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Ta-ku "Drive Slow, Homie" (mix)

I found this as a suggested video on Youtube and just press play and let it ride.

"Drive slow, homie" [in my Kanye voice].

Harrison Blakoldman - Obsess Me
Danny - Remedee
Weep - I Know You Got Work
Penthouse Penthouse - First Class
starRo - Any Time, Any Where
LTGL - Cabin Fever
Esta - Latch
Teen Luc' - There
Ta-ku - Electr(on)ic Relaxation
DJ Hoodboi - I Get Lonely
FS Green - Deep
Falcons - Boy Is Mine


Pouya "South Side Slugs"

While I'm recovering from Wrestlemania 31 I decided to scroll through some mixtape sites looking for new music to share and I came across Pouya (@Pouyalilpou). I've never heard dude before but something about his cover told me this is something I can just chill to.

And like usual, I was right. Check this out. All about "South Side Slugs" right now. Peace to the new school old school.


BOMBRUSH! "証明" ft 漢 aka GAMI (Japan)

DJ NOBU a.k.a. BOMBRUSH! dropped an ill video for "Shoumei" with rapper 漢 (aka GAMI). Get hip to the overseas game. My friend just got back from a 2 week trip to Japan and got me dusting off my passport again.

twitter @bombrush_bcdmg
instagram @bombrush_bcdmg


Alex Dutty "Proud To Be White" [LONDON]

This is a very interesting and important part to the race discussions. It seems second nature for people to have pride in who they are. And you SHOULD be happy with yourself because there are things you can't change. But being proud to be white has the connotation of "white pride" in the neo-nazi sense. Irish pride? that's ok. English pride? Sure! But "white pride" just doesn't feel right to say without a hood over your head.

"White rapper 'Alex Dutty' releases new video addressing the negative stereotypes imposed on society and highlights the absence of white privilege within deprived multicultural areas and the hip hop industry as a whole!"

What do you think? (please watch the whole video before responding). Great track and video. Enjoy!

Twitter @alexduttymusic
Instagram: @alexduttymusic


Jhené Aiko "Living Room Flow"

I love Jhené Aiko and I have for some time. Her voice is so smooth and the content always speaks to my soul. Her Sailing Souls project really touched me. And this song continues the trend.

Turn down the lights and Enjoy.


Mike SB "La Da" MV+LP

World, meet Mike SB. Having grown up around music, ("My pops was a lead guitarist in multiple bands", he says). He's here to change the world with his laid back styles and Hawaiian shirts. I'd definitely bring a beach ball to this guy's Coachella set.

BUT, forreal, while the video for La Da is more laidback and beach party vibe, check his PREACHING ONLY TRUTH project here (it's dope):

Follow Mike on:
twitter @itsMikeSB
instagram @SoontoBeSB


OREO FEST ON PI DAY! (Chicago - 3/14)

I just left the Windy City while touring with Reverie a week.5 ago but I just got word Chance & Vic Mensa's DJ Oreo will be producing a dope-@$$ event, appropriately called Oreo Fest! I can't imagine an instance when something called "Oreo Fest" wouldn't be dope.
(Man I hope they have cookies there! Does Reggies sell fried Oreos? They'd make stupid money if they did).

Here's the official write up:

"On March 14, 2015 Reggie's Rock Club in Chicago will host of the most highly anticipated events of the year, DJ Oreo's OreoFest. The lineup displayed is already enough to please any patron but what people should pay attention to is the special guest. Oreo has been everywhere in the past 2 years and have rubbed shoulders with the A-list of the entertainment world. To purchase tickets before they sell out visit"

But forreal. Get tickets yo. I'll be in Cleveland handling some bidness but all my Chicago people should check it out. Tell them ESSINCE sent you! Tag me in the pics you share on twitter or Instagram!


Cleveland Made, Cleveland Paid (2 Disc)

I don't know if these songs will hit YOU the way they hit me, but these songs were THE Jams in Cleveland. I think anyone can appreciate them but especially if you're from here the compilation of all these local hits is needed. We've had a lot of tracks the whole city got behind. Some of these are national hits (shout out to the homie, Ray Cash), regional (Ray Cash's sloppy) and local club hits (most of the others) but check this out.

"Cleveland Made Cleveland Paid is a double disc mixtape. This is the soundtrack of the Cleveland. Disc one highlights post Bone classics, starting with a a string of street singles that sparked new life in the 216 music scene in 2005 (tracks 1 - 28). Disc Two brings us back to 2015, premiering almost an entire disc of exclusive new music (tracks 29 - 55)."


Nick Jame$ "New World Order"

I opened this email for 2 different reasons. Well...for One reason, the album title (NWO), but 2 reasons stem from that. My inner conspiracy theorist kept me from deleting it but once I saw the cover my wrestling fan side opened it and listened to it.
(Semi-unrelated Editor's note: I have a red and black N.W.O. Wolfpack lanyard from middle school that I used to turn inside out when I wanted to be an Ultimate Warrior One Warrior Nation fan, too).

Then my hip-hop fan side decided to share it with you because it's dope. Props to @whoisnickjames. I see you with that Ted DiBiase belt, brutha.

Slum Village x Phife Dawg "Push It Along"

2 of my all time favorites collaborating and Not disappointing!

Check the pic above for tour dates.


Gee Slab x Man Before Rapper

Welcome back, friends. I'm finally home from Reverie's tour and caught up on sleep (word to store-brand Nyquil. You're the Real MVP). But I woke up to this in my inbox. Gee Slab drops his new project, Man Before Rapper. Check it out!


"The Paul: Durable Water Repellent pant" by ourCaste

If you're like me. You like to do things. You also spill things on your pants and you don't like stains either. Enter ourCaste.

"The Paul Durable Water Repellent pant is absolutely no different. Our first step into a whole range of function bottoms with daily wear-ability, the Paul D.W.R. is our staple black pant in our perfected tailored fit. Take a look at the video below to see the what's what for this progressive style with a purpose."

"ourCaste ~ Paul D.W.R. Video" from ourCaste on Vimeo.

Instagram: @ourCaste , #goodsforlife
Snapchat: ourCaste
Twitter: @ourCaste