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T-Pain's New Artist Chayo Nash


T-Pain signed his first artist to Nappy Boy Ent. Chayo Dash is pretty dope. He's lived all over, from Chicago to Jacksonville, FL to Brazil after his parents divorced. Coming from a buy who's lived all over you I can attest that it's easy to pick up influences from everywhere. He checks all the boxes for the making of a rock star (the look, the talent, the professional video/art). I can see this dude going places.

Check him out below and let me know what you think! Is Chayo Dash the next to bring Nappy Boy notoriety??

Chayo Nash is the first artist to sign to T-Pain’s new label - Nappy Boy Entertainment. The Grammy Award-winning recording artist states Chayo is currently his biggest priority. Earlier this month, Chayo Nash released his first single, titled “The Beach”, which T-Pain labeled as one of his favorite songs from him. Check out the eye-catching video HERE. The first single release has an impressive 300,000 + streams combined in just a few short weeks

Chayo Nash Socials:
Instagram: @chayonash
Twitter: @chayo904


Is Flames OhGod "Psychic"?


I first heard about Flames YEARS ago. My friend Tom was managing him back when I was in college. There was a show in Kansas City, MO he was booked at and seeing it mentioned online is what put him on MY radar. There were a few shows we both were on at places like the famous Peabody's in Cleveland so we'd crossed paths a few times around Akron, Cleveland area.

Flames has a pretty good following and he's an overall good dude. I always liked what he's doing but its' cool seeing him GROW. His style has evolved, his fashion and image have evolved, he's got a team supporting him and I think his own hot sauce? Like a restaurant here has something named after him. That's so dope. I'm kinda weak when it comes to hot food but I'll try it lol

Anyway, his new video for his single "Psychic" is fresh as f&ck. It's directed by another Ohio native, Mack Lawrence who created visuals from J Balvin, Lil Baby, Dixie D'Amelio, and more. This concept was initially crafted for Young Thug but I love that it was utilized for Flames. 

Click Here to stream the single and watch the video below.
Follow @FlamesOhGod on Social Media. 


Justina has an OnlyFans Video??


I met Justina years ago when she came to Cleveland for a show. I don't even remember how or when I got it but years before that I'd purchased her "Italy Miss" CD when she went by Just and didn't have the fiery red hair she has now. Fast forward a few years and we brought her, Hitman Holla, and Conceited to Akron, OH for a Wild n Out show. I'm a big supporter and fan.

The title definitely piqued my curiosity and clicked the link to Justina's OnlyFans video and was not disappointed. 

Click below to watch and read more about the official release.
Only Fans is out now on all DSPs (click here to stream)

 Rapper songwriter Justina Valentine releases a brand new single and video titled “Only Fans.” This past week, Justina Valentine took to her Instagram, where she has 3.5 million followers, with a photo captioned “I gave in... Only Fans link in bio.” With that, “Only Fans” is on its way to racking up a million views. 

Valentine’s style of rapping has always been pristine—mastering humor and storytelling into her songs. On the latest tune, “Only Fans,” this style is evident as she details her experience on the app, with her bold personality and her usual humor-infused delivery. 
Also, it’s coming at a time where Justina is listed second on the “Top Most Liked Female Rappers on TikTok,” with 90 million likes. Aside from her music, she’s also known for her irresistible personality, on a new MTV digital show, “Justina Makes Over Your Man,” which airs every Monday on MTV’s Youtube Channel. She’s also a guest prankster on MTV’s “Revenge Prank” and the new season of “Basic To Bougie” premiering soon on MTV. 
All this drum up anticipation for her fifth studio album scheduled for release next month.