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Will 2k+13

What kind of hiphop fan would I be without posting THIS video on New Year's Eve???

Peace & Prosperity to you in 2013 from Essince.


Caribbean Capone

AZ based Pistols in Paradise has some of the [tr]ILLEST shirts I've seen (remember this Biggie x Shakespear shirt?) but I'm really diggin' on this cream "Caribbean Capone" shirt.

Picture's worth 1k words. So I'll let Al speak for himself.

Add this to your winter wardrobe.


G-Scott "Fools’ Gold"

New video by G-Scott with NJOMZA for "Fool's Gold" off his late January dropping project, 1983.

Download here.


Reverie "The Transition"

I've been a fan of Reverie's for a minute and was really interested to hear her new project, The Transition.

I'm really a fan of her introspective lyricism. Having someone open up and reveal her perceived shortcomings and insecurities to the world is pretty cool. And it's honesty like this which has helped her build a strong and loyal fan base.

Hit me up, Rev. Let's finish that interview.



The Good Die Young

I hate to post something so sad so close to the Christmas celebration but sometimes things don't happen when we'd like them to (not that a young death is ever in our plans).

I found out a friend of mine lost his battle with cancer today at age 22 and I honestly don't know how to express my feelings in words...I told 2 of his siblings I loved them and reminded them that I'm here but I don't know what to say...I've been in similar situations many, many times and it never gets easier...I'll probably lay low for a bit but usually cope through music so I posted one of my favorite songs to listen to in this situation.

Sucks I have a playlist ready for these situations.

R.I.P. Matthew. We'll miss you, brother.

The T-Rex Chief Crewneck

I hope everyone enjoyed his/her Christmas/holiday and with any gift money you're looking to style yourself for the new year. I'm still on my crewneck & native theme fix so this seemed proper.

The T-Rex Chief Crewneck by Entree LS is perfect and comes with front pockets, too.

Try pairing with a grey fitted like this Cleveland Indians New Era which keeps with the native element as well.


All that glitters IS Gold (Puma Crown Watch)

I've always been big on the watches and have quite the collection starting from the casual Sabo I got in Bangkok to an ill white leather Fossil watch my Japanese ex got me in Tokyo (we're still cool and it's a nice-ass watch. I'm wearing it. lol) to the fancier Bell&Ross (as seen in my last style guide) to my Breitling. I'm about the time piece as an accessory.

That being said I'm digging this Gold Crown watch by Puma. I surprisingly don't have any gold watches and this caught my eye.

The best price for this watch is on JackThreads.

I'm Mayan.

If you're reading this then congratulations, not only can you read but you've survived the misunderstanding of the 3 calendar system that has become the "Mayan Apocalypse".

Quick history lesson before celebration. The Mayans had 3 calendars with different lengths. The short explanation is that this calendar represented 5,200 cycles of a 360 day period which ended 12-21-12. This calendar is to calculate earth cycles (which modern scientists agree is 25,920 years) and astrological movements. This is more the end of an age/era than the end of the world and identifies an alignment of the Midwinter Solstice sun with the galactic center.

But whatever. Here's a song with the word "Mayan" in it by Masspike Miles. Relax and enjoy your life (but don't waste it).


p.s. I really am part Mayan.


I heard iLL Camille a while back and girl gets down. She just dropped her project, "Illustrated" and I wanted to share it with you. Listen in its entirety below or DL here.


More like Yo! MTV Snaps!

I'm kinda diggin The Yo MTV Print SNAPBACK. Color combo is ill. Really digging creative bills on caps now, too so this print works for me.

Check below for a few different angles and an all black Yo MTV Raps fitted I have my eye on, too.


MHz Legacy "Somewhere" MV

I've always been a big fan of @Copywrite, which caused me to have him host a[n unreleased] mixtape of mine a few years ago to getting his last few CDs to eventually doing tour booking for him. Videos and songs like this off the new MHz Legacy CD remind me why I'm such a fan. RJD2 is DOoope and Tage does his thing, as usual.


Mark of the Beast [666th post]

I can't say that I'm big on numerology (though I am aware of the significance of certain numbers. That being said this is my 666th post and it's on the Christian Sabbath so I felt this was an appropriate video to counter the negativity of the #.

This is the video for "MayDay" by Lecrae with the beautiful Ashthon Jones and the one and only Big K.R.I.T. off Lecrae's album "Gravity".

God bless.


Silence Of The Lames [GLC]

GLC is dope. I've been a fan of his since I heard him on that Drive Slow joint and met him in Cleveland a few years back and chopped it up about bringing him out to Japan at one point. (our interview is out on the youtube if you care enough to search for it).

This is his new project. Enjoy it, friends.



Toro y Moi "So Many Details" MV

I gotta give it up to my girl DJ Kachina for expanding my musical tastes. She spun some really ill chillwave in her mixes on our show, Urban Tribe Radio (which will be back but click for past episodes).

I'd seen this Toro y Moi video a few other places but lightweight slept on it til I saw the homie, DJ Hypen (KUBE 93, Seattle) post it on his blog. I respect his taste so I checked it out and video is CLEAN. Song is chill. Girl is fine. Everybody wins.

Snow tha Product "Good Nights & Bad Mornings"

I've been supporting/crushing on Snow tha Product for a majority of this year since I saw an interview with her last winter and she's been steady doing her thing. Rumor has is she signed with Atlantic. Is this true? I saw it on a FB comment so I have no idea whether it's true or not and I didn't bother to look it up. lol

Regardless, congrats on your growth and here's to good nights and better mornings.



I've featured a few HEX bags/accessories in the past but I've always had my eye on their Academy Backpack. I love the adaptability and versatile nature of gray and this bag has all the proverbial 'bells and whistles' needed for anyone from student to business person to accessory afficianado.

I took it for a shoot in the beautiful midwest woods to show its style and versatility (pictures taken by Adam Smith). Check out a few more pictures and for a complete style breakdown of my outfit check below.

How Sean Price Stole Christmas

Ho Ho Ho, Motherfxcker.

Animated & directed by: Kimson Albert

Paigey Cakey [UK]

My brother at Knowledge is Power promo in the UK [remember our project with UK rapper, Bluprint?) shared this on Google+. UK emcee, Paigey Cakey just dropped her project, "The First Paige" and I'm really diggin' it.

Apparently she's an actress, too (pardon my ignorance, Paigey). But she's cute and can spit and has a British accent so everything's working for me. lol Check her video below and download the project here.


My girl, DJ Kachina hipped me to this video telling me I'd love it and would probably blog it...far be it from me to call her a liar. I loved it and here we are.

This is Alexander Spit's video for "Facemelter". The song is ill and the video is on some crazy Adult Swim bump transition vibe (but definitely has it's own thing). Turn up the HD and enjoy this & Alysha Nett.


Matt Bakos "One Day" (prod. Chuck Inglish)

Pittsburgh's own, Matt Bakos drops his new video for the Chuck Inglish produced "One Day". Pittsburgh is the most confusing city on the earth if you're driving there and not FROM there. I get lost every time I'm there...guaranteed. lol

But they have some ill music (Word to Owey). Respect nonetheless. Bakos does his thing.


Loverance "Freak Of The Industry"

I'd been seeing this cover in a few places (Thizzler on the Roof & LiveMixtapes background) so I thought I' give it a chance.

I didn't notice @DjSkee was behind this til I heard him on the intro but I respect him immensely (another midwest cat, btw). I'm currently listening but so far this tape goes so enjoy this Bay Area project by @Loverance.

10 Jesus Pieces

Though I'm doing some work with the real Freeway Rick Ross (look him up), I can't lie and say I'm not a Rozay fan. He's dope. And the OH homie, Stalley is growing on MMG and I'm interested to see what he's able to do. This video is ill. I love the imagery and scenery and direction of it and am a sucker for the architecture of old churches.


Casey Veggies "Sauna" HD MV

Ill new track [& video] for Casey Veggies called "Sauna". This comes from new HD video site, Trill HD (from the good folks who brought you, Live Mixtapes. [word to Cleveland].


Jus Mic "Just Make It Like"

Jus Mic has been doing his thing for a minute and is one of the most talented dudes I've heard. I hype people a lot but as far as people I generally am inspired by there are very few. I believe dude has the ability to be whatever he wants (MC, Singer, Poet...whatever).

He's coming out of hiding and has some great things in the works for 2013. Word to Cleveland.



Essince Throwback: PM Dawn

PM Dawn's "Set Adrift on Memory Bliss" is my JAM. I first heard it on Rhino Record's "Millenium Hip Hop party" [don't act like you didn't have it]. This is definitely from the early 90s Daisy Age of hiphop [Word to De La].

Lloyd recently sampled this (which samples "Hush" by Deep Purple). Or maybe he sampled the original...that makes more sense but whatever. Just watch. lol


Snow tha Product "Lord Be With You"

New track by Snow tha product. Go in Peace. Serve the Lord.

HUF Cooper

I'm diggin' on this Navy Cooper by HUF. I don't think they make these in my size but this is on my wishlist regardless. Rock with some grey jeans and a dark top to bring these out.

Order here.

Pos Why Ju Hating

When I was in school I worked at Burlington Coat Factory. This girl named Corrina asked "What Is You?" to me while I was eating lunch. My girl Shawna told her I was Mexican [Which isn't true, I'm Honduran] and Corinna goes "Ewww. Mexicans be some stalkers".

What a bitch.

It got increasingly ignorant from there but I'll let ju enjoy the bideo. lol

I believe the parody king title was handed down from the illustrious Wierd Al Yankovic to Chingo Bling.

download on the iTunes here.


RZA Decoded

I've always been a Wu fan but I'd be a dirty liar if I said some of their rhymes didn't go over my head.

Thank goodness for things like this. The new movie is pretty ill, too.

Bong Bong.


Sir Michael Rocks "Make This Bread:

I've been a fan of Mikey Rocks for a minute (I think a little more than his Cool Kids counterpart, Chuck Inglish to be honest) and his last project "Lap of Luxury" was ill and this is his first single off of volume 1.5.



I'm about to go to my basement and get my paints out. I have JUST enough warmth left before snow hits so I can tag.


The Stacks Crewneck

Speaks for itself. Motivation.

Order yours here.


9five IXV Grey & Black Wool Snapback

Normally 9Five Eyewear is known for eyewear (hence the 'eyewear') but they have some ill accessories, too like this grey wool snapback.

You know I'm gonna say I'm all about the grey. But dang it if I don't love some wool hats, too. Both the bill and the actual hat (or 'crown' as I've recently learned) are wool.

complete with embroidered logos this is something I'd rock heavy this winter.

Get yours here

And maybe you could use some glasses, too? Like these from when I met with 9Five in LBC.



Beat tapes.

I'm all about 'em. Not just because I'm an MC, but because I love music and beats are perfect background music.

@JohnnySwindles is a TX-born producer residing in Philly and dropped his 2nd EP titled, Nephilim. For those unfamiliar, Nephilim are the half-human offspring of fallen angels (Genesis 6:4) and humans as described in the Old Testament (Numbers 13:32–33, the book of Enoch). That's what spiked my curiosity in his tape.

This isn't something I would necessarily rhyme over but it's pretty chill. It really picks up on tracks 3 & 4 for me. Those are my cuts on this.


Gobble Gobble, Muthafxcka

We have much be thankful for.


Greene + Gray

For the tech saavy  native in all of us.

LA-based Greene + Gray (G+G) announced its debut collection of totes, handbags and more and "bridges the gap between high-priced techcessories from brands like Tory Burch and kate spade and the one-note, purely functional wallets and bags from Incase and Case Mate by delivering a high-end look and feel without the couture prices."

See more below. This line is ill and I really like the patterns. As I've been saying this summer, native/earth patterns are the in thing and this definitely fits in that category. These are clean.


Xzibit's Back

The illustrious X to the Z, Xzibit makes his return to the stage in the form of the Collateral Damage tour which is sponsored by Xbox and hitting spots all over Canada before expanding across other parts of the world.

I'm glad to see Young De on the tour as well. I met him a few times in Hollywood when I was interning at the Latin Rap Conference in 2008.

X definitely has a story to tell and I'm working to get an exclusive interview for y'all so he can tell you in his own words where he was and where he's going.

Get his new album "Napalm" here.



Mistah FAB Freestyle cypher with Homeless Woman!

I was getting ready to do an an interview with Bay legend Mistah FAB after a dope event by Thizzler on the Roof when 2 young MCs wanted to spit something for FAB. I quick turned on the camera and caught the impromptu cypher (which FAB murdered) then a homeless woman walks into frame and gets behind me asking to get down.


Pardon the quality but last spur of the moment what can ya most ppl will watch on their phones anyway so I don't care. lol


Plane Jane "RE-UP" MV

I met Plane Jane [@PlaneJane12] in Fresno a few weeks back at a music conference we did with Hunid Racks energy drink and saw here again in SF at a Thizzler on the Roof event. She's cold and has a live show, too.

Her new double-disc project "K.E.R.B." [Killing Every Rapper's Beats] will be dropping soon but get hip to this.

Essince approved.


Kid Named B​reezy: '93 Mixtape

I posted a track of his off this a while back and now it's here.

@KidNamedB​reezy drops '93.

"The mix tape will be followed with several headlining concerts, multiple release parties, charitable events, and of course his weekly video blogs."

Cool, huh? Download at his site,, HERE.


Iamsu! -"$uzy 6 $peed"

This dude is that dude in the Bay right now. I've seen him on a bunch of mixtapes and features and his name was popping last time I was out west. Check Suzy 6 Speed mixtape by Iamsu! below.


Akomplice Fall 12 (teaser)

Wow, Akomplice's fall line is Noice this year. I'll do some more detailed features soon but I wanted to give you a little teaser.


Hoot For Hooters

Ok so not only am I late on this but...well that's it. I'm just late. But this shirt is stupid fresh and it's designed to help raise awareness for Breast Cancer (a cause I always support). The Masses made an incredible design in this "Hoot for Hooters" shirt.

See below for close ups, the back, and more info.

Gigio "Move" MV

SanFran's own NicaRican MC, Gigio Cordova drops his new video for "Move".

The track is nice and hits you with that pure hiphop/lyricism complete with ill graff backgrounds.

And at 2:07 he says "My Ess[i]nce is never ending" so I took that as a sign I was meant to post this.

Audio Wavy Vol​.​1 The Beat Tape

I've always been a fan of instrumental CDs/Beat Tapes, and not just because I'm a rapper...I love music and beat CDs are some of the illest things to live to (video games, drive, work, read, sex, whatever).

Check out what Maryland's Marc Andre did in the form of "Audio Wavy vol 1: The Beat Tape".

Respect to MD (even thought my UK Wildcats just beat y'all and we stole the Harrison Twins from you for next year, too) lol.


MistahFAB "Yo Primo" Freestyle

I finally met Mistah FAB when I was in the Bay this past weekend, too and he's one of the illest off the top freestylers I've ever heard. He gave an exclusive freestyle for me I'll post soon but he posted this to get at his favorite producer, Premier.

At first I thought his was one of my FAVORITE beats by Mos Def because @DJHonda flipped this sample CRAZY in "Travelin' Man" off his H2 album. It's flipped differently by primo but still illy foreally.

ANYWAY, Mad respect to FAB. Dude's cold as ice.

* Producers and crate junkies learn about the sample here. word to "Who Sampled".

Too Short x E-40 x Tyga

I was blessed to be able to meet Too Short this past weekend on a trip to the Bay when he was rockin' at a club in Oakland. He did a few classics and performed a few tracks off his new double-album with fellow legend, E-40 so I wanted to post this new video which features Tyga.

I was never a big Tyga fan (tho his track "Cali Love" is nice) but I've come to really appreciate his cadence and delivery as of late. He's a good fit. As they say in the Bay, this shit slaps. Check it.

Amazon: Function
Amazon: Mob Music

The project features including Wiz Khalifa, Tyga, Ice Cube, Sugafree, Jeremih, Travis Porter, Kurupt, Battlecat, Cousin Fik, Turf Talk, B-Legit and more.

(Cousin Fik [Sick Wid It Records], Me bka Essince aka Too Tall, Too Short)

Big Bird Defeats Romney

I guess this is more pertinent now that the election is over. unfortunately the shirts are [temporarily?] sold out but this "Street Beef 12" Big Bird over Romney poster is still available thru Akomplice.

The text beneeath reads:

"Its a sure sign of the times that even Big Bird has become political. And now, politicians have targeted PBS–which airs Sesame Street and represents one of our last unbiased news sources–with budget cuts.
PBS isn’t wasteful government spending–it’s a public good. The same politicians who want to gut the program would use the savings to give tax cuts to the rich, adding to the already dangerous concentration of wealth in the world’s top one percent.
But as the 99 percent, we are the Big Birds of the world. We’ll fight to keep the money on the streets, where it belongs, and to put knowledge in the hands of every citizen, not just the fortunate few."


DJ Kachina 'Ratchet GRRRL"

It's about that time, y'all. The incredible DJ Kachina [also my co-host on Urban Tribe Radio] dropped her new mixtape, ℜα☂ḉн℮т Ḡℛℜℜℒ [or 'Ratchet Girl' for those who aren't fluent in WingDings] and it's available for public consumption. She's opened my ears to Trap Music so this is definitely something new I'd love for y'all to get up on.

* Essince Fun Fact: That's her face on the cover. She's a crazy dope makeup artist, too.*

Listen to the mix below or download it here.

The Bay Delay

What's going on, y'all? Sorry for the delay. I'm out in CA right now and have been on the road all weekend. I was moderating a music conference in Fresno, CA and heading out to San Francisco tomorrow for a few events before flying back home EARLY Monday.

But I copped a few classic Bay CDs (Philthy Rich, Mac Dre [R.I.P.], San Quinn) so I wanted to feature the late, great Mac Dre.



These are only available for ONE DAY! (actually 1/2 a day...6pm-6am Tomorrow November 2nd).

So I highly recommend you bookmark this page > (

I'll be on a flight to CA for the event we're doing [California City2City] so I'll do my best to be one of the lucky few..


Iron Solomon "Killer"


Iron Solomon has been doing his thing and is doing what most battle MCs cant, successfully transition into recordng also doesn't hurt that he's really good and has a crazy work ethic.

After his release of RedRum and his album Monster, he follows up with "Killer" with the illustrious DJ Green Lantern. Enjoy.

Listen and download below.

HYPE Mag's 24 issues of Giving

HYPE Magazine is doing something pretty cool this December in its annual '24 Issues of Giving'.

"This program features 24 unique issues for the Christmas month of 2012 with hand picked promotional covers highlighting the “next to blow” artists of this year. The promotional cover run will kick off with the first issue on December 2nd and ending on Christmas Day. This will make it one issue a day for 24 consecutive days."

This issue features the beautifully talented, Snow tha Product (who has been REALLY doing her thing).

For info on features/advertising email the good people at and tell 'em Essince sent ya.


Reverie "Tragic Kingdom" MV

I saw Reverie in a battle video awhile back when I was chillin' with my Urban Tribe Radio co-host, Dj Kachina [@KachinaBlack] and there was something about her that piqued my interest.

And not just because she's sexy (though it certainly doesn't hurt) but she's dope. You can hear the pain/life experience in her voice and lyrics and really paints a picture with this song. Much respect, Rev. I have a project I actually want to talk to her about.

Support @ReverieLOVE


Ryan Leslie "Maybachs and Diamonds"

I've always been a fan of Ryan Leslie, who I feel is slept on and under-appreciated for his abilities. But he's beyond dope and this is from his new album "Les is More" is available now so please go buy it and support artistry.



Ozone Mag's, Julia Beverly shot this footage at Gabrielle Union's 40th birthday party in Miami where the one and only Will Smith grabbed the mic with Doug E. Fresh and rocked the house house. Word to Big Tigga (right side of the screen).

He's the Dj I'm the Rapper is one of my favorite CDs which sadly was accidentally thrown away by someone during some house cleaning last spring....I still haven't gotten over my loss...


MF Doom x ADIDAS Originals

I've always been an MF Doom fan and as a far as graffiti goes I definitely would say I have experience. (I'll leave it at that).

But this may have revived my desire to tag. Hide your walls.


SK4MC "I Don't Like" (Remix)

SK is the man. If you've been following my site you know I support dude (he has some of the ILLEST videos, too).

Chief Keef thankfully is out of the public eye but his "I Don't Like" track got murked by Vegas' @SK4MC. Check it.


Xetum: Tyndall [Watch]

I've always been a fan of the Swiss-automatic, Xetum watches and this Tyndall is incredible. Black watches have always been my favorite not only because of their class, but black goes with anything.

See/Learn more below.

A Kid Named Breezy "93 Mash Up"

Sorry for the delay in posting. I've been planning for a few things coming up and honesly, I haven't been inspired by too much in my inbox and what I see...until Now.

I posted some other projects from A Kid Named Breezy before and dude's nice. Check this 93 mash up out. Homie does his thing.


ESSINCE Early-Fall Style Guide

Early Fall is here. Along with the beautiful midwest colors my favorite season for fashion is here, too. Warm enough for shorts and T's yet cool enough for hoodies. I picked a few combinations from the good people @CraniumFitteds. Enjoy the early-Fall edition of the Essince Style Guide.

I'm starting off with this Albuquerque Isotopes hat. As you know I've been on Grey as this year's color and it doesn't hurt that the baseball team on the Simpsons is the Isotopes (I'm a cartoon nerd).


DScorch'd "LOST IN THE ECHO" Remix!!!!!

The homie, D'Scorch'd [STL producer, also Theme music and original music composer for the TV series, "Unsupervised" on FX) just submitted his Remix for Linkin Park's "LOST IN THE ECHO" for their contest to win $1,000, autographed guitars and more.

His remix is DOPE (I wouldn't post it if it were wack) and I'd love your support on this. It's easy to vote and even easier to listen.


Brooklyn Dodgers: The Turnover (Snapback)

Diggin' this BK Dodgers cap. I'm still a big fan of Greys and Dark Blues, as I have been all year so this fits well with most outfits you'd want to rock, too.

See and learn more below.


Chingo Bling: Cancun Shawty EP

Anyone who understands longevity in ANY industry, especially the music business knows that evolution is key. Not saying everyone needs to go from R&B to country Lionel Richie style but I love the new direction Chingo's going. Check out the CANCUN SHAWTY EP below (stream and DL) and be sure to check out the 'Zarape Collection' of his Cansun Life brand HERE.

True 2 Life Music "Hot Baby" MV

Big up to the BK's own, True 2 Life Music. I'm diggin' their new song and video "Hot Baby" off the "Every Dream Has a Price" album.
"The song has a sample from the classic R&B, "Sittin' In The Park" by Billy Stewart."

Stream/Download "Every Dream Has a Price"

Support/Buy "Every Dream Has a Price"

S/O to Kevin from Uncovered3rdPR


Cancun Life: Zarape Collection

The illustrious @ChingoBling drops the new "Zarape Collection" of his clothing line, Cancun Life.
Limited edition! Once they're gone they're gone so cop yours at I'm REALLY looking at that hoodie.

The song in this Video is TOO fresh. Shout out to Chi-town's, DJ Quality.

I found the song. Click below to stream/download and join Chingo's email list.


The Coochie Murderer

I feel kinda weird posting this on a Sunday but I'm kinda diggin' this crewneck.

BUT it was made in Honduras (just like me) so it makes sense.

Get yours today

Shout out @CraniumFitteds


Chuuwee "Wild Style"

Umm, Chuuwee's the man. Amalgam Digital is the label.
S/O to the homie, Next.

"White Girls in Hip-Hop" [Documentary]

When I was out in LA this summer at my family, LA Clique's fashion show I met the beautiful, Hazzle [@HazzleJOY] of Lipstick, Lace, and Lattes and she later told me about this documentary she's working on. It's still in production so check out the teaser and info below!

"White Girls in Hip-Hop" will delve deep into the current status of race in Hip-Hop and examine whether certain evolutions in the genre are the result of a generational shift or a change in the race dichotomy. Not only will it examine specific controversies that have arisen as a result of White females entering an arena primarily dominated by Black males, but it will also examine what their emergence means for the future of Hip-Hop.

"White Girls in Hip-Hop" is currently still in the production stage and is actively seeking partners and/ or investors, as well as outlets for airing/ distribution.


For more information, please contact or Hazzle (Publicist) -

Twitter: @WhiteGirlsHH


iLTHY Fall 2012 Lookbook

I've been a fan of Ilthy for a minute. I worked with designers Glen and Wan in various ways in the past (interviews/features on Glen's designs and Wan designed my company's new logo). Check out Ilthy's fall 2012 video lookbook below.

iLTHY Fall 2012 Lookbook Trailer from iLTHY on Vimeo.

"This season's release showcases iLTHY's unique taste in streetwear today. With no limitations on art, whether it's print media, design, clothing or film, iLTHY will always push the boundaries to have people expect the unexpected. Our midwest brand is always eager to show that talent and hard work can be found anywhere. Brand new fleece, and t-shirt designs, and headwear are set to release on October 20th, 2012." - Ilthy


Boombox Saints "She Looks Like" MV

I first met BoomBox Saints in Vancouver a earlier this year and they killed their show. They just dropped a new video for their song "She Looks Like". Check out the video below and download the single here.

Urban Tribe Radio ep 4

Boo ya, Episode 4 of my radio show with the one and only, DJ Kachina is here. I kick off the show playing my favorite hiphop tracks and after we chop it up DJ Kachina gets down like she always does playing the best in Urban music from hiphop to indie pop and more.

@Essince x @KachinaBlack


Skyzoo "Give It Up" MV

The one and only, Skyzoo drops his new video for "Give it up" from his new album, "A Dream Deferred" (available HERE)


Retro Su$h! "Kung Fu In Japan"

Check out this new video and project by Retro Sushi.

The Free Agent Vest (Chicago White Sox)

I've been trying to get more into vests lately and I think this Chicago White Sox Free Agent Vest may be my reintrodcution into the sleeveless world. The vest is 100% Nylon with a Polyester lining.

Pair this with a long sleeve thermal and some khakis and you're good for a fall look.

Cop your vest here
Shout out to @CraniumFitteds


Substantial "Make Believe" (P.R Remix)

Diggin on this P.R.-produced remix for Substantial's new track, "Make Believe".

Download here>

Cop the new Substantial album here.


Urban Tribe Radio 3 {600th Post!}

What better way to celebrate my 600th post on than by posting episode 3 of Urban Tribe Radio with yours truly and the beautifully talented, DJ Kachina [@KachinaBlack]

The track listing and air times are on the main site. We start off with my favortie tracks in HipHop and transition into Kachina's mix of urban music (from hiphop to chillwave, psychobilly and beyond).

Thanks for rocking with me for 600 posts and 3 episodes. I'm excited for the future.


Pharoahe Monch “DAMAGE”

I've been a Pharoahe phan since he first broke out on the scene (at least on RapCity back in the day). This is his first single off his forthcoming, PTSD CD. The first single has his unorthodox rhymescheme/delivery over an ill beat.

"'Damage' chronicles the tragedy of inner city killings and mass murder. The song provides a chilling reminder that bullets have no name." What do you think?


Murs x Fashawn "This Generation" MV

New video from from Murs & Fashawn's new 'This Generation' album out today HERE


MHZ Legacy "Gone" MV

Dropping October 30th! Pre-order your "Copy" here

For those unfamiliar, MHz is Copywrite, Tage Future, RJD2, Jakki & Camu Tao.

Copy is touring the west coast this fall and we just added ChinoXL to the bill. Get at me for more info @Essince,

Relic "Work of Heart" MV

Toronto's own Relic has been making some moves lately. Dude is a, like...quadruple/quintuple threat with MCing, DJing, Producing, Engineering, and Singing to add to his repetoire.

He's going on tour and working on some other projects so check out his site, for more info


Gray Snake Strapbacks

You read correctly, friends. Snake and Strap backs. Snakeskin material and patterns are gonna make a move this fall/winter. I can feel it and as I've been saying all year Gray is the new black.

Hat styles come and go (fitteds, snap backs) and now I see strap backs making a come back (were they ever really the "in-thing"? Not sure but whatever. The hats are nice.

First I'm diggin' on this Los Angeles Kings Vintage Gray & Team Colors The Snake Strapback.

Check out more designs & pictures below.


Cool Nutz "Portland Ni​%​#​a"

Big up to Cool Nutz for dropping his 8th solo album, "Portland Ni%#a". When I was on the road this spring with Iron Solomon I first learned about dude. Though we weren't to link up I have mad respect for him. And judging by the features he has I'm not the only one.

The album features Tech N9ne, The Grouch, Messy Marv, Krizz Kaliko, Mistah Fab and more.



That's right, y'all, your boy teamed up with the one and only DJ Kachina [@KachinaBlack] to bring you "URBAN TRIBE RADIO". We're bringing you the best in Urban Music from my picks in hiphop to Kachina's mixes showing the evolution of hiphop to chillwave, bass, and more.

(Click below to download Kachina's mix and for live broadcasting schedules)

Caught In The Middle of A 3-Way Mix

WOW!! So basically, if my understanding serves me correctly, 3 British DJs (Food, Cheeba, and Moneyshot) spent the past 3 years finding the original samples from the Beastie Boys' classic "Paul's Boutique" album using "all the original samples plus a cappellas, period interviews and the Beasties’ own audio commentary from the reissued release."

Crazy. Just like this project whose cover is done by the illustrious, FoodOne/Jim Mahfood.

Learn more HERE or by reading the description in the soundcloud link below.