manager up the west coast a while back (He toured with Boot Camp Clik). Check it out and cop the Deluxe version of "Mic Tyson" by Sean Price on itunes.


Essince Throwback: Onyx SLAM

I used to rap to this on the bus to school.

This is/was/will be my JAM!


Reverie "Need Me pt 2" MV

I'm a big fan of Reverie [ya tu sabes] so you know I had to check her new video for "Need Me pt 2" when she dropped it recently and you know I was gonna post it, too. So to you I say, enjoy amigos.

After you watch her video check out the interview I did with Reverie HERE

P.S. Rev, hit me up next time you're casting for a video dude. I've been working out.



This might be one of the most creatively themed videos I've seen in awhile. Much respect to MC x Producer duo, Azrael & Metawon for this video.

The video "follows two sleuths as they investigate the appearance of a mysterious being. Follow Azrael and Sythe through the historic streets of Eastvan as they uncover the identity of the unknown visitor!"

I gotta get back out to Vancouver soon. Check out their album below.


New York Knicks Tribal Strapback

The strapbacks are making a comeback....well...they were never THAT big so it's not a "comeback" per se...but I'm seeing them being manufactured more often now.

As I said in the fall of 2012, Tribal patterns would be the in pattern this year and I'm definitely seeing a return to natural colors and earth tones. This New York Knicks "The Team" tribal hat displays that pattern with various shades and patterns of blue.

I'm really digging the continued pattern on the strap, too. The hat isn't too busy in the back which helps the strap stand out.

Cop yours from the good folks @CraniumFitteds HERE