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ESSINCE x Cranium Fitteds Summer Style Guide

It's about that time, y'all! I teamed up with Cranium Fitteds to pick out some new summer looks in another of ESSINCE's Style Guides. Let's begin.

Let's start with this Slowbucks The Paper Chaser Tee
Slowbucks has been growing and they've been growing on me, too.

I'd pair that shirt with these "All Over Floral Cargo Shorts" from Buyer's Choice

100% Cotton. Ill floral print, cargo pockets to carry your stash (of whatever it is you kids carry these days). And the red works well with the shirt.

We're already wearing Buyer's Choice for now so lets's just add these Black & Silver Cliffhouse Sunglasses to your face?

Accessorize further as you see fit. You don't need a hat with this. Maybe a nice watch or bracelet. Some light colored kicks/lo tops and you're good to spend a day at the boardwalk or at a BBQ.

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