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Haley Smalls "Imagination" [album]

I posted an album from Haley Smalls earlier this year [thanks to the heads up from the talented/lovely Victoria Di Giovanni] and it was SO DOPE so I thought it was appropriate to make her new project, "Imagination" my last post of 2015.

(the title cut is my Jam right now). And for some reason the datpiff player is being kinda bogus right now and not loading on chrome But it seems to work on my phone? If the player doesn't load click here to listen on datpiff.

Keep in touch with her on IG @haleysmalls


#KIPGANG - Fifth Element (Free Album) [UK]

My family from across the pond, Knowledge is Power from the UK released their new album, "Fifth Element" and it's their 3rd album from their team of artists and producers.

Download the full zip here and be sure to visit


Sahtyre - Buzz Aldrin

The homie, Sahtyre just dropped his new video for "Buzz Aldrin". People will THINK it's his new music video for his single "Buzz Aldrin" off his LSD Saga album but really it's just him reading a book report about his favorite astronaut. Beautifully shot, though.

Happy Learning!


IG @sahtlsd

Twitter @sahtyre


Feliz Navidad!

Ho Ho, hoe. It's Chrimbus time again so you know what that means! Time for my annual sharing of my and DJ Flaco Flash's Chrismixtape.

Mariah is cool and all but I wanted to share my favorite [urban] Xmas tunes from Snoop, Eazy, Luda, and many more!

Feliz Navidad!
(track list comes up when you play)

Back Cover (pardon the typos)



Yes Yes, Y'all. I'm getting back in the radio game. I accepted an offer to host a new Radio show on Blackan Radio based in Osaka, Japan! "Beats N Miso" with ESSINCE is COMING SOON!

I'm getting music together now or my debut episode. Have music you'd like to submit? Hit the contact page and send me PROPERLY LABELED MP3s (example: Artist - Title.mp3 and cover art (if you have it).

Thanks! I can't wait to share the first episode. I'll be sure to post again when you can tune in and check it out.



Aaron Cohen "Superlow" MV

Right now in the midwest (but currently snow-less Ohio) I'm sitting by a roaring fire and catching up on emails and doing other work before a dinner meeting. I opened my email to a new banger from Aaron Cohen.

"Superlow" is the first collaboration from Aaron Cohen and Caleb Stone. Recorded in Los Angeles, the song reflects the solitude of life in LA, as well as the artist's turbulent, yet hopeful departure from the monotony of a normal life. Be on the lookout for more releases from Cohen and Stone in the near future.

Twitter @AaronCohenRap
Instagram @aaroncohenmusic


NEFEW “Find You”

Found this gem in my inbox this afternoon. NEFEW releases his new self-produced cut, "Find You," featuring some smooth vocals by idk who on the hook (not the name of the singer, I'm not sure who it is) but the track is slick. Check it:

Get in touch with NEFEW:
twitter @officialnefew
instagram @officialnefew


Essince Hump Day Mix: Dj Jillian (STL)

I decided to start a new segment on my site and feature a DJ mix to get you through the week. Who better to feature first than STL's own DJ Jillian?

I met Jill during a silk screening class we took together in college in St. Louis. I took a few clients/artists down to STL earlier this year to a festival performance I set up with Nappy Roots and we stopped by a bar to check her out doing her thing and She Killed It!

Seamlessly going back and forth between hip-hop to house to lounge music (which is all "urban" by the way. When I co-hosted Urban Tribe Radio with DJ Kachina that was her main goal, to show people 'urban' was so much more than rap!).

Dj Jillian "Get Up Out My Trap House" minimix

Find more of her mixes, pics, and booking info on her website ( and Ladies, check out her Fashion/Lifestyle/Beauty blog Stilettos on Sunday Morning



The Last Artful, Dodgr x Neill Von Tally - "Fractures EP"

former NBA star Martell Webster's new label EYRST (Portland, Oregon) enlisted Portland Producer, Neill Von Tally and Portland (via LA) vocalist, The Last Artful, Dodgr for their new EP Fractures.
I put this on in the background while I was attempting to give a friend advice on a pretty serious life issue and I really started vibing to this. [don't worry, it was through text so I'm not like...ignoring her and grooving or anything lol]. But this is really dope because there are SO many different genres and sounds and styles in this EP. hip-hop, R&B, dark R&B, jazz, blues. It's great. And that's not even touching on Dodgr's vocals! I'm really looking forward to more from them and the label.

Enjoy the album below and buy it on iTunes here

Album Credits:
Written by The Last Artful, Dodgr
Produced by Neill Von Tally
Mixed & Mastered by Justin Longerbeam
Recorded at EYRST Studios in Portland, OR

Social Media
Dodgr Soundcloud
Dodgr Twitter
Dodgr IG

NVT Soundcloud
NVT Twitter


Ty Dolla $ign x E-40 "Saved" MV

I was browsing new music on Spotify the other day and I found the new Ty Dolla Sign album, "Free TC". One of the earliest songs is a Bonafide SLAPPER featuring the one and only E-40.

Check it:

Debut album 'Free TC' available now!
Google Play


REVERIE "94 Degrees Fahrenheit" MV

I've been a fan of Reverie's for a while before we started touring together and I still am one. This is her new video. Get hip, yo.

Produced by Dr. Zodiak & Solo
Get Reverie Merchandise at
Download Reverie's music for free at
Contact/ Booking


G-Eazy "Sad Boy"

Just in time for the holiday blues, @G_Eazy just dropped "a very self-reflective and somber joint" in his new single "Sad Boy". "He touches on the trappings of fame, and how success has alienated him from loved ones".

His new project drops soon. But in the meantime, check it out!


Illmaculate x OnlyOne "Only & Ill" MV

I've been a big fan of battle rap for a long time (I even battled back in the day). Illmac was always one of my favorites [2x World Rap Champ, Youngest winner of Scribble Jam, current KOTD Champ]. You can always tell the difference between artists who started battling and battle rappers who then made music. The latter usually stinks pretty hard.

Fortunately for us, Illmac is a DOPE emcee and teamed up with fellow SandPeople member/Portland MC, OnlyOne and over a Chase Moore* beat. Together, the duo "have accrued over 16 million Youtube views and have toured nationally and internationally alongside Mos Def, E-40, Wu-Tang Clan, Aesop Rock, Yelawolf, Lupe Fiasco and Slaughterhouse".

*Chase Moore toured on The HomeSick Tour with us. Main producer for Team Backpack and some of your favorite MCs. Get at that dude. His beats are NASTY.


Knightstalker & Falling Down "Built 4 Eternity" [Germany]

Hailing from Berlin, Knightstalker has been sending me some heat for a minute now. And when I saw he'd teamed up with the homie, Ackurate from ESTL I knew I had to give it a listen.

This is the 2nd single from his forthcoming “Kept In Perspective II” EP with producer Falling Down

“Built 4 Eternity” features verses from Dark Skinned Assassin, Merc Versus, and the aforementioned Ackurate.



Joe Iron "Banzai Boi vol 3" [JAPAN]

Konnichiwa, b-tches. We're back again with the latest installment of the "Banzai Boy" series by the illustrious DJ Joe Iron.

For the 3rd volume of the Japanese producers' "Banzai Boy" mixtape series he features some of the country's Best up and coming Japanese artists over Joe Iron production. ('A mixture of Japanese Hip-Hop, Trap and R&B music!').

Check it out. His production is NASTY. And although my japanese is 悪い (well...ちょっとはなせます) I love hearing good music and don't care which language it's in.

Joe Iron "Koza" feat. Match Maeda

A tribute to our hood KOZA (Okinawa City, Okinawa Japan)... a former war zone and one of the toughest neighborhoods in Japan.


V. Nova x M.O.P. "If I Ever Knew"

Brooklyn MC V. Nova presents his new video for "If I Ever Knew" featuring M.O.P. from Koch Era. His forthcoming album features Shabaam Sahdeeq and more. I'm definitely a fan of story tracks and a videos so this is pretty clean. I was jamming an old Gangstar CD today and one of my favorite songs on it is with Fat Joe and MOP. BEEN a fan of theirs.

Check out the video below:

directed by Philly Spielberg

To Find V. Nova:
Twitter: @Mr_VNova
Facebook: MrVNova
Youtube: mrvnova
IG: @iVNova


Hip-Hop In: England [Krystatic]

For this installment of my ongoing "Hip-Hop In" series, I'm focusing on England, with a particular emphasis on Wolverhampton's Krystatic.

I met Krystatic last month in Atlanta during the A3C festival. He had a few shows (see beginning of video) and we kicked it for a while and I got to listen to his music and the dude is slick like Rick. He just dropped his new video today for "What's Happening".

Peace and love from across the pond.
twitter @Krystatic
IG @Krystatic

Check Krys out and check out previous spotlights below:

See previous episodes:
Ep. 15 - Australia
Ep. 14 - Korea
Ep. 14 - New Zealand
Ep. 14 - France 2
Ep. 13 - Italy
Ep. 12 - Canada
Ep. 11 - Spain
Ep. 10 - Finland
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Ep. 8 - London
Ep. 7 - South Africa
Ep. 6 - Japan
Ep. 5 - Germany
Ep. 4 - Thailand
Ep. 3 - Norway
Ep. 2 - Hong Kong
Ep. 1 - Cambodia


Nef The Pharaoh EP

Bay areas's Nef the Pharaoh just dropped his self titled EP. Check it out yo.


Essince Throwback: 69 Boyz "Woof Woof"

THIS IS THE CUT! Remember when movies had bomb-ass soundtracks? Like THIS jam from the Dr. Dolittle soundtrack? 69 Boyz made a huge impact and their 20 year old dance hits STILL get the clubs cracking today. Respect.

Now enjoy this.


Pentorship: "Re-invent the Will"

For the past few years I've been a member of an organization called the Pentorship Program. As a Pentor I'm a business mentor to inmates. As someone who currently has friends in the system I love that someone is organizing a way to help encourage people's entrepreneurial spirits. If people could re-direct their creative energy then I'm confident there would be a LOT of incredible changes made, especially with young adults (men and women).

Their new slogan, "Reinvent the Will" is DOPE and looks clean. These are some of my favorites but there are more designs in the store.

No reason you can't look good while you're giving back!

To learn more about the Pentorship program visit to see other ways that Royal Heir Entertainment and I give back visit


The Bay Report: October (presented by Thizzler)

I've been a big fan of Bay Area site, Thizzler on the Roof for years. I met the founder at an event they did in San Francisco a few years ago when Mistah Fab cyphered with a homeless person after we did an interview.

I found out about a monthly series they do called the Bay Report of the illest music that month. THIS is the October edition. Shout out to DJ Ghost.

To jam previous Bay Reports click here and ENJOY!


Joyner Lucas x Busta Rhymes "Jumanji"

I watched Joyner kill his feature during the BET Hip Hop Award cypher.

He teamed up with one of my all-time favorites, Busta Rhymes on the new track, "JUMANJI."

Follow Joyner on Twitter & Instagram @JoynerLucas


Tinsel: Headphone Necklace (fo' the ladies)

This is an awesome idea.

Aniyia Williams, founder of Tinsel is combining fashion with technology in this beautiful headphone necklace which comes in 24k and Silver. At first I was thinking, I wish they made this for men so I could rock it....but then I thought, F that, this is ill and mad convenient. I'm comfortable enough in my sexuality. I want this lol. But check it out:

The built in microphone is my favorite feature on my stock Galaxy earbuds (which I actually have plugged in right now so I can listen to this 5 year old US x Australian rap battle; the off the top rebuttals are INSANELY hilarious so I suggest you watch) . But yeah, back to the necklace. This is such a great function and look. Had I not known, by looking I wouldn't be able to tell it was headphones, too.

Visit for more info.


Logic "Like Woah"

It's been a while since I was able to update anything. After Reverie's tour (I still need to post part 3), I went down to Atlanta for A3C and BET Hip-Hop Awards weekend. Life got hectic and I stepped away for a while to recuperate the past 2 days. I was "Like Woah".


Fuego - Cuando Suena El Bling (espanish remix)

A friend played this for me when I was in NY this past weekend. Fuego translated/remixed Drake's 'Hotline Bling' song into españish and it's dope. I've been a Drake fan for a minute and trying to re-re-relearn Spanish this was dope, too. lol BUT press play and thank me later.

Lil Dicky Sway in the Morning Freestyle

Lil Dicky is dope. I've BEEN a fan ('member these?). He KILLED this freestyle he did back on Sway. I'll let him speak for himself.


TourLife w/Essince: The Homesick (Tour part 2)

OK, sorry for the delay but here's part 2 of the Homesick Tour Recap. This is the end of the Midwest run. Chicago was a great turnout (again). The show was at Red Line Tap.

Reverie x Bullet hole.

It was dope seeing fans come out. It was great seeing someone rocking the official Reverie socks. Whitesox blacksox.

Sahtyre Killed his set (again). He got an excellent response as did Reverie (see vids below from my insta). From last tour I did with Rev we had the best turnout in Chicago. All the crowds were great but as they really came out and stayed out.

A video posted by It's Essince (@itsessince) on

A video posted by It's Essince (@itsessince) on

Another shot from in the crowd in Chicago. After that we made out way to my hood in OH. We ended up doing a show at The Symposium in Lakewood/Cleveland. We had a really good turnout there, too. People came from all over Ohio and as far away as Memphis for the show, too.

A photo posted by It's Essince (@itsessince) on
My camera died part way through the show and other times it was just easier to use my cell. lol But The crowd was good and we had a great time. We had a MUCH needed off day after that. And from there we went to the East coast.

The next post will be chronicling the east coast trip. I'm actually writing this from my floor of my homegirl's apartment in Brooklyn right now. Last night's show was DOPE! I can't wait to share that. Boston, Philly, Rhode Island and NY updates coming soon.

After this run is done I'm thinking to make a post talking about the behind the scenes shit. Not the SUPER private, need-to-know basis tour stories but I got some "I need to put you up on some game" type shit. This business is CRAZY. People backing out of contracts, last minute changes that turned out better than original ideas...maybe a few sex, drugs, and rock and roll stories but we'll see lol. We're on our way to Dumbo BK now to see the city before Sahtyre films a video. (maybe I'll make another cameo like this video with award-winning, platinum-selling Moka Only from my tour with Iron Solomon in Vancouver)

Be sure to follow us on IG to see things in real time.

Essince (me): @itsessince
Sahtyre: @sahtlsd
Chase Moore: @chasemooremusic
Reverie: @reverielove


TourLife w/Essince: The Homesick (Tour part 1)

YO, so I've decided to make a post about living life on the road. I'm on tour right now with Reverie, Sahtyre, and super producer/DJ, Chase Moore on the 1s & 2s. I booked this tour and tour manager for the trip across parts of the midwest and east coast. I'll write a different post sometime chronicling the ups and downs of the tour/tour industry. I think it's a crazy life to live on the road and needs to be shared. All pics taken by me. I'm writing this outside of Chicago right now. Unfortunately we're not in Milwaukee right now but we have a needed off day in the Windy City. It's storming tonight but we have an appearance and some irresponsible partying to do.

This is just a recap. But be sure to follow me on IG @itsEssince for live updates.

It kicked off in Springfield, IL. The tour started off without Sahtyre who didn't fly in until the next day but we rocked out and had a good turn out.

But after the next night we picked up Saht and a celebration was in order. I woke up and took this picture before checkout. The show was pretty dope in Waukegan, IL. The venue is called Buenos Bar which was attached to a pretty ill restaurant called Tacos Buenos. They fed me tortas the night before so we all came back the next day to eat again. I had another torta de lengua and horchata.

I decided to be artsy and capture Sahtyre thinking about life while Chase was sliding into your b!tche's DMs.

The next night was in Niles, IL at Club Miraj. This is Rev with a great supporter named Adrian. Some dude came up and asked her to sign his stomach. (that shirt and more available at

If you've never seen Sahtyre live I suggest you do. Straight up. Dude converted energy into an Awesome performance.  One of the best things about touring with experienced artists is seeing how they turn strangers into fans. His and Reverie's crowd control is on point.

And of course Reverie did her thing. It was great seeing a fan come out to a second show. We have a few people coming over 90 minutes to see her tomorrow in Chicago, too.

I had to end it with one of my favorite pics. We hit up a liquor store for some engine fuel and the Polo king, Chase had to teach you had to stunt, G-Unit style.

I've slept about 16 hours since Monday (it's Friday now) and I'm BEAT but the show must go on. Time to turn in for a couple hours and head into town for an impromptu appearance at Black Tooth's bar.

Catch us in your city.


Fetty Wap "RGF Island" (snippet)

I'll confess that I'm a Fetty Wapnatic. He classifies his music as 'dirty R&B' and I love it. This is just a snippet (sadly) but I can't wait for the full one. This is my jam.


Tyler Cymone "xxxplosive"

I've been a fan of Tyler Cymone for a few years. A producer/engineer friend named JinTae hooked me up with her while I was visiting N.Hollywood (before I moved there) and I did a great interview with her.

I've been following her since. She just released this Xxxplosive remix. I'll let her singing do the talking:


Sahtyre "Perfect World" MV

I haven't posted in a minute. For Various reasons. Partially because I got a little tired of the same stuff (music and fashion). Also, because when people submit things they don't tell me which site they're submitting for so I try and put it where I think it fits best.

Also I've been busy planning Reverie's midwest and east coast run of The HomeSick Tour. To think that all started when I interviewed her in 2013 and now I'm booking my 2nd tour for her.

But it's dope because we're announcing a Special Invited guest, SAHTYRE! I've been a fan of his since his battle vs Dirtbag Dan back in '09 so it'll be dope to have him on the road with us.

He says this about his new video, "Perfect World":

"I created this to say that despite how fucked up the world is never give up and never forget that life is beautiful. Be yourself. I love you." - @Sahtyre

DL his LSD (saga) project here and catch us on tour starting Next Week!