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Today I felt like featuring one of my favorite childhood players, Tyron "Mugsy" Bogues. Due to a stray bullet as a child, Bogues' growth was stunted. But that clearly didn't stop him form pursuing his dream and becoming an incredible player and personality in the NBA and he also unwillingly donated his abilities to the Monstars in their game against Michael Jordan in Space Jam.

Though, to my knowledge, he was never a rapper like these NBA players or Kevin Durant but he was a great player. For those of you who were never able to appreciate his abilities check it and learn yourself:


The 1975 "Settle Down"

Another thanks to the good people at Shazam for helping me discover music. I was at Taco Bell with my old man yesterday and this came on while he was talking about something. Like any good, attentive son I pulled out my phone so I could hear pay even MORE attention to what was playing over the speakers.

Now I share with you. De nada:


WWE's JOHN CENA & Wiz Khalifa "BREAKS"

There probably aren't many people happier that John Cena is back in the studio than me. Yes, I not only like wrestling and rap but I like Rappin' Wrestlers ('memba dat?). With WWE 2k15 coming out they released a soundtrack and this is one of the lead singles.


Cleveland Browns 2 Tone [SCOREBIG]

So a while back I spoke with someone at Scorebig which is an event ticket buying website. The difference with Scorebig is that you can make an offer on seats. Be it general admission, 5-star seating, sports, broadway, and more!

I decided to give it a whirl and ended up getting 4-star seating tickets to today's Cleveland Browns/Oakland Raiders game for the low. I volunteered to work concessions there once as a 15-year-old but I've never been to a Browns game I gotta come fit, right?

Try this 2 Tone Cleveland Browns fitted from Cranium Fitteds.

But I'm definitely using Scorebig again for tickets. Straight up. I travel a lot and next time I'm out of town and want to catch a game I'm gonna check it out.


Honey Cocaine "Like a Drug"

I've been a fan of Honey Cocaine for a minute. She dropped her new project, "Like A Drug" for her birthday. I'm jammin' it now while catching up on some design work (how's the new layout, by the way??). But check it out. This hits pretty hard. I'll probably throw this in my car when I head out tonight.


Buyer's Choice: The Indian Applique Crewneck

Buyer's Choice goes Native with this new Indian Applique crewneck. 100% Cotton so it's mad comfortable.


Fluid Outrage "Fluid Outrage Radio"

I've posted content from Nashville's Fluid Outrage before. Before dude's Dope. Essince co-sign. He just hit me up about his new project. No more words. Just listening.

Powered by


Aaron Cohen "Ain't Shit"

Upon reading the comments someone called him a "skinny Action Bronson" lol. I personally don't hear the resemblance but I can see it I guess (not really). BUT, dude can spit. I always liked his music. Check out his video for "Ain't Sh!t"

twitter @MrAaronSCohen
instagram @aaroncohenmusic
facebook aaroncohenmusic


DJ Caesar catches up with MGK on #WeekendWork

The homie Dj Caesar caught up with the homie, MGK.

"It was the first annual "Making Good Kids" event out in Queens, NY with Machine Gun Kelly at Burgandy's Cafe! He got on the grill made burgers for the kids & then personally gave them out. @DJ_Caesar & Coach P.R spoke to MGK about touring with Limp Bizkit, new music on the way & more..."


E-40 "Red Cup" ft B.O.B., Kid Ink & T-Pain MV

Pool Party + Good Music + Comedian Cameos = E-40s new video featuring King Ink, B.O.B., and T-Pain.


A3C Update (days 1-2)

For those who know I'm here in Atlanta for A3C this week. I hosted a conference panel on Wednesday and have another one on Sunday. During the week I'm doing media and networking of course.

I wanted to share some music and pics from the first 2 days. [cue the music:]


ESSINCE THROWBACK: Welcome To Atlanta (A3C Edition)

MAN what a crazy way to start my trip to Atlanta....


Childish Gambino "STN MTN Kauai" [Mixtape]

He's back, yo. The one and only Donald [insert Wu-tang Name Generator name] Glover. Check the new project yo.


Rogue "Never Get Caught" [dj mix]

I met Rogue while planning some events with the Scratch DJ Academy in NYC a few months back. We talked a few times and I always wanted to hear some of her work. This last visit of to NY we talked for a big again and I got her links and yesterday she drops this ill new mix she describes as "Future Trap/Bass Mix with a story to tell."

Gather round, children:


ESSINCE THROWBACK: Men at Large "Use Me"

This past weekend I was a guest speaker at the Ohio Hip-Hop Awards again. The lifetime achievement award went to the one and only Dave Tolliver of the platinum-selling R&B group, Men at Large and former radio personality. They had some classics under Gerald Levert and I felt it appropriate to share this.

Man, I miss R&B...


Jaden Smith (aka Wilough) "Trophy"

Jaden's had some...interesting tweets and outfits (word to the white bat suit) but kid seems to have inherited his dad's rhyming abilities. This track is pretty enough that I'll probably check his "Cool 22" tape when it drops.

Your turn: